Fulvic 400X

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Super Concentrated Liquid Minerals

Highly concentrated fulvic with naturally occurring ionic minerals. Ideal for rebalancing or replacing minerals and electrolytes by delivering these and other nutrients directly to our cells. Fulvic helps provide the electrical energy our cells need to perform the plethora of biochemical processes and reactions occurring every minute.

  • Professional strength
  • Cellular detoxification and antioxidant support
  • Research indicates it may support increased levels of CoEnzyme Q10

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Why We Need Fulvic

  • Provides up to 72+ Minerals & Elements
  • Helps Enhance Nutrient Absorption Support
  • Provides Powerful Antioxidant Support
  • Helps Remove Heavy Metal & Other Toxins
  • Donates Electrons to Recharge Cellular Energy
  • Naturally Anti-Fungal & Anti-Viral for Immune Support
  • Promotes Reduced Inflammation
  • Offers Balanced & Concentrated Electrolytes
  • Delivers Ancient & Diverse Phytonutrients

Why Choose Our Fulvic 400X

Our fulvic comes from a single source in the USA and is not derived from coal or shale like other fulvic supplements on the market today.  While still beneficial, a study confirms coal and shale typically have fewer minerals.  Also, the size of the fulvic molecules are larger on average which can affect how easily they are absorbed.  A high quality fulvic solution should be a rich, golden color.

With the exceptional quality of Mother Earth Labs’ source, it isn’t necessary to combine raw materials from different areas around the world – another common practice required to achieve full-spectrum minerals and a higher fulvic concentration.  Quality of the USA and other international fulvic sources vary widely.

In 2003, our founder, who is also a biochemist, learned about humic and fulvic substances from a healer and teacher named Drunvalo.   From there she took great care to scrutinize raw materials around the world until she found one with the richness and concentration necessary to produce the humic and fulvic she felt could help her restore her own health and vitality.

Pure Water Extraction & Manufacturing Methods

Mother Earth Labs’ Fulvic 400X is extracted to protect fulvic molecule structures, maintain mineral content, and avoid potentially dangerous chemical contaminants and byproducts.

Our fulvic is third-party tested to ensure a pure and potent final product.

Professional Strength

With Fulvic 400X, you can count on receiving a super concentrated product guaranteed to have at least 10% fulvic acid with many batches testing close to 12%!

Unfortunately, there are many clever marketing techniques that hide low fulvic concentrations through misleading statements such as “100% fulvic acid solution” or “250 mg fulvic acid solution”.

A pure fulvic solution indicates a separation of fulvic molecules from other humates; As long as there are only fulvic molecules in the water, then it is a 100% fulvic acid solution.

What these marketing statements do not tell us is the ACTUAL concentration of fulvic. This concentration could be 10% or it could be less than 1%.

A “250 mg fulvic acid solution” also does not indicate the percentage of fulvic. At 1%, this solution offers 2.5 mg of fulvic and at 10% it offers 25 mg of fulvic.

If it’s a high concentration, why not brag about it?

Fulvic 400X is made to be at least 10% actual fulvic acid in a 100% fulvic acid solution


What is fulvic?

Fulvic is a natural molecular compound created by soil bacteria and fungi as plant matter decomposes. Despite having the smallest molecular size of the humate group, fulvic can carry up to 50 times their weight in ionic minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and other phytonutrients. This small size allows fulvic to be easily absorbed and deliver the nutrients it carries directly to cells.

Why do we need to take fulvic? Why can’t I just eat fruits and vegetables?

Fulvic acid carries minerals from the soil into plants. When we eat plants (Fruits and vegetables), we receive fulvic and minerals. In a perfect world, our crops would provide all the mineral nutrients we need. Unfortunately, today's agricultural methods utilize heavy amounts of pesticides and herbicides. These chemicals, whether natural or synthetic, seep into the soil and kill off the beneficial bacteria that create fulvic molecules. Worse, the lack of adequate crop rotation depletes mineral concentrations within the soil. These two factors combined lead to nutrient-deficient foods. This is further supported by USDA agricultural studies that have noted a significant decline in vitamin and mineral concentrations in our crops over the last 100 years.

Where does it come from?

Fulvic can be found all over the world with different concentrations, mineral profiles, and heavy metal content. Unfortunately, some locations also have a high incidence of contamination. We search for the perfect location to extract our raw material and eventually found a pot of gold in the Fruitland Formation of the Northwest corner of New Mexico. It’s from this nutrient-rich, location that we source our humic and fulvic raw material. This extraordinary area was once a large estuary where fresh and saltwater met during the Cretaceous period millions of years ago. These conditions created an ideal environment for ancient and lush plant life to thrive. In fact, what is now the Fruitland Formation had one of the highest diversities of plant species anywhere in the world with an extensive and abundant nutritional profile. Over the millennia, this rich soil formed the humate deposits we now benefit from.

Is this product certified organic?

Fulvic and its naturally-occurring minerals, vitamins, and other elements are organic in nature and our raw materials are never exposed to harsh synthetic chemicals. Unfortunately, the product cannot be certified organic by the USDA because minerals do not qualify as an organic output by the USDA - they can't be grown by a farmer. An example of an organic output is an apple. Fulvic certified as an Organic Input by the USDA is often used by Organic farmers so they can grow produce that can be certified organic. Our agricultural grade fulvic is certified as an organic input. Typically if you see a fulvic product advertised as Organic, it is either referring to the product being a certified agricultural input (likely agricultural grade) or that the raw materials used to make it come from Nature.

How concentrated is this product?

It is a minimum of 10% hydrophobic fulvic as tested by the AOAC/Lamar Method - the test method agreed to be most accurate for Fulvic content. Other test methods aren't as reliable and test such as the V&B method can easily return falsely elevated results.

Why is there no expiration date? How long is this good for?

We believe knowing when a product was made is more beneficial for the user than knowing when it will expire, this is why we choose to put the manufacturing date (MFD) on every product. Fulvic is unique in that it does not technically expire and will last for many years if stored properly - that is, in a cool, dark place such as a cabinet or pantry; Fulvic should never be boiled or frozen as this will damage the molecular structure. Due to the possibility of uncontrollable contaminates (dust, hair/fur, etc), our Fulvic 400X has a Best By recommendation of 2 years from the MFD.

Can I mix this with juice?

Yes, this product can be mixed with organic juices.

Do I have to drink it all at once?

Nope! Many of our customers prefer to put this in a bottle of purified, non-chlorinated water and sip on it throughout the day.

Benefits of Fulvic 400X

Super Concentrated Liquid Minerals

Fulvic 400X is a dynamic and unique way of providing our bodies with comprehensive, full-spectrum ionic minerals and essential electrolytes, while still offering enhanced cellular detoxification, promoting nutrient absorption, supporting nutrient metabolism, and recharging our cellular energy.

Fulvic is a natural compound made by friendly soil bacteria as they break down plant material. Fulvic effectively nourishes plants by transforming inorganic minerals into their bioavailable organic forms and delivering them through the roots and into plant cells. Ideally, as animals and people eat plants, we receive these organic minerals and fulvic molecules. Unfortunately, due to pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers used in the agricultural practices over the last several decades, these friendly soil bacteria are dwindling in number and our soils are quickly being depleted of usable minerals. This leaves us with plant foods that are significantly lacking in nutrition, especially compared to times past.

Mother Earth Labs‘ Fulvic 400X supplement is created using the same high-quality raw materials as our flagship product, Humic & Fulvic – The Gift from Mother Earth. It is harvested from a pristine area of Northwest New Mexico known as the Fruitland Formation – an incredibly vast and unique area that was once a large Cretaceous estuary where fresh and saltwater met. The conditions here were ideal for incredibly rich and abundant plant life to thrive. More so, it allowed for a multitude of different plant species to prosper when they couldn’t at any other location on Earth.

The soils of the Fruitland Formation developed a rare and bountiful blend of phytonutrients and a full-spectrum mineral and element composition. Over time, these soils became the present-day nutrient-rich humate deposit that remains unsurpassed by any other in the world.

It is with this exceptional raw humate material that we make our exquisite Fulvic 400X supplement. This near-impossible high-quality raw material is so perfect for human health that is doesn’t require the combination of various source locations from around the world as many other leading fulvic acid products do. Even better, it isn’t derived from coal or shale.

Once we have our raw materials in-house, it goes through a proprietary process allowing us to isolate fulvic molecules from the other humates (longer-chain molecules). The end result is a highly concentrated, pure fulvic substance with all of its naturally occurring and abundant minerals, vitamins, amino acids, phytonutrients, and other elements. You can rest assured that each step of the manufacturing process utilizes purified water and no harsh, synthetic chemicals or heat that can damage the fulvic molecules and nutrients.

A Hallmark Of Superior Fulvic Products Is A Minimum Concentration Test Of 10% Or More.
Batches Of Mother Earth Labs’ Fulvic Routinely Test Above 12% On Independent 3rd-Party Laboratory Tests.
Most fulvic supplements on the market today have a fulvic concentration that is significantly below 6% and one was even tested at less than 0.1%! Sadly, these still sell for about the same cost as more concentrated products by hiding this fact behind terms like “100% fulvic acid solution”. The concentration of a fulvic product is immensely important and for that reason, we felt compelled to share our 3rd-party test results with you. In fact, we know wellness enthusiasts like yourself want to know as much as they can about the products they are putting in their bodies, so we are also proud to share the results of our 3rd-party mineral analysis and heavy metal test.

Voltage (Cellular Energy)

Each and every batch of our Fulvic 400X is tested to ensure biochemical redox antioxidant support – a fancy term to describe the benchmark of highly energetic, oxygenated, and electron-rich substances. This is why fulvic is often referred to as the “Spark of Life”. We all know that our bodies require nutrients to function well, but our bodies also require voltage at the cellular level to fuel the biochemical processes that support life.
Fulvic molecules supply electrons to our cells as they are needed This is incredibly important for cellular membranes (the skin that surrounds each cell) to maintain a balanced electrical potential – the charge difference between the inside and outside of the cell.
This electrical potential supports cellular integrity and ensures nutrients pass through the membrane where they can be used and allows waste products (naturally occurring from biochemical processes and additional environmental toxins) out so they can be safely removed from the body.
Additionally, electrons are supplied by fulvic molecules to our mitochondria, the powerhouse of each cell, to support ATP energy production and are used to neutralize dangerous free radicals and help reduce the additional damage they cause to healthy cells and tissues.

CoEnzyme Q10

Research suggests fulvic may support increased levels of CoEnzyme Q10 (CoQ10) in the mitochondria, especially when combined with a CoQ10 supplement. In a preliminary study, the combination of CoQ10 and fulvic produced a 56% increase in cellular energy production in the brain – 40% better than CoQ10 alone. In a separate study, there was a 144% increase in cellular energy – 27% better than those only supplementing with CoQ10.

Researchers have suggested that fulvic works to boost CoQ10s beneficial effects by:

  • Stabilizing CoQ10 in its powerful ubiquinol (reduced, electron-rich) form, thereby prolonging its action at the cellular level.
  • Facilitating more efficient delivery of CoQ10 into the mitochondria and supporting greater cellular energy output.
  • Promoting mitochondrial metabolism.
  • Protecting mitochondria against oxidative damage and helping to reduce dangerous lipid peroxidation.
  • Helping the mitochondria convert fats and sugars into adenosine triphosphate (ATP) – the body’s main source of energy.
  • Augmenting CoQ10 to speed and facilitate essential electron flow within the mitochondria.

Full-Spectrum Minerals

It’s really not enough to just take any old mineral supplement. The various, complex mineral interactions and co-dependencies make it difficult to supplement either individually or through incomplete blends – especially if these supplements are providing forms that our bodies cannot use readily, if at all. Just take a look at the mineral wheel diagram below that showcases only 23 of the known minerals and elements included with our Fulvic 400X.

The direction of each arrow on the connecting line between minerals and elements show how each pair interacts:

*Arrows aimed AT each other show Mineral Synergy. Some minerals require other minerals to be present to do their jobs (Single arrows).

*Arrows aimed AWAY FROM each other show mutual mineral interference and antagonism. A mineral interferes with another’s ability to do its job. This can happen when there is too much of one mineral compared to another. In some cases, such as iron and calcium, the two minerals can interfere and prevent one or both from being absorbed.

Let’s look at a few other examples:

Calcium (Ca) interacts with 6 other minerals represented on this mineral wheel (only 23 out of 74+ minerals and elements). This means supplementing with calcium affects all 6 of these minerals. This, in turn, would affect all minerals and elements with links to those 6 and so on.

Many times, as educated consumers, we read articles or books that go on about all the great benefits of a particular mineral or we tested low on lab results, so we attempt to supplement. But do we really need to and if so, how much and what form should we take?

Let’s look at zinc (Zn). Zinc is a very popular supplement due to large portions of the population being deficient and for its impressive benefits on our immune systems. The problem here is that if we supplement with too much zinc for too long, we can end up depressing copper (Cu) metabolism, which then suppresses iron (Fe) metabolism. A reduction in iron metabolism may cause a reduction in hemoglobin production – the molecule that carries oxygen to our tissues. Thus, we can become anemic indirectly.

In the case of iron, iron absorption is also negatively affected by calcium. A test result could show an iron deficiency even when someone is eating iron-rich foods or taking iron supplements, but this doesn’t necessarily mean then need more iron. It’s very possible that iron-rich foods or supplements are being consumed with calcium-rich foods or supplements. Just by switching this by incorporating more vitamin C and less calcium at the time of iron supplementation could make all the difference in the world.

Simply said, supplementing with minerals is not an easy task! Fortunately, Fulvic 400X helps balance all of these interactions and can eliminate that troublesome guesswork.

Did you know supplemental minerals come in a variety of different forms? Some forms are easily absorbed and utilized, while other unusable forms may build up and cause toxicity. For our cells to use them, minerals MUST be in their natural “Cell-Ready” forms and they MUST be in the right proportion with one another.

If we tried to take on this task by ourselves, we’d end up spending a lot of money and likely suffer from nutraceutical-induced toxicity or deficiency, but the truth is this task is nearly, if not completely, impossible.

Detoxification & Antioxidant Protection

Fulvic 400X offers intensive cellular detoxification and antioxidant support. As fulvic molecules donate electrons to our cells reviving cellular membrane potential (electrical charge) and delivering nutrients essential to biological processes, they encourage cells to release any toxins they may be harboring. Poor cellular membrane potential causes toxins to remain “trapped” inside cells and nutrients are prevented from entering cells making them less effective in completing their biological tasks.

As an antioxidant, fulvic helps neutralize free radicals and works to protect bodily tissues from their damage.

Ultimately, all 72+ minerals and elements must be delivered in their “cell-ready” natural forms, in just the right combination to our cells along with their vitamin and other nutrient counterparts. Fulvic achieves this better than we ever could on our own and our Fulvic 400X is so highly concentrated and pure, that all you need is a small 1 ml dose each day. Just drop it in at least 8 ounces of non-chlorinated water or organic juice and either drink all at once or sip throughout the day to help balance and restore mineral levels.

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