Fulvic 400X

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Super Concentrated Liquid Minerals

Highly concentrated fulvic with naturally occurring ionic minerals. Ideal for rebalancing or replacing minerals and electrolytes by delivering these and other nutrients directly to our cells. Fulvic helps provide the electrical energy our cells need to perform the plethora of biochemical processes and reactions occurring every minute.

  • Professional strength
  • Cellular detoxification and antioxidant support
  • Research indicates it may support increased levels of CoEnzyme Q10

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Fulvic Acid - What it is & what it does

Fulvic Acid is a natural compound made by friendly soil bacteria as they break down dead plant material. This compound includes fulvic molecules, 72+ macro, micro, and trace minerals, amino acids, and phytonutrients.

Fulvic effectively nourishes plants by delivering nutrients through roots and into plant cells. Ideally, as animals and people eat plants, we receive these organic nutrients with fulvic molecules. Unfortunately, the heavy use of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers in agriculture over the last several decades has reduced the number of friendly soil bacteria and therefore the concentration of natural fulvic acid. Now, our crops are grown with less access to the minerals they need to make vitamins. Studies done by the United States Department of Agriculture show a significant decline in the nutritional value of our crops making the need for high-quality supplementation even more important.

Source location

Fulvic 400X is created using the same high-quality raw materials as our flagship product, Humic & Fulvic – The Gift from Mother Earth. It is harvested from a pristine area of Northwest New Mexico known as the Fruitland Formation – an incredibly vast and unique area that was once a large Cretaceous estuary where fresh and saltwater met. The conditions here were ideal for incredibly rich and abundant plant life to thrive. More so, it allowed for a multitude of different plant species to prosper when they couldn’t at any other location on Earth.

The soils of the Fruitland Formation developed a rare and bountiful blend of phytonutrients and a full-spectrum mineral and element composition. Over time, these soils became the present-day nutrient-rich humate deposit unsurpassed by any other in the world.

It is with this exceptional raw humate material that we make our exquisite Fulvic 400X supplement. This near-impossible high-quality raw material is so perfect for human health it doesn’t require us to combine materials from various source locations around the world as many other leading fulvic acid products do. Even better, it isn’t derived from coal or shale.

Pure Water Extraction & Manufacturing Methods

We extract our fulvic with care to protect delicate molecule structures, maintain mineral content, and avoid potentially dangerous chemical contaminants and byproducts.

Our fulvic is third-party tested to ensure a pure and potent final product.

Professional Strength

With Fulvic 400X, you can count on receiving a super concentrated product guaranteed to be at least 10% actual fulvic acid in a 100% fulvic acid solution.

Benefits of Fulvic 400X

Full-Spectrum Minerals - Ideally Balanced for Human Health

Have you ever read a really interesting article about the benefits of a particular nutrient and thought to yourself “maybe I should try that”?

We all have! 

Unfortunately, where minerals are concerned, it may not be as easy as it seems. The various, complex mineral interactions and co-dependencies make it difficult to supplement either individually or in limited pairings.

Take a look at zinc. Zinc is a very popular supplement marketed to support our immune systems, promote radiant skin, and more, but there’s a problem.

If we take a zinc supplement at too high a dose or for too long, our copper levels could decline. As our copper deficiency increases, our iron levels can begin to drop as well. When we have an iron deficiency, our hemoglobin production is reduced (hemoglobin carries oxygen to our tissues). Thus, our well-intentioned desire for a stronger immune system by supplementing with zinc can indirectly cause anemia and extreme muscle fatigue.

Fulvic 400X provides 72+ macro, micro, and trace ionic minerals in amounts uniquely balanced for human health.

One supplement - Zero guesswork.

Energy, Metabolism, & Detox

Each and every batch of our Fulvic 400X is tested to ensure "biochemical redox antioxidant support" – a fancy term to describe the benchmark of highly energetic and oxygenated substances. This is why fulvic is often referred to as the “Spark of Life”.

We all know our bodies need nutrients to function well, but our cells require electrical energy to maintain their structural integrity and use these nutrients in life-supporting biochemical processes. This energy must be balanced for cells to function optimally. Unfortunately, high stress and free radial exposure disrupt this balance leading to under-nourish cells and reduced energy production - symptoms we can all recognize as fatigue. Fortunately, highly energized fulvic molecules can supply electrons to depleted cells as needed. Now revitalized, these cells are better equipped to take in essential nutrients and release biochemical toxins and additional environmental contaminants so they can be safely removed from the body. Additionally, fulvic-supplied electrons support ATP energy production and neutralize damaging free radicals to help protect healthy cells and tissues.

CoEnzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

Research suggests fulvic may support increased levels of CoEnzyme Q10 (CoQ10) in the mitochondria, especially when combined with a CoQ10 supplement. In a preliminary study, the combination of CoQ10 and fulvic produced a 56% increase in cellular energy production in the brain – 40% better than CoQ10 alone. In a similar but separate study, there was a 144% increase in cellular energy – 27% better than those only supplementing with CoQ10.

Researchers have suggested that fulvic works to boost CoQ10s beneficial effects by:

  • Stabilizing CoQ10 in its powerful ubiquinol (reduced, electron-rich) form, thereby prolonging its action at the cellular level.
  • Facilitating more efficient delivery of CoQ10 into the mitochondria and supporting greater cellular energy output.
  • Promoting mitochondrial metabolism.
  • Protecting mitochondria against oxidative damage and helping to reduce dangerous lipid peroxidation.
  • Helping the mitochondria convert fats and sugars into adenosine triphosphate (ATP) – the body’s main source of energy.
  • Augmenting CoQ10 to speed and facilitate essential electron flow within the mitochondria.


Why do we need fulvic? Why can’t I just eat fruits & vegetables?

Fulvic acid carries minerals from the soil into plants. When we eat plants (Fruits and vegetables), we receive fulvic and minerals. In a perfect world, our crops would provide all the mineral nutrients we need. Unfortunately, today's agricultural methods utilize heavy amounts of pesticides and herbicides. These chemicals, whether natural or synthetic, seep into the soil and kill off the fulvic-making beneficial bacteria. Worse, the lack of adequate crop rotation depletes mineral concentrations within the soil. These two factors combined lead to nutrient-deficient foods. This is further supported by USDA agricultural studies that have noted a significant decline in vitamin and mineral concentrations in our crops over the last 100 years.

Is this certified organic?

Fulvic and its naturally-occurring minerals, vitamins, and other elements are organic in nature and our raw materials are never exposed to harsh synthetic chemicals. Unfortunately, the product cannot be certified organic by the USDA because minerals do not qualify as an organic output meaning they can't be grown by a farmer. Apples, spinach, and potatoes are all examples of an organic output.

Fulvic, however, can be certified as an Organic Input by the USDA and is often used by Organic farmers. Our fulvic is certified as an agricultural grade organic input. 

Why is there no expiration date? How long is it good for?

We believe knowing when a product was made is more beneficial for a consumer than knowing when it will expire, this is why we choose to put the manufacturing date (MFD) on every product.

Fulvic is unique in that it does not technically expire and will last for many years if stored properly - that is, in a cool, dark place such as a cabinet or pantry; Fulvic should never be boiled or frozen as this will damage the molecular structure. Due to the possibility of uncontrollable contaminates (dust, hair/fur, etc), our Fulvic 400X has a Best By recommendation of 2 years from the MFD.

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