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Metabolic • Thyroid • Immune

Iodine is a nutrient needed by every part of the body and one we’re often deficient in. Lugol’s Iodine provides an ideal ratio of both forms of iodine needed by the body. Complete your essential daily routine with this commonly forgotten element in both its active forms!
  • Fast-acting liquid formula
  • Extensively researched blend of iodine and iodide
  • Fulvic acid to enhance absorption (liquid formula only)
  • Most trusted iodine on the market
  • Offers powerful antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiparasitic properties
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Did you know that current studies suggest up to 90% of Americans may be deficient in iodine, and that the recommended daily intake is only enough to prevent disease – not to promote health?

Mother Earth Lab’s Lugol’s Iodine offers the natural health gold standard dosage of 12.5 mg of the most well-known and trusted iodine supplement on the market. Both iodine and potassium iodide in balanced ratios has shown in studies to help reduce the occurrence of deficiency diseases and to support healthy biological function throughout the body. Having both forms is essential because different bodily tissues prefer one form over the other and only Lugol’s Iodine has the optimal support ratio.

Why We Need Iodine

Iodine is one of the most needed elements in the entire body, but deficiencies are very common.

Do you have any of these common symptoms?

  • Lower than normal body temperature (especially when measured upon waking)
  • Lack of weight control or difficulty losing weight
  • Sparse outer third of the eyebrows
  • Dry, cracked skin
  • Lack of energy
  • Brain fog

With adequate iodine intake, our cognitive function improves with sharper thinking and greater mental focus. Iodine is particularly important for fetal mental development with links to improved IQ and reading apprehension with adequate iodine intake during all stages of pregnancy.

Iodine additionally offers powerful antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiparasitic properties along with the protective anti-carcinogenic hormone regulation support for healthy breast, prostate, uterine, ovarian, and cervical cells and tissues.

Supplementation is growing ever more important in modern society as environmental exposure to halides (fluoride, chlorine, and bromine) continue to negatively impact our ability to absorb and utilize iodine. These elements all compete against iodine for absorption within our bodies and, sadly, they often win. This can lead to faulty hormone production and iodine deficiencies. Whether we are exposed to fluoride and chlorine in our drinking and bathing water or bromine in our breads and furniture, the little bit of iodine we get (typically from iodized salt) simply isn’t enough.

With Mother Earth Labs’ Lugol’s Iodine, you can stay one step ahead and ensure your bodily tissues get the iodine they need to keep you functioning at your best!

Can I take more than the recommended maintenance dose?
We would suggest not to go over this dose without doctor approval.
Can I take this with other supplements, medications, or foods?
Most supplements and organic foods are okay, but we suggest discussing the use of any supplement when taking medications with your doctor. You may need to take our product several hours apart from your medications.
How much does shipping cost? Do you ship internationally?
Retail shipping within the United States is a flat rate of $8.95 and Canada is a flat rate of $19.95 USD. If there is a less expensive option, you will be notified at checkout. We do ship internationally, however, our website is unable to process international orders at this time. Please send an email with your full order request and complete delivery address to
Why is your dosage so much higher than the FDA's recommended daily requirements?
The RDAs are set to prevent specific diseases and health conditions, such as goiter, from occurring. However, our research has shown that this amount is not enough to promote whole-body health and well-being.
Can I take less than the recommended serving?
Absolutely! Our liquid formula offers the ability to tailor your dose to fit your needs. Each drop contains approximately 625 micrograms of iodine. Please work with your health care provider to determine the best dose for you.
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11 reviews for Lugol’s Iodine

  1. Roxella Harkleroad (verified owner)

  2. Judy B. (verified owner)

    Lugol’s Iodine has been instrumental in regulating my thyroid so that my medication was decreased twice. I have not had a cold or flu for many years and feel that my immunity is remaining at a top level.

  3. Christopher Wiechert (verified owner)

    Love you guys and all the products. 46 years in alternative health. Christopher Wiechert, CNC

  4. Janis (verified owner)

    Fulvic acid is supposed to increase absorption and I haven’t seen that in other iodine products. Glad to have found it! Thanks.

  5. Judy B. (verified owner)

    I have taken Logol’s Iodine for years which is why I believe my immune system is so strong. I started with the liquid and switched to capsules when they were available. I have not had a cold for so long, I don’t even remember when that was. I am on an extremely low thyroid dose now as well.

  6. Paul P. (store manager)

    My wife and I take a Lugols Iodine and Humic and Fulvic capsules every day. I was a practicing Pharmacist for over 45 years. I am retired now, but I believe those two products keep me going every day. Thanks to your Company!

  7. Jonathon Payton (store manager)

    “I have been using a number of Mother Earth Labs products for several months, and I feel the liquid Iodine and Fulvic acid 400X working to keep me healthy! My digestion has improved from the Fulvic acids ability to recharge my gut tissue. I live in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and I rode my bicycle up to 16miles round trip all year to work and back. The summers are hot with lots of thunderstorms and the winters can be mild to whiteout snowy conditions. I got sick 0(zero times)!!! Not even a sore throat. Before using the products I would get sick once or twice a year during the spring and fall times.
    Truly THANK YOU to Mother Earth Labs for your excellence in wholistic health products.
    I have my mother using the iodine and Ph Balancer. Her joints no longer ache like they were starting to daily. When she ran out the pain started reemerge, and went away again right after getting more of the Ph Balancer.”

  8. Teresa F (store manager)

    I use Lugols Iodine and it has helped me tremendously, I don’t get sinus infections anymore. I use OrganiEarth and I feel alert and it gives me energy. I also use Veggie Chocolate Protein and it has helped me with weight loss. No more bloating and it tastes amazing! The 400X rejuvenates me after my workout.

  9. B. Kunz (store manager)

    My Mom is seeing a doctor for her thyroid. She had bumps on it that you could feel. I asked my doctor about it and she said that it could be she wasn’t getting enough iodine. She also said the iodine needed to be the Lugol iodine to help the thyroid and your iodine was the best. My Mom started to take it and her thyroid bumps went away over 3 or 4 months. Her doctor was surprised and asked what she had done differently. My Mom told her about your iodine and I think she is using it to help her other patients now.

  10. Lily R. (store manager)

    I used to have needle-like pains throughout my body, especially my feet, but the Lugols Iodine made it go away.

  11. Sylvia R. (store manager)

    I’ve taken the pH Balancer, Humic and Fulvic, Lugols Iodine, Ionic Magnesium, Fulvic Detox, Good Nite and B-Complex throughout the years. And now, the new Comprehensive Core capsules are amazing and convenient to use. Humic and Fulvic, pH Balancer and Lugols Iodine have controlled my Vitiligo and Thyroid hormone, and of course, the energy, well-being they ALL provide is out of this world! My son loves the pH and uses the Fulvic Detox to clear his acne, and works wonders. We are truly blessed to have found Mother Earth Labs!

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