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Organic whole food nutritional supplements and health products.

Mother Earth Labs’ Products are uniquely effective nutritional supplements made with the finest organic, whole food ingredients the Earth has to offer. Our ingredients include the highest quality vitamins, minerals, fruits, vegetables, roots, herbs, and other superfoods available.

Replenish Naturally to Support Optimal Health and Wellness.




Since 2003, Mother Earth Labs has provided tools to help our customers build solid foundations of health.

Customer Testimonials


“Wonderful health-giving products, wonderful customer service, best healthy products available today. Thank you to Mother Earth Labs.”

~Juno D.


“As a health practitioner for almost forty years, I have tried many multi-vitamin/mineral formulas. The most impressive product to date is the pH Balancer by Mother Earth Labs. I have journaled the following unprecedented observations after initiating use of pH Balancer formula: My energy level is plentiful, general sense of well being is superlative and sleep is tranquil. Thank you for the quality and pricing of all of the Mother Earth Labs products.”

~Patrick L.


“I love the Core + Osteo product and have been using it for several months. I have plenty of energy and my hair, skin and nails all look great.”

~Barbara M.



“Love the products and service they provide, I don’t know of anything better for me with all the nutritional supplements I have tried. Core + pH Balancer is what we take and it’s super high quality. 5 Stars all the way…”

~Greg D.




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All Natural Ingredients

  • organic & non-gmo

  • gluten & soy free

  • Vegetarian friendly

  • vegan friendly

Our Products

Daily Multi Vitamins

Our Daily Multivitamin supplements are great for those looking for an All-In-One nutritional product, rather than having to take multiple products each day. All of our Daily Multivitamin supplements are crafted with potent natural vitamins, ionic minerals, and whole-food, plant-based, and natural ingredients. Choose the right Daily to fit your life.

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    Daily Multi Vitamins

    Core + Osteo

    Strong Foundation

      *Previously OsteoWellness*
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    Daily Multi Vitamins

    Comprehensive Core

    Essential Foundation

      *Previously Comprehensive Wellness*
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    Daily Multi Vitamins

    Core + pH Balancer

    Premium Foundation

      *Previously pH Balancer Alkalizing Red Formula*
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    Daily Multi Vitamins


    Family Nutrition with Greens & Superfoods

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