The digestive system is the passage to good health. If your digestive system is operating correctly and without issues, then chances are you are generally in good health. But if you’ve noticed constant issues revolving around your digestive system, you may also suffer other digestive problems. At Mother Earth Labs, we have homed in on a common problem known as leaky gut syndrome that has shown to be the source of other significant health problems. We are a manufacturer of nutritional health products based on the power of Humic and Fulvic to deliver highly concentrated natural nutrition to people who suffer from discomforting and problematic digestive problems.


If you’re reading this article, you are most likely suffering from digestive issues and seeking relief and solutions. You may also be wondering what leaky gut syndrome is, and what the common symptoms are. Rest assured that Mother Earth Labs has not only identified a common issue for many people, but we have found a natural and effective solution as well. Be sure to shop our products and natural supplements today!


What Is Leaky Gut?

The gut is naturally permeable to small molecules in order to absorb vital nutrients. Leaky gut is known as intestinal permeability, which happens when the lining of the small intestine becomes damaged. The damaged small intestine causes undigested food, toxic waste products, and bacteria to leak the intestines’ walls and flood the blood stream. The body’s immune system recognizes the food particles and toxic waste products as “foreign invaders” and treats them as pathogens. When the immune system attacks the foreign products (pathogens) the body responds in the form of the symptoms we’ll discuss later in the article.


What Causes Leaky Gut?

Generally, food, infections, and toxins are the main culprits of causing leaky gut syndrome. Gluten is a the biggest dietary contributor to leaky gut syndrome, while other inflammatory foods like dairy, sugar, and excessive alcohol can also lead to leaky gut. Toxins that cause leaky gut syndrome aren’t always food, but come in the form of medications like: Motrin®, Advil®, steroids, antibiotics, and acid-reducing drugs.


Now that you know what leaky gut syndrome refers to, and what the cause of it is, below are the common symptoms you should be aware of as well.


  1. Food sensitivities
    Since there is an onslaught of toxins that are entering the bloodstream, the immune system is on overdrive, producing a mass amount of various antibodies. The various antibodies can ultimately make the body more susceptible to certain foods like gluten and dairy.
  2. Irritable Bowel Disease
    Oftentimes, gut permeability is localized to the colon in people who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis.
  3. Autoimmune disease
    When someone who suffers an autoimmune disease consumes food that contains gluten, the body triggers a protein called zonulin that signals irrespective of the genetic expression of autoimmunity. Fortunately, leaky gut is reversible when it comes to autoimmune conditions, simply by avoiding certain foods and triggers. By doing so, it can potentially alleviate other problematic immune responses.
  4. Skin conditions
    The theory of the skin’s response to gut health have been proven to be true for over 70 years. Intestinal hyperpermeability is responsible for causing common skin conditions like acne and psoriasis.
  5. Mood disorders
    According to a study by Neuroendocrinology Letters, leaky gut has been shown to cause various mood and neurocognitive disorders. The inflammatory response of intestinal hyperpermeability triggers the release chemicals into the brain that are thought to induce common mood disorders like depression, anxiety, ADD, and ADHD.


Other symptoms that are signs of leaky gut syndrome are:



How To Heal Leaky Gut

The biggest thing you can do to relieve yourself of a leaky gut, is to change your diet and eliminate the foods that your body recognizes as toxic or foreign invaders, especially major contributors like, gluten, dairy, soy, refined sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. Additionally, you can help by adding supplemental nutrition like Mother Earth Labs’ The Gift to restore and maintain a healthier fluid and electrolyte balance in the body, bowel function, and more. The Gift is a great resource that practitioners use to accelerate the cell’s natural detox functions and improve absorption of nutrients.


To learn more about leaky gut syndrome, visit with your doctor and browse Mother Earth Labs’ site to purchase any of our Humic and Fulvic specialty products.

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