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About Mother Earth Labs, Inc.

Mother Earth Labs, Inc. is a manufacturer of Nutritional Health Products – Based on the power of Humic and Fulvic – Nature’s own Nutrient Delivery System to the cell – That is changing the paradigm of how nutrients are supplemented.

Mother Earth’s Humic and Fulvic products exceed ALL the benchmarks that define a Superior-Quality Humic and Fulvic product.

Here are some of the benchmarks that define a superior process and a Superior-Quality Humic and Fulvic product.

  • Highly concentrated to provide at least 100,000 ppm Fulvic.
  • Source of raw materials have a high Fulvic content and are free from contaminants.  Raw materials are derived from remote locations such as the Fruitland Formation in northwestern New Mexico which is considered by most in the industry to be the best in the US and perhaps the world.
  • Superior alkalinity: The pH of Mother Earth’s 100% Humic and Fulvic Blend Products tests alkaline – well above pH 9.
  • Superior electrical potential and conductivity.  These are standard measures to test Fulvic and Mineral concentration and bioactivity of the product.
  • Products are produced by highly-skilled technicians in a state-of-the art production facility.  Mother Earth Labs’ production facility  is led by a PhD in Health Science.  The  founder and president of Mother Earth Labs is a biochemist and our technicians are skilled in laboratory sciences.


All of Mother Earth Labs’ Nutritional Health Products Exceed The Benchmarks that Define a Superior-Quality Humic and Fulvic Nutritional Health Product:  

Fulvic and Humic Concentrations 

All Mother Earth Lab’s Nutritional Health Products deliver Humic and Fulvic at very high biologically active concentrations.  Each are guaranteed to contain at least 100,000 parts per million (ppm) of Fulvic and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in one ounce daily (this amount can also be expressed as 100 g/L (grams per liter), or 100,000 mg/L (milligrams per liter) or 10% or its equivalent.

100,000 ppm per ounce is the “Gold Standard”  to achieve Optimum Benefit for human health.

Technical Expertise, Production Processes and Laboratory Facility

Mother Earth’s Humic and Fulvic Nutritional Health Products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility, which includes equipment that employs advances in Nanotechnology necessary to separate and purify angstrom-sized (the size of an atom) Humic and Fulvic and the , ionic minerals, vitamins and elements—making it possible to deliver “cell-ready” nutrients to achieve near 100% absorption, AND near 100% cellular utilization.

pulse equipment NSF

The production and packaging facility contains two positive pressure, hepa-filtered clean rooms for manufacturing, blending and packaging.

The facility is  NSF certified,  ISO 9000 and Federal GMP compliant.

The quality system is based upon ISO 9001.cgmp

There are comprehensive FDA/cGMP programs and procedures in place for regulatory compliance and complete product trace-ability.

Additionally, the facility has in-house micro lab capabilities and onsite micro testing to assure and

document the quality of raw aiso 9000nd finished materials as they move through the packaging process.

Quality Control processes and strict environmental controls insure products are free from contamination from mold, bacteria, yeast, and fungus.

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The process uses ONLY ultra-pure, non-chlorinated water, and there are no chemicals, acids, heat, or pressure used which can compromise the product’s activity.

The pH of Mother Earth’s Humic and Fulvic Blend Nutritional Health Products tests  over 9 which is very alkaline.  This denotes a highly-energetic, oxygenated solution.


The Production Facility is led by a PhD in Health Sciences, and Technicians are Experienced and Skilled.

The Founder and President of Mother Earth Labs is a Biochemist.  She also founded The Mother Earth Institute to further education and nutritional science on the power of Humic and Fulvic—Mother Nature’s own nutrient activation and delivery system—to deliver highly absorbable and active Vitamins, Minerals and Other Nutrients at the correct concentration for the benefit of humankind.

A mission of the Mother Earth Institute is to develop products that reflect a fusion of Healing Arts from all over the worldLeading Western, Eastern, Ayurvedic, Native American and other indigenous healers consult in developing Nutritional Health Products that represent the leading edge of Herbal Nutritional Science and the Healing Arts.

Source of Raw Humic Materials

A Superior-Quality Humic and Fulvic Product can only be produced from superior-quality raw materials which have a high Humic and Fulvic content that are free from toxins or impurities.  The best sources are deposits of ancient vegetation from the late Cretaceous Period that are distant from large population centers where ground waters are still pure—and there are only a handful of these in the World.

Humic and Fulvic and the 10 Vitamins, Over 74 Ionic Minerals and Elements, 18 Amino Acids, and essential nutrients they naturally carry can only be derived from plant sources.

Deposits contain a massive quantity of plant material that has been compressed over millions of years.  It would be impossible to duplicate this quantity using plant sources alive today in order to produce highly-concentrated Humic and Fulvic.

Mother Earth’s Concentrated Humic and Fulvic Nutritional Health Products are derived from Humic deposits located in the wilderness Fruitland Formation of North America—well known to be among the finest Humic deposits in the world because of its very high Humic and Fulvic content and its purity.

Bioavailability (Nutrient Absorption) and Bioactivity (Nutrient Use by Our Cells)

A Superior-Quality Humic and Fulvic Nutritional Health Product contains only Ionic, Angstrom- or Nano-sized Minerals (not colloidal or in) and elements it naturally carries to achieve near 100% absorption (bioavailability) of nutrients AND near 100% cellular utilization (bioactivity) because minerals and other nutrients are in their “cell-ready” forms and delivered to cells by Fulvic.

Also, All 74+ Ionic Minerals naturally contained in Humic and Fulvic are already in their correct ratios, as Nature intended, and work synergistically for maximum benefit.

The best test of a product’s activity, is a measure of its Electric Potential or conductivity.  The more ionic “cell-ready” elements it contains (the greater the concentration), the higher the measurement will be and the higher the pH.

Every batch of Mother Earth’s Concentrated Humic and Fulvic Nutritional Health Products are tested to meet superior conductivity and concentration standards.

And, of course, all things being equal, Price

Since Mother Earth’s Concentrated Humic and Fulvic Nutritional Health Products EXCEED ALL benchmarks of a superior-quality Humic and Fulvic product, you might expect it to cost a lot of money, especially in comparison with others.

It should, but it doesn’t.

Mother Earth Labs, Inc. was founded to share this incredible gift from Mother Earth with you – so you, too, can experience its amazing power to help deliver  your nutritional needs and help keep you healthy and strong – or to help with your healing activities at a cost that isn’t burdensome – especially if you are facing a health crisis and feel you need more than an ounce per day.

And all of Mother Earth’s Liquid Nutritional Health Products are sold at a price that is very low and is typically much less than other products in the marketplace – even less than most that do not meet the benchmarks that define a Superior-Quality Humic and Fulvic Nutritional Health Product.

Because the bottom line is that our pricing reflects our intention. We are the manufacturing source and stewards in making sure HUMIC AND FULVIC – THE GIFT FROM MOTHER EARTH – get in the hands of those that need them.