In our last blog post, we touched on just a few of the benefits that you’ll get to enjoy when you focus on a diet that keeps your pH balance in check. The important thing to note is that those are just a small portion of the benefits that you’ll be able to enjoy when you do decide to focus on a diet where your acidity is in check.

After reading that blog, you may be wondering to yourself, what happens on a daily basis that throws our body’s pH balance off in the first place? Is it diet related? Maybe exercise related? Is it any one thing that could be changed to avoid this from happening right off the bat?

Well, the team at Mother Earth Labs wants to focus on these questions and the underlining contributors of an unbalanced pH level. We offer a selection of products that can help you work on improving your bodies pH level on a routine basis, but the best thing that you start with is a better understanding of why this happens in the first place.


For some, the body’s pH balance could be off because of a disorder. The most common of which are acidosis and alkalosis. Let’s dive into both of them briefly.


If your body fluids contain too much acid, there’s a good chance that you can be diagnosed with acidosis. If your kidneys and liver aren’t able to do the work to maintain the pH levels, it can be an incredibly difficult diagnosis to deal with.


When your body has too many bases in the bloodstream, there’s a very good chance that you could be struggling with alkalosis. There are five different types of alkalosis that you could be diagnosed with, so it’s important that you stop in and talk to a medical professional to get a full diagnosis.


Consuming too much or too little acid on a daily basis will have an effect on your body’s pH level. As with most diet-related issues, there are ways that you can work on improving your diet in order to help with acid-related issues. In our last blog post, we touched on the alkaline diet and how that can help maintain the pH levels of your body. This is always worth giving a shot! Otherwise, taking a body pH test to determine where your body stands and adding a pH balancer to your daily routine can also be extremely beneficial.

Organ Issues

Your kidneys and liver are a couple of your hardest working organs. These organs are dealt with the challenge of detoxifying your body and balancing your pH level. If you’re noticing that your body is struggling to maintain a healthy pH level, there is a chance that you one or more of your detoxifying organs are struggling.

Though this may sound like a serious issue, it doesn’t mean a life or death issue is on your hands. Usually, the first step to helping out your detoxifying organs is a detox of the foods that are hurting them in the first place. This goes back to diet and providing your body with the foods that help maintain healthy acid levels in the first place.

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Maintaining your body’s pH level can be difficult at first, but it’s not something that you have to take on on your own. If you’re interested in learning more about your body’s pH level, you can work with your medical professional to learn more about what could be making it difficult for your body. Not only will this provide you with a clear reason, but it can help with creating a plan of action.

Working on your pH balance is something that our team can help you with! We carry a variety of pH balance products that are designed to inform and assist with pH levels. You can also look into our pH Level Challenge Kit that provides you with all of the products that you need to thrive and a challenge to keep you accountable. Truth be told, one of the best things that you can do for your health is focus on your pH levels.

For any questions or inquiries that you may have, contact our team and we’d be more than happy to provide you with some additional information on the products.

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