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What You Get with this pH Challenge Special

1 Quart of our pH Balancer Wellness Formula
A BASE of our Comprehensive Wellness Nutrition Formula providing Natural, Plant-based Multi-Vitamins, Multi-Minerals, Whole Foods, and Comprehensive Wellness Nutritional Support.

You Can’t Buy a Better Multi-Vitamin, Multi-Mineral Supplement... ...that Delivers Serious Acid – Alkaline Balancing Support! 

ALSO INCLUDED in pHBALANCER is a wonderful gift from Mother Earth – our Super-Concentrated Fulvic and Humic Acid Blend Product—to SUPERCHARGE Nutrient Delivery to the Cells. Nutrients need to get to the cells to do their job of supporting  all the Biochemical, Metabolic Processes that take place in our bodies. These metabolic processes Support Our Health and Wellness.

PLUS a Potent Fulvic-Based Alkalizing Mineral and Co-Factor Complex for serious alkaline support to help restore and maintain cellular pH levels.

LAST, BUT NOT LEAST, a special Herbal and Botanical Support Group to provide additional detoxification, de-acidifying, and cleansing support to jump start the release of acids and toxins.

All of this in a Single Product! Most systems sell acid – alkaline support, comprehensive nutritional support, special complexes, herbals, and botanicals for cleansing and detox in separate products that costs hundreds of dollars!

pHBALANCER – Alkalizing Red Formula NOT ONLY Provides Serious Alkaline Support,  IT ALSO Provides Comprehensive Nutritional Support  to Meet Our Daily Nutritional Needs.
- Restore and Maintain A Healthy pH Balance
- Powerful Antioxidants to Neutralize Damaging Free Radicals
- Comprehensive Nutritional Support
- Anti-Microbial Support
- Immunity Enhancement
- Metabolic Support
- Cellular Electrical Potential Enhancement
- Heart, Cardiovascular, and Lymphatic Circulatory and Blood Oxygenation     Support
- Organ Cleanse and Detoxification
- Digestive Support and Colon Health
- Musculoskeletal Support
- Anti-Aging and Youth Enhancement
- Vision Enhancement
- Energy, Mental Clarity and Alertness
- Weight Management

YOU SIMPLY CAN’T BUY A BETTER TOTAL, All-Inclusive, Multi-Vitamin, Multi-Mineral Nutritional Health Supplement – That Provides the Nutritional Support Your Body Needs to Help it Achieve Optimum Health and Vitality – With Serious Alkalizing Support to Help Restore and Maintain the Acid-Alkaline Balance of the Body. ANYWHERE! AT ANY PRICE! 
Order our pHBalancer now and we will include 100 pH Test Strips for FREE!

You should test your pH several times per week. We feel so strong about this that we are including a 100 pack of pH test strips with your order of pH Balancer today!

"It's That Important!"
There may be nothing more profound you can do to maintain or restore your health and vitality than to balance and maintain the pH of your body!
FACT: The pH of average “Healthy” Americans now tests between 4 and 6
(normal is around 7). This is NOT HEALTHY!!!!

Find out where you stand. Take The pH Challenge. It’s easy and It’s FREE!

FACT: It is well known that an acidic cellular environment causes chronic inflammation and
eventually can cause a degenerative disease. There are over 157 degenerative diseases
directly linked to chronic acidity and inflammation such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease,
rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia, asthma, MS—the list is very long.

FACT: Our cellular fluids are acidic primarily because of long-term mineral deficiencies.
Our food sources no longer contain the minerals necessary to neutralize the acids our
bodies normally produce in metabolic processes – or that are produced by toxins,
or by mental and emotional states of stress: worry, fear and anxiety.

FACT: It is well-known that degenerative disease generally cannot exist in a normal, slightly
alkaline cellular environment. Viruses, bacteria, and cancer cells and other pathogens thrive
in an environment that is acidic. An acidic environment is also void of oxygen and needed
charges (voltage) our cells and body need to be healthy . When our bodies are slightly
alkaline, our tissues are oxygenated, we produce healthy immune cells, and we have enough
charge to produce energy in our cells so our bodies function normally.

Chronic acidity also ages us prematurely, both externally and internally - Collagen
and Elastin in our skin are very sensitive to acid and we can look old before our time.

Chronic acidity also causes weight gain - The body produces fat to store excess 
acids to try and protect vital organs—dieting becomes almost impossible.

Chronic acidity causes fatigue and lack of energy – Acids absorb needed charges
(electrons) that fuel energy production in our cells – acid zap our energy.


  • pH Balancer contains over 310 of the finest "Cell Ready" Nutrients and the power to help regulate your pH for only $49.95 with FREE Shipping in the USA!

  • Plus your FREE Pack of 100 pH Test Strips. You will also receive your pH Challenge Test Kit and The pH Zone Guidebook!

  • FREE Shipping only applies to USA orders. International customers please
    call 1-210-408-2800 for total cost with shipping!

  • (This special is only for the Dispensing Quart Bottle)

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