In the last couple blogs that we’ve posted we have talked a lot about the different types of foods that can lead to high acid pH levels in your body, how to recognize when pH levels are high, and benefits of focusing on an alkaline diet. Now that you have a pretty sound understanding of your body when pH levels are high, we want to go ahead and cover a few of the food items that you can turn to when you need to counter heightened pH levels.

Keep reading to see which foods you should have easily accessible for the times you need to counter higher acidic levels.

Milk & Unsweetened Yogurt

Dairy has a very neutral pH level which is why it’s a great addition to your diet. While it is great for countering high acidic levels, you want to make sure that you’re making wise choices in regards to the dairy you’re consuming before you add it in. For example, flavored yogurts, sweetened creamers, and milk alternatives might not have the same pH level as your standard milk and plain yogurt. So, make sure that you’re making the wiser of the options when it comes to dairy products that you choose.

Fresh Vegetables

In our last blog post, we talked a lot about fruits that are surprisingly high in terms of their acidic levels, which can be rather surprising to some. The good news is, there is no unexpected acidity levels hiding with your vegetables. For that reason it’s always good to have lots of vegetables on hand for your meals. That way you at least have something to balance some of the other ingredients that could heighten pH levels.

Healthy Fats

A common misconception of eating healthy is that fats are a bad thing for your body. The reality here is that it’s processed foods and unhealthy fats that can leave your body in bad shape. There are, however, healthy fats that provide your body with the energy it needs to function on a daily basis while also filling you up. The great part about healthy fats is that they have a neutral balance making them a fantastic addition to your alkaline diet. Avocados, tofu and soy are three things that you can add to your diet in confidence that they’ll provide you with a neutralized pH balance.

Beans and Lentils

Protein is a huge component of a healthy and balanced diet, but it’s another part that you need to fully understand in order for it to be beneficial. If you’re looking to spice up the types of protein that you’re incorporating into your alkaline diet, beans and lentils are two great options that are not only healthy but are neutral in regards to pH levels. Whether you choose to season them or eat them plain, these two items make for a great addition to just about any meal. Now that we’ve brought it up, let’s talk a little bit more about seasoning.

Herbs & Seasonings

Flavor makes up a big chunk of whether or not we enjoy a meal. For many of us, enjoying the food we’re eating can make or break the ease of a diet. Focusing on an alkaline diet requires you to look into each ingredient that you’re putting into your body which is difficult, but that doesn’t mean that your meals need to be bland.

There are plenty of herbs and seasonings that you can use to ensure your meals are delicious. In fact, a majority of herbs and seasonings are going to be neutral and fit into your alkaline eating plan. The only three that you should really try to stay away from are salt, pepper, and nutmeg. While they are popular ones, there are lots of opportunities to try new herbs that can make your meal equally delicious.

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