When I was diagnosed with cancer, it turned everything upside down. Now everyday, I thank God I was given The Gift From Mother Earth!

Dear Friend:

My name is CareyLyn Carter, the founder of Mother Earth Labs, Inc., and I have something to share with you.

I know what it's like to be given this type of devastating news and face the possibility of your own mortality well before you expect to. Many who visit our website do as well.

When I was diagnosed with cancer, all I could think about at first was what happened just three years earlier.  My father passed from cancer and suffered for months in the hospital before he succumbed.  He endured repeated radiation, surgical, and chemotherapy treatments that everyone knew weren't really going to help or even extend his life all that much, not to mention a quality life.

My cancer was discovered in 2004 by chance because of an MRI ordered on my pituitary gland for an unrelated hormonal problem. Thankfully, the cancer was diagnosed much earlier than most. Most cancers of this type are generally diagnosed very late because noticeable symptoms don't occur until significant progression has already occurred. It was estimated I had up to three to four years to live. The thought of suffering like my father did and having to leave behind my two-year-old son, Gunnar, and my dear husband, Doug, was very hard. It took everything I had to stay still, be patient, stay aware and open, and keep listening for direction. I wasn't always successful, especially when I looked into my young son's eyes.

I am a Biochemist and I knew I was on this path for a reason. My husband and I have had some remarkable spiritual experiences in our lives. We were prompted to attend a seminar titled "Living in the Heart/Earth Sky" workshop in Uxmal, Mexico, hosted by a spiritual guide named Drunvalo Melchizedek. We told Drunvalo about the diagnosis of my brain cancer and he told us about Humic and Fulvic, I call it The Gift.  He said, "If you will take Humic and Fulvic, you will be able to fulfill your life's purpose."

He told us about it, and my Being instantly resonated of its Truth. Being a scientist, I couldn't help but do extensive research about Humic and Fulvic when we came home. I learned about the benefits, new discoveries, and all the hospital and clinical case studies primarily in Eastern medicine that had been conducted that dramatically affected people's lives. Results were shown for many different diseases: cancer, diabetes, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and the list doesn't stop there.

I also did comparative laboratory research (and continue to do so) on the Humic and Fulvic products available on the market because I wanted to start taking it right away. From this research, I knew that to ensure I always had the best possible source with consistent concentration at a price that didn't break the bank, and because I am a Biochemist, I would eventually produce my own. I found out where to find the highest quality Humic and Fulvic deposits. After isolating Humic and Fulvic from raw materials, I blended them according to the guidance I had been given by Drunvalo, which was also supported in my research, and then I began taking it. I was more than amazed with the results.

What a Gift I had been given, my Health and my Life!

I now have the desire to share with you what was given to me: The Possibility of Health and Life!

This is how Mother Earth Labs started, through my desire that you might also dramatically renew yourself and live a longer, healthier life.

If you are healthy, or if you suffer from any degenerative disease, or if your health is anywhere in between, you may benefit from "The Gift" from Mother Earth by receiving all the Humic and Fulvic, and the vitamins and minerals lacking in our food sources that are contributing to making us all sick. I hope you will learn more about the benefits of Humic and Fulvic.

The Humic and Fulvic in The Gift from Mother Earth are provided at the highest concentration you can buy using the superior pure water separation processes and in the biologically correct ratios. This enterprise was founded on providing our customers with the same product I use and at a price that isn't burdensome, especially to someone in a health crisis. The Gift from Mother Earth comes directly from its source to you.

We offer one gallon (128oz) of highly concentrated, high-quality blended Humic and Fulvic at a price that is comparable to what others sell less concentrated 32oz bottles of just Humic or Fulvic alone.  And although Fulvic is very important, Fulvic is just one of the Humic Acids. Research has shown the importance of the other Humic Acids too, and like anything about Mother Earth, they work in harmony together.

Our Liquid Nutritional Health Products are built on the power of Humic and Fulvic "” Nature's own nutrient delivery system and cellular energizer, to not only supercharge absorption, but to deliver nutrients where they need to go, to our cells, and in the "cell-ready" forms our bodies need to use them.

Fulvic and Humic also naturally carry with them minerals and elements. Fulvic minerals, the only form of minerals the body can use easily, are critical for most metabolic processes to occur and for maintaining body pH, minerals are alkaline and neutralize acidity.


It is widely known that disease isn't as prevalent when the acid/alkaline balance of the body is slightly alkaline. 


Did You Know? 

The average American has an acidic pH (saliva pH test less than 6.5).  

Cancer patients generally have an extremely acidic pH (saliva pH test less than 5.5), as do people with other chronic diseases.


Our agricultural practices have removed much of the Humic and Fulvic and the minerals normally contained in our food that are the key to maintaining a healthy pH balance.  This is why there are many of us who are sick. There are 157 degenerative diseases linked to vitamin and mineral deficiencies and the chronic body acidity and inflammation they cause.

There is much more information about this in the FREE booklet, "The Gift from Mother Earth." Please, I urge you to read it. It is free for you to download on this website. I promise it will make a difference in your life.

Maintaining a healthy pH of our cellular environment is so important to prevent disease and maintain good health, or reverse disease processes once they start, that I also urge you to "Take the pH Challenge." It's easy and we provide it to you with easy to follow instructions  FREE OF CHARGE, BECAUSE IT IS THAT IMPORTANT! All the information you need to "Take the pH Challenge" can be found on this website. Don't wait, do it today! Find out where you stand.

Try this Humic and Fulvic Blend that was given to me, or one of our other liquid Nutritional Health Products built on their power. I believe that you will experience the incredible feeling of well-being and renewed health as I have.

With My Love and the Blessing of "The Gift,"


CareyLyn Carter Founder and President of Mother Earth Labs, Inc.

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