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The Gift from Mother Earth

Looking for just the right supplement to top off all your health-conscious efforts?

Your search is finally over! Humic & Fulvic is truly a gift of better health.
  • Super Concentrated Liquid & Capsule Formulas - Excellent for taking it on-the-go
  • Supports nutrient absorption
  • Provides 72 macro, micro, & trace minerals
  • Promotes healthy GI bacterial balance
  • Supports natural cellular detoxification
  • Powerful antioxidant support
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The Gift from Mother Earth

Even when we eat healthy whole foods and avoid highly processed junk foods, we often feel like something is missing. The natural substances known as Humic and Fulvic used to be delivered to us with our produce along with vitamins and minerals. Today, common agricultural processes have significantly reduced the amount of humic and fulvic in our soils and foods.

What Is Humic and Fulvic?

Humic and Fulvic substances are made by friendly soil bacteria as they break down decomposing plant matter and contain the nutrients we need for optimal health. This “soup” of humic and fulvic molecules, trace minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and other phytonutrients is the backbone of plant and animal life. Plants receive nutrients through their roots as fulvic acid transports minerals throughout plant cells.

Why You Need Humic and Fulvic

Our crops simply do not have the nutritional content they once did!

For most of human history we receive humic and fulvic along with minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and more when we eat plant foods. Unfortunately, today’s agricultural methods utilize heavy amounts of pesticides and herbicides. These chemicals, whether natural or synthetic, seep into the soil killing off the beneficial bacteria that create humic and fulvic and transform inorganic minerals into usable ionic forms. Worse, the lack of adequate crop rotation depletes mineral concentrations within the soil. These two factors combined lead to nutrient-deficient foods. This is further supported by USDA agricultural studies noting a significant decline in vitamin and mineral concentrations in our crops over the last 100 years.

Where It Comes From Matters!

Our Humic & Fulvic is harvested from a pristine area of Northwest New Mexico known as the Fruitland Formation – an incredibly vast and unique area that was once a large Cretaceous estuary where fresh and saltwater met. The conditions here were ideal for incredibly rich and abundant plant life to thrive. More so, it allowed for a multitude of different plant species to prosper when they couldn’t at any other location on Earth.

The soils of the Fruitland Formation developed a rare and bountiful blend of phytonutrients and a full-spectrum mineral and element composition. Over time, these soils became the present-day nutrient-rich humate deposit unsurpassed by any other in the world.

Pure Water Extraction & Manufacturing Methods

We extract our raw material from the Earth with care to protect delicate molecule structures, maintain mineral content, and avoid potentially dangerous chemical contaminants and byproducts. This is achieved through mechanical grinding and pure water extraction.

Third-Party Tested

All of our ingredients are tested for identity, purity, heavy metals, mineral concentrations, and microbial contamination.

Benefits of Humic & Fulvic


As the smallest of all humate molecules, fulvic is easily absorbed by our bodies despite being able to carry nutrients over 50 times its weight. These highly energized molecules are powerful antioxidants, quickly neutralizing free radicals and reducing the cellular damage that may occur. Fulvic can also donate its excess electrons to help recharge cellular membranes and increase each cell’s ability to intake nutrients and expel toxins.


Humic Acid refers to all humate molecules. In this case, we are referring to all except fulvic. These larger molecules are not easily absorbed by the body, so they remain in our digestive tracts benefiting us in other ways.

Humic molecules act as prebiotic fibers feeding our beneficial bacteria and helping to keep our gut microbiome balanced. The molecules also excel at capturing toxins before our bodies can absorb them.


Humic and Fulvic supplies full-spectrum macro, micro, and trace minerals to help you fill in any gaps and rebalance your mineral levels for optimal cellular function.


Each and every batch of our Humic and Fulvic is tested to ensure “biochemical redox antioxidant support” – a fancy term to describe the benchmark of highly energetic and oxygenated substances.

We all know our bodies need nutrients to function well, but our cells require electrical energy to maintain their structural integrity and use these nutrients in life-supporting biochemical processes. This energy must be balanced for cells to function optimally. Unfortunately, high stress and free radial exposure disrupt this balance leading to under-nourish cells and reduced energy production – symptoms we can all recognize as fatigue. Fortunately, highly energized fulvic molecules can supply electrons to depleted cells as needed. Now revitalized, these cells are better equipped to take in essential nutrients and release biochemical toxins and additional environmental contaminants so they can be safely removed from the body. Additionally, fulvic-supplied electrons support ATP energy production and neutralize damaging free radicals to help protect healthy cells and tissues.

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Super Concentrate 4 oz Bottle, 90 Capsule Bottle

9 reviews for Humic & Fulvic SC

  1. Laurie Lindquist (verified owner)

    Horrible. I can’t even use this. CAN I EXCHANGE IT?

    • Mother Earth Labs Staff (store manager)

      We are very sorry to hear you don’t like this product. We do guarantee satisfaction and will have someone reach out to you immediately to resolve this.

  2. Melinda (verified owner)

    I was having terrible debilitating inflammation, pain and stiffness, and water retention in both of my legs. I knew it was nutrient deficiencies. I started taking the Humic/Fulvic in every glass of water and my legs function normally now. and no pain. Excellent product.

  3. Christopher Wiechert (verified owner)

  4. Cynthia J. (verified owner)

    I’ve only just started to use this, so I can’t truthfully say what I feel about this product. However, it does have a very chemically taste to it

  5. Paul P. (store manager)

    My wife and I take a Lugols Iodine and Humic and Fulvic capsules every day. I was a practicing Pharmacist for over 45 years. I am retired now, but I believe those two products keep me going every day. Thanks to your Company!

  6. Patricia K. (store manager)

    I’ve been taking the Humic & Fulvic capsules for about two years now and I’ve seen remarkable improvement in my fingernails, toenails and hair. I really feel like it’s giving my body what it’s missing and I’m so grateful for that. I’ll be a customer for life!


    Best Humic/Fulvic I’ve used so far and I’ve tried quite a few throughout my healing journey! This stuff is powerful and it works! A must have for optimal health and great addition to any detox regimen. Highly recommend!

  8. Art (store manager)

    I was diagnosed about eight years ago with the rheumatic arthritis in both knees. I started taking gift Capsules I haven’t had a problem with the arthritis since. I also broke my right foot and and leg in seven different places, I also broke dislocated and damaged nerves in my right arm and shoulder. I’m taking The GIFT and now I have no problems. I can lift my right arm as good as my left arm without pain.

  9. Jacob (store manager)

    I have gained awareness and better motor functions after taking the GIFT super concentrated formula.

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