When you’re trying to stick to an alkaline based diet, it can be tough to determine what types of food are keeping you in balance and which items are hurting you. If you’ve struggled to maintain a healthy diet at this point, today’s blog is for you. We’re going to touch on a few of the foods that you should stay away from when focusing on an alkaline diet so that you know, off the bat, which foods aren’t going to help you.

Defining Acidity

Most people assume that acidic foods are going to primarily be citrus fruits. The reality is that there are foods we consume on a daily basis that are extremely acidic and can affect your health when practicing an alkaline diet. One of the best things that you can do when starting this type of diet is gain a clear understanding of what it means for a food to be acidic.

If you didn’t already know, foods that read as a 0 are going to be labeled as acidic and foods that are neutral are going to be read as a 7. Sticking to as many neutral foods as possible is the best way to maintain an alkaline diet and a healthy pH balance. The foods that we’re going to talk about in today’s post are items you might be surprised to hear are acidic, but should be avoided nonetheless.


Reducing the amount of sugar that you’re consuming in your diet is great for a variety of reasons, but it’s also great when focusing on the alkalinity levels of your body. While not all sugary foods don’t seem like they’d be acidic given that they’re sweet, it’s the way that your body breaks down sugar and how it processes it. When your body has too much sugar in it, it’s going to react by having a higher acidic level. That being said, it’s best to reduce sugar when possible.


Most diets will talk about the benefits of reducing grains, and it’s for good reason. We just touched a little on how when the body processes sugar it can lead to a more acid pH level, right? Well, when grains are processed they are broken down and turned into sugar which, as we just covered, has an unexpectedly high acidity level.

If you’re thinking that you can reduce the amount of grains that you’re consuming by switching to gluten free products, be weary. More often than not when products are eliminating the grains in a product they’re increasing the amount of sugar. Make sure to look into your options before determining whether or not they’re a safe alternative.


You may be surprised to hear that fruits could be doing more damage to your diet than good. While citrus fruits are well known for being acidic, there are plenty of other fruits that you may be surprised to hear are acidic. These are the ones that you’re going to want to stay away from.

Though fruits are often recognized as healthy food items, it’s good to figure out the pH balance of the specific fruit before you factor it into your diet.

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