Our customers are as passionate about natural and authentic health and wellness as we are

here at Mother Earth Labs and they wanted to share their success stories with you!



“Everyone should try the products from Mother Earth Labs! Just the education the site gives you on what your body needs is essential and I feel confident using the products. It’s worth a try. Great results.”





“I’ve been taking the Core+Ph Balancer for 5 months now and my skin has turned soft and healthy looking. My hair is also looking healthy again. These products do work if you’re consistent.”

~Brian M.




“I have been taking the comprehensive wellness for over a year and have zero complaints and have felt tons of benefits right from the start, a most constant energy level throughout the day would be the easiest one to identify. I have had blood work done during this time and I am in the optimal range of all the major categories. I plan to keep this as part of my daily routine for life.”





“My son told me about these products and he does a lot of research. So I ordered Core + pH Balancer and felt the difference in my joints and overall wellness. I am ordering again because I love the quality and results of the product. I also will sign up for repeating order so I don’t miss in between when I run out. My husband is taking it now also and loves it as well.”

~Suzanne J.




“Couldn’t live without these products! They’ve literally changed my life. can’t wait to try the new greens!”





“My family and I have been using a variety of products from Mother Earth Labs and we couldn’t be more pleased. I highly recommend the Humic & Fulvic AKA The Gift and GI UltraMax. I’ve recommended Mother Earth Labs to anyone who is willing to listen. Highest quality products by people who truly understand their product offerings and just as importantly…care!”





“It is such a relief to finally find a single dose vitamin that has EVERYTHING in it! An added bonus is that it does not upset my stomach. Thank you, Mother Earth Labs!”





“Love Mother Earth Labs products. I ordered Core Ph liquid multivitamin, and I believe this is God sent!!!! I was experiencing fertility issues and diagnosed with a Molar Pregnancy. After experiencing that, I used this Ph multivitamin and fulvic detox 3 months before my husband and I started trying again and conceived a healthy happy beautiful baby boy. I believe this product did HELP! And the Lord lead me here! Thank you!!!!

~Victoria W.




“I have used several of your products and like that they cause no stomach upset, and provide energy. You can tell the difference when you run out.”





“Thank you for sharing this gift! Can’t wait to feel the benefits and help others. What an awesome company and products!”

~D. Little




“I’ve had a lot of problems with my hair falling out. Which I believe is from lack of nutrition. I believe this product has if not corrected at the very least eased my hair issues plus I just feel better overall!! I’m a customer for life!”





“No other products website gives you the amount of information about their products as Mother Earth Labs. They were happily recommended to me and have unsurpassed quality.”

~Joe H.




“The products I’ve tried have all been wonderful and the taste of some are even better (alkalizing Ph blends) than the baseline products, highly recommend it if that’s what you’re looking for! Definitely the most comprehensive blend of nutritional daily supplementation I have ever seen, with quality ingredients to boot!”





“I first learned of Mother Earth Labs, from my Friend, Len. That was in 2011. While having lunch with him, earlier this year, I noted that he looks younger and younger, each time I see him! For realsies! He and his partner do such beautiful, important work. Thank you, Mother Earth Labs.”





“I love these vitamin mineral supplements. They came highly recommended from my dr. I have tried other vitamins that are less expensive but come back to these. I feel so much better when I take them.”





“Great products! The Core + pH Balancer is the best multi vitamins I’ve found.”





I have used several Mother Earth lab products and they are very clean and pure. My Naturopath dr recommended them to me.”





“Mother Earth Labs came highly recommended by one of my healthcare practitioners needless to say the whole family including the pets are enjoying the benefits!”





This product is inspiring”





“I have been using pH Balancer for almost a year now and it gives me the energy that I need to make it through the day. I can’t imagine going without it these days. So glad that I stumbled onto your YouTube channel talking about your products. Veggie Fusion Protein I am trying out as well. Thank you Mother Earth Labs for giving me my health back.

~Guy F.




I started using Mother Earth Lab products four years ago. I cannot say enough about how these vitamins and supplements have enriched my life! My energy levels and vitality of 30 years ago have been restored!”

~Carol S.




“Since taking this product I have more energy and feel a lot better.”





“Great Product. I was given this by my wife’s brother who is a doctor in Kansas City, MO. Wish I had started and listened sooner.”





“Over the past 3 years I have been diagnosed with three auto-immune conditions, each of which was presented to me as “treatable but incurable.” When my hair started falling out (also auto-immune related), I all but gave up hope. It seemed my body had become pitted against me. I did not know where to turn western medicine had nothing to offer other than a band-aid. Then I spoke with a functional medicine doctor. His perspective on gut health, nutrient absorption, the underlying cause of auto-immune conditions and how to reverse the trend, empowered me to take charge of my health. I’m on a solid road to a full recovery with the help of your products. They are truly in a class all their own.”





“This product is amazing. I was a bit nervous to purchase at first. I have tried all other products from other vendors and I was not satisfied. This product not only works but is a life changer. I am type 2 diabetic and eating alone doesn’t work. With the help of this product I was able to get the energy and vitamins I need to work out, eat better and feel better.”

~Jesus G.




“This product is wonderful. It combines so many things we were taking separately and is tasty enough for my 5 year old to take without any fuss when mixed with a little juice. So- it’s making us feel better and saving is money. Win-Win!”





“I love this product so much yall. I’ve had constipation literally my whole life until I started taking this. It also helps me have more energy and run longer at the gym!”





“Mother Earth Labs not only makes awesome products, but their customer service is one of the best too. They are very easy to deal with and will do whatever it takes to make sure the customer is satisfied with their order.”





“I love Mother Earth Labs products…I have done a lot of research and I believe I have found the products that are pure and beneficial. I only wish I would have known about these products a year ago when my grandson was battling brain cancer.”





“I am beyond excited and impressed with Mother Earth Lab’s products because for the first time I can feel the supplements actually working and watching them work in my family too. I believe it is because of the delivery system of the humic and fulvic actually delivering nutrients. These days because we are so toxic nutrients have a hard time getting to where they need to! This is exceptional and invaluable. Thank you”





“I wanted you to know I started taking your liquid vitamin about nine months ago and it has made a big difference. I will turn seventy in October. I am playing with my grandkids again and I can once again jump up out of a chair without having to slowly get up holding on to something. I work a lot of hours and feel like my body is strong again. Thanks I finally found something that works.





“Mother Earth Labs customer service is great! Received my products in just 2 days. I actually tried to use a different vitamin. I was ravenous ALL of the time. It seems as though no matter how much I ate, I could never get enough. I IMMEDIATELY ran back to Mother Earth Labs before I got as big as a house. Kudos to them. When I have their vitamins I feel satisfied. I am never going back.”





“I felt an extreme difference in my energy and clarity within an hour of taking my first dose. I went to work the next day raving about it. I felt incredible. I am now getting all of my coworkers on the train. I can’t wait to see the long term results.”

~Grace S.




“I love these products how they have improved my health. I‘m 84 yrs and they keep me out of taking prescription medicines. I love that they are liquid with so many nutrients so they can be delivered to my cells to supply my body. With following a good organic diet and Mother Earth Labs products I don’t take any prescription medicine. Thanks and God bless you all for these amazing products.”

~Rose M.




“Wow!!!!!!! I can not believe the reviews on this product they’re awesome! My friend ordered and has found a difference in just two days… Amazing! I put in for your free test kit and plan to start on this right away, so happy my friend shared this with me!!”

~Kim W.




“I tried this for a month and really felt better mentally and physically. My joints felt better. My blood pressure went down. I am ordering a gallon now.”

~Sheryl C.




“This is one of the best products on the market. I brought it to the new clinic and patients are responding phenomenally.”

~Dr. Bryon B.




“Thanks to Mother Earth Labs to provide a better way to get what our bodies desperately need and desire. I found this site a few months ago and have been waiting to use up my current supplies of supplements, today is that day. I hope to get an ample supply and use it like I have always used it and see how my body responds to it. If it works well, I will be sharing this with friends and family…gotta keep those people around for many more moons! I will provide an update when it warrants.”

~Derek P.




“I was asked what I was putting on my face because it was looking ‘radiant’. I knew I wasn’t putting anything on my face but remembered I started taking osteo+core about a month before. I have to say that these vitamins do work. My hair was also really brittle and now its much softer. I must have had a couple deficiencies.”

~Brian M.




“You guy’s products are absolutely amazing and I can’t believe I’ve found a protein powder that actually tasted great! I’ve already recommended this product to all my friends and am most certainly will be return customers! I can actually put my faith into such a beautiful company! Thank you so much!”

~Kaitlyn M.




“I have been taking this for several years as prescribed by my clinic and my energy level and ph levels have never been better.”

~Neal W.




“I am amazed at the wealth of information on this website as well as the superiority of these products. I highly recommend these supplements and have myself experienced their phenomenal benefits.”





“This is an amazing product!! I’m 50 and I’ve used it for about 2 years now and notice a huge difference in my energy levels, etc!! It is easy to take and tastes good.”

~A. Pas




“These products are amazing they really changed my life because I was suffering with so many health problems and these products have made me feel amazing and I am now starting to get to the best health of my life. Thank you so much for creating these products.”

~Matthew K.




“My friend told me about Mother Earth Labs and how good the products are…the fact that they do not contain sugar and the other ”junk” of other products on the market but are natural I feel that it makes all the difference with what I\’m putting into my body…thank you again!”





“This has helped me so much!!! Even my hair is growing and getting thick!!! I tell all my friends, ‘its Mother Earth baby!!!’ One has already bought some!”

~Tamis D.




“Your product helped my digestion immediately. no longer hungry between meals. Felt 20 years younger, normal again, mentally smooth all day, no ups and downs, not worried, like I was healed completely. ate food again and no indigestion. toe fungus disappeared, itching from candida gone. sleep better, dream better and more energy. that should be enuff for anyone to try it. thanks for this product, I found it by accident, the health store guy recommended it. a miracle indeed.”

~Mike L.




“My husband and I have used many products from Mother Earth Labs and we love them all. We learned about them at a seminar about something else and many others there shared their success stories we decided to try them. We have not been disappointed!”

~Ann H.




“Thank you so much for your products. Last year this time, I suddenly became very ill. It all started from my teeth, and then I became anxious and depressed. I was put on medications for anxiety and depression and was also diagnosed with MS and other health issues; such as heavy metals poisoning and infections. Last month, my friend introduced me to your products. With just a little over a month taking your products, I could feel the difference. I am feeling better and sleep better. I started to walk in the morning and I even stopped taking my antidepressant medications. Thank you.”

~Mooi Yong K.




“I am so thankful to find a product like this that covers all the bases when it comes to my nutritional needs! I was so tired of buying many different supplements with little results. This is a real time and money saver!!”

~Suzie D.




“I am very excited o tell my friends and family about your products and the benefits that are in it for them. Thank you for providing quality and being there when I needed it the most. Hello happy cells!”





“I am so grateful for Mother Earth Labs. Besides offering superior nutritional products, they have gone the extra mile and beyond in their customer service to me. They care about making people’s lives better!”

~Peggy M.




“The products from Mother Earth Labs are top quality. The customer service is awesome too!”

~Karen P.




“Your products have been recommended by my doctor and I know they are top quality (because she researches everything) and good for us to live long and healthy lives. They give their personal touch regarding our orders and go above and beyond in standing by Mother Earth’s products.”





“Mother Earth Labs has provided a great health product. My wife and I have been taking it for about six months and we are delighted with the results. It is a wonderful product that provides the vitamins and minerals we all need to sustain good health.”

~G. Sigler




“Your products are fantastic! We love them and can’t be without them! Your fulvic has helped a great deal in recovering from illness and stress and our whole family drink it for maintaining good health! Thanks from the UK.”





“Your products are great! I tell everyone about your products. They are magic to me. Keep doing what you are doing. You people are great. Thank you for what you do. With love and light.”

~Rev. Bernard G.




“My husband and I have been using Mother Earth Fulvic and The Gift for about 2 years now. This product is amazing! Our pH has balanced and been able to keep under control by using this. The staff of Mother Earth Labs are wonderful to work with and easy to order from. We are very pleased with these products!”

~C. Hill




“Just wanted to say that nowhere else can you receive such high caliber, high-quality vitamins, minerals, and superfood,… bioavailable nutrition… then with your humic and fulvic creations….thank you for your personalized and loving help.”

~Gary C.




“The Gift [Humic & Fulvic] is a great product. I have been using it to support detox from mercury and solvents. My energy and liver health are all greatly improved in just 6 weeks. I have been recommending it to my patients and family members. Thank you!”

~Matt S.




“You always do something dramatic and actually respond to emails. Gee, that’s what most companies do, at least the ones that are successful. Thank you for caring about your customers.”

~Dr. Dickens




“Just one word can describe the customer service at Mother Earth Labs: Fantastic. Not only is the customer service stellar, but the products and overall handling and shipping of orders have also been superb. Please keep up the good work!”





“You want to do business with Mother Earth Labs not only because they have such healthy products that are so good for you but the will go out-of-their-way to help you get what you need to improve your health!”

~N. Roland