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The Gift from Mother Earth

Fulvic and the other Humic Acids provide plant-based “cell-ready” nutrition, up to 74 ionic minerals, along with vitamins, amino acids, and phytonutrients – delivered directly to the cells in their natural form to work best with the body’s intricate design.


Comprehensive Wellness Nutrition Formula

Definitely not your ordinary multivitamin, multimineral supplement. Whole Food Nutrition – the way Nature intended – sourced from over 310 of the Earth’s finest Natural ingredients. Helps you to achieve optimum health and wellness.


pHBALANCER Alkalizing Red Formula

pHBALANCER™ Alkalizing Red Formula helps reverse chronic acidity and inflammation that promote chronic disease. With a base of Comprehensive Wellness and The Gift, pHBALANCER delivers best-in-class nutrition too!


OsteoWellness Nutrition Formula

OsteoWellness includes special ingredients shown to help maintain and even rebuild bone density in studies. Healthier, denser bones help prevent the fractures caused by osteoporosis. OsteoWellness delivers Full-Spectrum Nutrition with its base of Comprehensive Wellness and The Gift.


Lugol's Iodine

Incorporates the power of Fulvic to deliver iodine to cells in a more “cell-ready” form. Important elements such as selenium and zinc are included for optimum iodine metabolism.


Fulvic Minerals 400X Super Concentrate

Our Fulvic 400X is sold in a 4oz bottle for a similar price to other less concentrated fulvic products sold in 2 oz bottles. 400X Super Concentrated Fulvic naturally carries essential macro, micro, and trace minerals and elements in their “cell-ready” forms delivered directly to the cells. A potent electrolyte.


Good Nite Sleep Formula

Our customers tell us other natural sleep formulas they’ve tried can’t come close to GOOD NITE. It’s the quality and combination of the natural ingredients properly grown, harvested, and prepared by our Master Herbalist – powered by Fulvic.


Best Fulvic Isolate

Alkaline Fulvic Isolate’s binding sites become available at physiological pHs to help remove heavy metals and other toxins from the body, even from deep tissue. Sold in three concentrations, highest concentrations for professional use only. Best if used with The Gift.



Our new meal replacement protein powder formulas  tastes great and come in either Whey or Veggie Protein options. Each container contains 30 servings.



"The Perfect Health Zone" One of the most profound things you can do to improve your health, is improve your pH.

Your FrREE pH Zone Guidebook and pH Test Kit will help you get into 

What Our Customers are Saying

Hi, Your product is, literally, a Gift. From god, or the Universe, or Source, or Gaia, or whatever you want to call it…the stuff is extraordinary! I began taking it for thyroid disease....

Erin S

I had purchased the Gift for my kids at the recommendation of our local vitamin shop and decided I should also take it. I’ve been taking it for a few months now and ever since.....

Tony R

I came across The Gift when my mother in law was not getting better after hip surgery. We started giving her The Gift. My husband and I were visiting her and tried the product...


I have been taking The Gift for about nine months. It has made such a difference in my energy. Where I was struggling in low energy and strength, I am now more energized.

Sharon B