In part one of this blog series, we outlined some of the main causes and symptoms of leaky gut syndrome, as well as some consequences of leaving intestinal permeability unaddressed. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to repair leaky gut, starting with what you eat. At Mother Earth Labs, we offer lots of vitamin and mineral supplements that make nourishing your body easy, as well as a pHBALANCER formula to help you maintain a normal body pH. Shop now, or continue reading to learn how to heal the gut!

Leaky Gut Repair

Leaky gut syndrome comes with a number of unpleasant symptoms, which don’t necessarily go away if you treat the symptoms themselves. If you are wondering how to cure leaky gut, you have to get to the root of the problem to determine what is deteriorating the small intestine and why. As mentioned in our last blog post, some of the main causes of leaky gut syndrome are poor diet, poor gut health, stress, and overuse of NSAIDs. That being said, here are some ways to repair leaky gut syndrome by making some simple lifestyle changes:

Maintain A Normal Body pH With Our pHBALANCER

A balanced body pH is critical for a healthy gut, as pH imbalance is linked to many of the same autoimmune conditions that emerge with leaky gut syndrome. What’s even more striking is the fact that most people have some level of pH imbalance — a level of four to six, with the normal body pH being 6.5. If you are interested in finding out your body’s pH level, take the pH challenge or order our pHBALANCER formula online at Mother Earth Labs. We look forward to being part of your journey in repairing leaky gut syndrome!

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