Pet Wellness

Detox • Restore • Replenish

We do our best to give our furry family members the best food, best water, and all the love we can, but sometimes it just doesn’t seem like enough.  Maybe our beloved old dog is battling an inflammatory illness or our mischievous cat ate something that upset her tummy. Whatever it is, we know they need some extra support and the standard multivitamin supplements just aren’t cutting it.

Did you know?

According to the Clean Label Project®, at the end of 2017, many of the leading brands of dog and cat foods tested positive for high amounts of heavy metals, pesticides, BPA, and other contaminants.  What’s worse is that many had low scores on ingredient quality. Low-quality ingredients means low-quality nutrition.

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Other challenges our pets face are the same that we do.  This is everything from contaminants in drinking water and the bombardment of environmental toxins such as the flame retardants used on furniture, industrial glues used on carpeting, pesticides sprayed on grass, and so on.

no fear, fur-parents!

Just as we benefit from all the amazing qualities of humic and fulvic substances by taking The Gift from Mother Earth [link to product blog], our furbabies can too!  By including just a few drops of our Pet Wellness each day in their food or non-chlorinated water, we can supercharge the absorption of nutrients from the foods we feed them, while also promoting gut health, reduced inflammation, and enhanced detoxification.  


Humic and fulvic make it possible for plants, humans, and animals to receive all the nutrition, especially minerals and vitamins, needed to be healthy and thrive.


In nature, organic material is broken down into its component parts by fungus and bacteria.  For example, when dead leaves fall from trees, they are transformed into their component parts.


This collection of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and other organic material is called lignite/humate and is composed of humic and fulvic acids.  Fulvic Acid is necessary to increase cellular membrane potential and allow the nutrients humic and fulvic naturally carry to enter cells where they are used to support cellular and metabolic processes that keep us and our pets alive and healthy.

Fulvic Antibacterial and Virucidal benefits

Humic acids have the ability to influence the microbial metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates by catalytic means leading to devastating effects against bacteria cells and virus particles.

Anti-inflammatory benefits

Dermal, oral, or subcutaneous application of humic substances can also lead to inhibitory effects on inflammation.  This is believed to be caused by the flavonoid groups naturally contained in humic acids and their ORP redox activities.

Antiresorptive and adsorptive benefits

As high molecular humic substances remain in the gastrointestinal tract, antiresorptive and adsorptive effects take place where they are needed – in the digestive tract.  Primarily, cationoidnoxes (protein toxins, toxic substances) are fixed, their resorption is reduced considerably, if not prevented completely, and their elimination through feces is promoted.


Because adsorption by humic substances includes not only physical and chemical reactions but also complex formations and ion exchange, it is more intensive and dynamic compared to purely physical adsorbents.

immune system benefits

Humic substances stimulate the resistance forces of the body and lead to an increase in the phagocytosis activity of immune cells.  The inducer effect of humic acids’ phenolic components (groups) is believed to be responsible for the immunological effects and is the basis for successful treatment of the so-called factor diseases in young animals.

ergotropic benefits

Humic substances stabilize intestinal flora and thus ensure an improved utilization of nutrients in animal feed.  In other words, animals will get increased nutritional benefits from the same amount of food.

Suggested use

Dosing is simple and based on body weight.  Just add 1 drop per 2 pounds of body weight into your pet’s food or non-chlorinated water each day.  However, like us, they will need an adjustment period, so beginning with half this amount (1 drop per 4 pounds) will allow their bodies to begin slow detoxification.  This should be continued for 1-2 weeks as the animal is closely monitored for any signs of unpleasant detox reactions. Common symptoms include lethargy, digestive upset, or any behavior that is out of the ordinary.  If any of these symptoms do occur, reduce the dose by half again. As always, it is recommended to discuss any new supplements with your veterinarian before administering, especially in the case of health conditions such as compromised liver and/or kidney function, cancer, and pre-existing digestive issues.

Boost your furbaby’s health today!