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Mother Earth Labs, Inc. is a manufacturer of Nutritional Health Products.  Our products are based on the power of Humic and Fulvic, Nature's own nutrient delivery system to cells that deliver "cell-ready" nutrition directly to the cell. Nutrients must make it to the cells to be used by the body.

Humic and Fulvic are changing the paradigm of how nutrients can be supplemented.

Our Specialty Liquid Nutritional products are supercharged by Humic and Fulvic, Nature's Miracle Molecules, to deliver natural biologically active nutrients directly to cells.

Healthcare Practitioners trust and rely on Mother Earth Labs' products to provide Advanced Wellness Support for their patients.

Mother Earth Labs' primary location is in the beautiful South Texas Hill Country near San Antonio. The vegetation is lush with big oak trees all around.We are considered a small manufacturer by industry standards. This definitely has its advantages. Our production team works very hard to personally ensure the quality of our products meet the high standards our customers deserve and expect.

Our Customers Deserve the Best!

Mother Earth Labs' Humic and Fulvic Products exceed the benchmarks that define a superior quality Humic and Fulvic Nutritional Health Product:

Here's a glimpse of our Product Quality Benchmarks:

Products deliver high Humic and Fulvic concentrations, pH, and ORP standards;
GMP production processes and laboratory facility;
Technical expertise of staff;
Highest quality raw materials;
Devoted to customer service and delivering high quality products at affordable prices.

High Fulvic and Humic Concentrations, pH, and ORP

Mother Earth Lab's Nutritional Health Products deliver Humic and Fulvic at very high, biologically active concentrations. Most are designed to provide at least 100,000 parts per million (ppm) of Fulvic and total dissolved solids (TDS) in one ounce daily (this amount can also be expressed as 100 grams per liter (g/L), or 100,000 milligrams per liter (mg/L) or 10% - all are equivalent.

This is hard to beat! We have found only a few come close to this benchmark and most are less than 10,000 ppm and even as low as 1,000 ppm. We consider a concentration of 100,000 ppm per ounce the "Gold Standard" for optimum benefit.

The pH and ORP of each batch of Mother Earth's Humic and Fulvic Blend Product - The Gift from Mother Earth, are tested also and reflect the product's activity.

The pH of The Gift from Mother Earth - our Humic and Fulvic product, which is also in our specialty products like Comprehensive Wellness, pHBALANCER, and OsteoWellness - tests well over pH 9. This reading indicates a highly energetic, electron-rich, oxygenated solution.

The ORP tests over -170 mV (milliVolts). This indicates very strong antioxidant activity and ability to donate electrons. (ORP is Oxidation/Reduction Potential - a measure of an antioxidant's potential to supply electrons dispersed into a liquid, antioxidants have a negative sign because electrons have a negative charge.)

Why is ORP Important?

Fulvic and Humic in The Gift from Mother Earth are often called "The Spark of Life."

The ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) of the Humic and Fulvic in The Gift from Mother Earth is over -170 mV.

This is exceptionally powerful!

A -170 mV reading surpasses even the highest ORP of well-known food sources of flavonoid and polyphenol antioxidants such as blueberries and cranberries or alkalizing foods such as kale and spinach.

  • A -170 mV ORP makes Humic and Fulvic in The Gift from Mother Earth a powerful antioxidant, ready to donate electrons to neutralize damaging free radicals.
  • Humic and Fulvic in The Gift from Mother Earth are also ready to donate electrons to cell membranes to improve membrane dynamics, nutrients in and waste out.
  • These electrons are also vital to cellular mitochondria to improve energy production.
Research suggests
  • Humic and Fulvic and the other plant-derived substances called Shilajit or Mumie in Eastern Traditions, may support increased levels of CoQ10 in the mitochondria. *1Humic and Fulvic Substances have been used for centuries in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine.
  • Fulvic has been suggested to help restore and sustain cellular energy.* Studies surmise that when Fulvic is combined with CoQ10, cellular energy gains may substantially increase.* In a preliminary study, the combination of CoQ10 and Fulvic produced a 56% increase in cellular energy production in the brain, 40% better than CoQ10 alone.* In muscle there was a 144% increase, or 27% better than CoQ10 alone.*2

Researchers have suggested that Fulvic works to boost CoQ10's beneficial effects by:

  • Fulvic stabilizes CoQ10 in its powerful ubiquinol form, thereby prolonging its action at the cellular level.*3,4
  • Fulvic facilitates more efficient delivery of CoQ10 into the mitochondria, supporting greater cellular energy output.*5
  • Scientific analysis suggests that Fulvic and Humic and other plant-derived essential substances promote mitochondrial metabolism.*
  • Fulvic acids protect mitochondria against oxidative damage and reduce dangerous lipid peroxidation.6
  • Part of Fulvic's beneficial effects derives from its ability to help the mitochondria convert fats and sugars into adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, the body's main source of energy.*5
  • Fulvic acids also work as "electron shuttles," augmenting CoQ10 to speed and facilitate essential electron flow in mitochondria.*7-10
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Production Processes and Laboratory Facility

Mother Earth Labs' Humic and Fulvic Nutritional Health Products are manufactured in a facility with state-of-the-art equipment. This type of equipment is necessary to separate and purify angstrom-sized (the size of an atom) Humic and Fulvic and the ionic minerals, vitamins, and elements they naturally carry.


The production and packaging facility contains climate-controlled, HEPA-filtered clean rooms for manufacturing, blending, and packaging.

Mother Earth Labs uses ultra-pure, non-chlorinated water to make products, and there are no chemicals, acids, heat, or pressure used, which can compromise the product's activity.


The facility is ISO 9000 and cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant. ISO 9000 is a quality management standard that presents guidelines intended to embed a quality management system within an organization ensuring quality of processes and products. cGMP are the Current Good Manufacturing Practices developed by the FDA that are followed to ensure that the products produced meet specific requirements for identity, strength, quality, and purity.

All batches undergo microbiological testing to assure quality of finished materials. Quality control processes and environmental controls ensure products are free of contamination from mold, bacteria, yeast, and fungus.


Technical Expertise

The production facility that produces Humic and Fulvic is led by a PhD in Health Sciences. Laboratory Managers and Technicians at Mother Earth Labs are experienced and skilled.

Our Founder and President, CareyLyn Carter, is a Scientist, Researcher, Author, and Speaker on the Power of Humic and Fulvic to help maintain or restore good health.

As a Metabolic Disease Specialist for Merck, a leading US pharmaceutical company, she worked with Metabolic Disease researchers and medical specialists to educate physicians and healthcare providers about metabolic diseases, diagnoses, and treatment protocols for almost a decade as new products were in development and introduced to the market.

She herself turned to the power of Humic and Fulvic when she was confronted with a very serious health crisis. She calls it "The Gift from Mother Earth", hence the company name and the name of our flagship product. You can read her letter and more about The Gift under the "Invitation" tab on this website.

She founded Mother Earth Labs in 2004 based on her desire to share with others The Gift that was given to her, Health and Life!, so that others can live a long, healthier life free from degenerative disease, or dramatically renew and restore their health, at a cost that isn't burdensome.

One of her books, The Gift from Mother Earth, is available free on this website. It contains important information about what you can do to stay healthy and thrive in our modern world, and more. It's easy to read and it's FREE.

She also founded The Mother Earth Institute. The purpose of the Institute is to further education and nutritional science about Humic and Fulvic, Mother Nature's own nutrient activation and delivery system to the Cell.

A mission of the Mother Earth Institute is to develop products that reflect a fusion of Healing Arts from all over the world. Western, Eastern, Ayurvedic, and Native American practitioners have consulted in the development of products that represent the leading edge of Herbal Nutritional Science and the Healing Arts.



Our Director of Professional Services, Dr. Stuart Hoover, is a Functional Health Practitioner with over 20 years of clinic experience and is Board Certified in Integrative Health. Dr. Hoover is a leader in the field of Functional Health and Biological Terrain Management for improved Cellular Functional Health.

Dr. Hoover offers a wonderful working knowledge of the use of Mother Earth Labs' products in Functional Health applications.

He works with healthcare practitioners to provide Professional Services for Mother Earth Labs' Professional Division.

The services include recommendations and direction on the use of our products, integration of functional health assessments, practice development and education.



Mother Earth Labs, Inc. Professional Division office is located in Overland Park, Kansas. Dr. Hoover provides professional training on our product line and services, as well as, meeting with health professionals by appointment.

You can reach Dr. Hoover at 1-913-291-1690 to arrange a phone consultation or training.


Source of Raw Humic Materials


Most people would agree that a Superior Quality Product can only be produced from Superior Quality Raw Materials.

Mother Earth Labs' products are produced from high-quality raw materials that have a high Humic and Fulvic content and that are free from toxins or impurities. The best sources are deposits of ancient vegetation from the late Cretaceous Period that are distant from large population centers where ground waters are still pure, and there are only a handful of these in the world.

Humic and Fulvic and the ionic minerals and elements, vitamins, amino acids, and essential nutrients they can naturally carry are derived from plant sources.

Deposits from ancient times contain a massive quantity of plant material that has been compressed over millions of years. It would be impossible to duplicate this massive quantity using plant sources alive today in order to produce highly concentrated Humic and Fulvic.

Mother Earth's Concentrated Humic and Fulvic Nutritional Health Products are derived from Humic deposits located in the wilderness Fruitland Formation of North America, well known to be among the finest Humic deposits in the world because of the very high Humic and Fulvic content, its purity, and favorable mineral and element profile.

And, of course, all things being equal, Price"¦

Since Mother Earth Labs' Concentrated Humic and Fulvic Nutritional Health Products exceed all benchmarks of a superior quality Humic and Fulvic product, you might expect it to cost a lot of money, especially in comparison with others.

It should, but it doesn't.

Mother Earth Labs, Inc. was founded to share this incredible Gift from Mother Earth with you, so you, too, can experience its amazing power to help deliver your nutritional needs necessary to keep you healthy and strong, or to help with your healing activities.

And all of Mother Earth's Liquid Nutritional Health Products are sold at a price that is very low and often less than other products in the marketplace, less than many products that do not meet the benchmarks defining a Superior Quality Humic and Fulvic Nutritional Health Product.

Our prices reflect our intention, to make a superior quality product available and affordable for those who need it.

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