Comprehensive Core

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All-in-One Daily Vitamin & Mineral

Give your body the essentials it needs to help it be at its optimal level of health. Liquid or capsule formulas backed by science and proven to work. Unlike most Multivitamins that contain synthetic ingredients, Comprehensive Core provides vitamins, minerals, whole foods, and other essential nutrients in their Natural Active Forms.

  • Non-synthetic
  • Crafted from organic ingredients
  • Helps support energy levels and a healthy immune system
  • Promotes Brain, GI, Cardiovascular and Circulatory health
  • 20 different superfruits rich in flavonoids
  • Organic Alkalizing Greens and Detox Blend

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The Benefits of Comprehensive Core

What is Comprehensive Core?

Comprehensive Core actually works! Crafted from organic ingredients that work synergistically together as a comprehensive group of essential vitamins, minerals and nutritional ingredients that need one another to do their job in the body. Convenience - takes the place of many supplements in a single product. etc.

What is in it?

Organic Vitamin A Complex
Combining both non-GMO beta carotene and other organic mixed carotenoids provides a robust provitamin A complex that supports both vision and heart health.

High-Potency Vitamin B Complex for MTHFR, Stress, Energy & Brain Support
Only biologically active B vitamin forms truly support these essential areas of health. Our capsule formula proudly supplies vitamin B3 as NADH, the highly-stable and active coenzyme form of niacinamide. Note: NADH is only available in capsule form.
Comprehensive Core formula includes the highly sought-after form of B12, Adenosylcobalamin, alongside the more common bioactive form, Methylcobalamin. Only Adenosylcobalamin can be used immediately in cellular energy production for a difference you won’t miss!

Vitamin C Immune and Antioxidant Complex
Our body’s ability to combat pathogens and oxidative stress is reliant on real vitamin C and plentiful antioxidants.
Vitamin C is a complex of synergistic phytonutrients (rather than simple ascorbic acid) our bodies need to produce and regulate essential immune cells. These cells are responsible for identifying, containing, and neutralizing potentially dangerous bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens.

Metabolic Vitamins, Minerals, and Essential Cofactors
A healthy metabolism depends on having the right vitamins and minerals in balance with each other to support processes involved with energy production and other life-giving functions.

GI Health, Integrity, Digestive Enzymatic, and Prebiotic Fiber Blend
Maintaining a healthy digestive system is key in maintaining overall health and wellness. This blend offers specialized natural ingredients that help limit inflammation and strengthen intestinal walls while also providing important digestive enzymes to support complete digestion.

Further, we’ve included an organic prebiotic fiber to feed your good bacteria and help them thrive. Good bacteria are essential in the digestion of foods, fighting off pathogens before they enter the body, and producing and balancing several hormones including those related to hunger, cravings, and mood.

Organic Super Fruits Blend
Fruits are powerhouses for immune boosting support. With over 6,000 different flavonoids in plant foods, having a diverse range of fruits and berries each day will provide the most benefit.
We’ve included over 20 different super fruits rich in flavonoids in this blend to help fight oxidative stress and keep your immune system functioning at its best.

Organic Alkalizing Greens and Detox Blend
Our bodies have natural detox processes that can become overworked and backed up when faced with exposure to toxins. This is why we have included powerful alkalizing greens to help neutralize acidity and essential herbs to support detox organs such as our liver and kidneys.

Cardiovascular & Circulatory Support Blend
Our tissues need nutrients and oxygen but they can only get these through healthy cardiovascular and circulatory systems. This blend offers nutrients that can support healthy blood pressure which allows blood (and the nutrients and oxygen it carries) to flow more freely. Further, this blend provides powerful antioxidants to help protect cardiovascular tissue from oxidative damage.

Essential Protein Amino Acid Blend
This collection of nine essential amino acids provides the building blocks our bodies need to create proteins and enzymes that support a wide range of life-giving and health-promoting processes.

Essential Fatty Acids and Phospholipids
Healthy fats are essential for human health by supporting everything from strengthening cellular membranes to protecting our nervous system and brain health.

What is NOT in it?

At Mother Earth Labs, we believe in adding ingredients that contribute to better health. That means you’ll never find the junk common in the supplement industry. That’s right! No magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, or hydrogenated oils. No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. No GMOs or contaminants. Only the Good Stuff that your Body Craves!

How do I use Comprehensive Wellness?

  • Consume with a full glass of pure water.
  • Refrigerate liquid product after opening to preserve freshness.
  • Keep capsules stored tightly sealed in a cool, dry place.
  • Use within 6 months of opening
  • Best by date is 1 year from the manufacture date (MFD) stamped on the bottom.


What are Biologically active Vitamins?

One of the most important things to look for when choosing a multivitamin, is which form each vitamin is in. Biologically active vitamins are forms that our bodies recognize and can put to use immediately without the need for resource-consuming conversion processes.

What are examples of synthetic vitamins?

This is a great question and we cover this in detail in our Free Supplement Guide

What does the Liquid Comprehensive Core taste like?

It has a Berry Citrus taste and you may notice that there are slight variations from batch to batch due to the nature of the organic ingredients and time of year they are harvested. The capsule option offers a taste free option for those sensitive to taste and texture.

Can children take Comprehensive Core?

Please check with your pediatrician before giving the liquid product to anyone under 6 years of age. We do not recommend the capsule product for those under 16 years of age due to the set ingredient amounts in each capsule.

For suggested use, please check with your pediatrician as each child's nutritional needs are unique.

Can I give this to my pet?

We do not currently recommend giving any of our daily all-in-one formulas to animals.
The Pet Wellness product is well-tolerated by animals providing essential mineral support missing in most dog food today.

How much does shipping cost? Do you ship internationally?

Retail shipping within the United States is a flat rate of $8.95 and Canada is a flat rate of $19.95 USD. If there is a less expensive option, you will be notified at checkout.

We do ship internationally, however our website is unable to process international orders at this time. Please send an email with your full order request and complete delivery address to [email protected].

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