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483 responses to “Testimonials”

  1. L. Anthony says:

    I feel the driving need to thank you for the gift of health you, your company and its cutting edge products, have given me over the past two years. Your Humic and Fulvic solutions including your Lugols Iodine with Fulvic has almost single handedly caused a regression of my Prostate cancer diagnosis. In the process they have restored my body to optimum Ph levels, leaving me at 63 years old, feeling the best I have felt since my early 20s in training as an Olympic swimming hopeful. Our protocol here at Dreamweaver House Autism, now requires all children and even parents, to regularly use Mother Earth’s Humic, Fulvic and Lugols products, and the results have been nothing short of positively life changing for these families. Thank you for all that you continue to do in making these essential and effective nutritional products available to everyone.

    Len Anthony Smith
    Executive Director
    Dreamweaver House Foundation

  2. R. Rich says:

    I am a 52 year old bodybuilder/weight lifter. I sure notice the difference when I use your Gift product and when I am out. I can lift more, my recovery time is much less, and I’ve noticed my joints aren’t stiff after heavy lifting. Muscle soreness is greatly diminished also. This is big. I tell everyone in the gym about it.

  3. Sylvia R. says:

    I would like to share my experience with the remarkable products from Mother Earth.
    I have issues with my thyroid gland and Vitiligo (white spots on my skin throughout my body).
    I had difficulty swallowing and felt a lump on my throat for quite some time. My thyroid was growing so my doctor suggested a biopsy. I went through the biopsy and the results were astounding! No cancer and the thyroid had STOPPED growing! I had already been taking ‘The Gift’ along with ‘Lugols Iodine Plus’, and ‘pHBalancer’ for about 3 months so my doctor and I strongly believe the products played a big role in my healing.
    With my Vitiligo issue, I had seen four skin doctors. They all said it is an auto-immune disease and nothing could be done. I continued taking all the products mentioned and within a year, I noticed my skin getting re-pigmented! I am ecstatic! My older spots recovered first, then the newer ones as they started.
    This is so exciting since Vitiligo is devastating. I truly recommend Mother Earth products to anyone with an ailment or just for wellness. God Bless our Mother Earth and Keep the Faith!

  4. K Ramer says:

    I have chronic fatigue syndrome CFS. Your products are recommended by my doctor. Dr Cheney is an expert on CFS. I have been a customer for almost a year. I am so pleased by your superior service. Mother Earth Labs has superior customer service. I also recommend you to family and friends and purchase your products for my family. Thank you also for sending the ph test kits to us. It is a wonderful service you provide. These people really care!

  5. Anna O says:

    Mother Earth Labs is the best!!!!! Anna

  6. Annette C says:

    After a year of thyroid medication adjustments, CAT scans, biopsies and blood tests, I was not having any significant change in the size of the nodules on my thyroid. I asked my endocrinologist if she had any opposition to me taking iodine and she said no. Therefore, I decided to take the advice of CareyLyn and start a regimen of Mother Earth Labs Iodine formula. Within six months the nodules were reduced substantially! I can now see the muscles in my throat area instead of the swollen nodules! My endocrinologist was absolutely amazed and astonished. I gave her the information about the iodine and the daily amount taken. I believe other patients will be benefiting from this information. Thank you CareyLyn, I now have the condition under control. AC

  7. N Roland says:


  8. Kay says:

    I’ve been using The Gift and fulvic only product since last November. It’s an important part of my daily routine for maintaining my health. Taking The Gift is the way I start my day, every day. The product is excellent and I respect the integrity of your company. Kay

  9. CF says:

    My daughter and I have both been taking “The Gift” for a little over a month and in that time we’ve seen our PH (measured by saliva) go from acidic into the optimal range. I’m thrilled as spirulina and other greens weren’t having this pronounced effect. Thank you Mother Earth Labs!

  10. Robert F says:

    It is nice to see great health supplements available. Keep up the good work!

  11. CM says:

    Just one word can describe the customer service at Mother Earth Labs: Fantastic. Not only is the customer service stellar, the products and overall handling and shipping of orders has been superb. Please keep up the good work!

  12. PW says:

    Since I have been using The Gift and the Best Fulvic liquids my hair has been getting darker. The awesome nutrients are easy to assimilate in these liquid forms!

    • Al says:

      Hi PW, you say that your hair got darker. Was it grey? And what product were you taking? I\’m looking for something to help the grey hair I\’m getting prematurely. Thanks!

  13. Sue W says:

    Great Customer Service, with fastest shipping EVER!!!!

  14. Dr. R. DiOrio says:

    Since my introduction to Fulvic and Humic I feel a strong improvement in my muscle tone, mental and physical energy and an overall sense of well-being. My aging joint pains have greatly diminished and I share this information with all my patients. Thank you. Dr. R DiOrio

  15. KW says:

    I am impressed with the way their products are made and know they are beneficial to my health. My Mother’s Doctor viewed the ingredients on the “Comprehensive Wellness Nutrition Formula” and told my Mom “This has everything you need”. My only complaint would be the price, but can you really put a price on your health?

  16. N Hunter says:

    I have been using the superconcentrated form of The Gift for almost a year now, and have dropped nearly 30 pounds. Because I was eating in a healthy way before I began taking it, the only thing I have changed is having a dropperful of The Gift both morning and evening. I have also noticed that I have more clarity in my thinking since taking fulvic/humic regularly. My theory is that my hormones were out of whack and causing me to retain weight–because minerals are hormone regulators, supplementing my diet with this balanced source of minerals has fixed the hormone problem and let the weight come off. I LOVE The Gift!

  17. R Chute says:

    Great product with proven results, wish I had known about it sooner.

    R Chute

  18. Fred R says:

    The service is excellent and the products perform as advertised.

  19. Dr Dickens says:

    You always do something dramatic and actually respond to emails.
    Gee, that’s what most companies do, at least the ones that are successful. Thank you for caring about your customers.
    Dr Dickens

  20. Irv S says:

    Your Comprehensive Wellness Nutrition Formula is ideal for me. I say that because I frequently forget to take the vitamins, minerals, etc. that I know I should. Your simple “take a swig” every morning and evening, is something that even I can remember to do. Moreover, it’s important to me to know that I am benefitting at the cellular level and not just creating expensive urine.
    Irv S

  21. Dawn A says:

    “The Gift” is just that…a gift to yourself and your health. Thank you for an incredible product! Dawn A

  22. C. Clark says:

    We take ‘The Gift’ on a daily basis. We don’t mind taking it unlike other supplements, where they’ve complained about the taste. I think we all feel better due to supplementing our diets with this product which was recommended to us by our doctor.

    C. Clark

  23. Melissa D. says:

    My physician prescribed these products and I feel so much better on them. I use the pHBALANCER and supplement it with the Fulvic Minerals. My ph levels are consistent now and I can tell when I miss my doses. Great products!
    I also really appreciate the quick shipment by Mother Earth Labs!

    melissa d.

  24. Matt S says:

    The Gift is a great product. I have been using it to support detox from mercury and solvents. My energy and liver health are all greatly improved in just 6 weeks. I have been recommending it to my patients and family members. Thank you!

  25. Gary C says:

    Just wanted to say that no where else can you receive such high caliber,high quality vitamins,minerals and super food,… bioavailable nutrition… than with your humic and fulvic creations….thank you for your personalized and loving help…Gary C …MO.

  26. JO says:

    A close friend who is also a physician recommended your products to me and am I glad she did! I’ve been taking The Gift for over a year and I have never felt better. I have energy and a sense of wellbeing. Thank you Mother Earth Labs. JO

  27. Nancy S says:

    Hi my name is Nancy Swanson

    I started my family on the gift in March of 2012.
    My youngest son has brain cancer and his cancer
    Was growing in March of 2012. We went back for
    an MRI in July and doctors could not find any
    Cancer cells, again in October 2012 no cancer cells
    Just now in April of 2013 his residual tumor is half
    The size it was this time last year and no cancer
    Cells. They now placed him on yearly visits!!!
    The only thing I did was give my son the gift and Alkaline water.
    My whole family takes the gift. I can’t say enough
    Good things about it. I feel great and full of energy
    Everyday. I recommend the gift to absolutely
    Everyone. It is the best discovery I have ever
    Came across. I am so thankful for this supplement. Thankful
    That my child’s cancer responded so well to it
    And he did not have to do harmful chemo and

  28. C Hill says:

    My husband and I have been using Mother Earth Fulvic and The Gift for about 2 years now. This product is amazing! Our pH has balanced and been able to keep undercontrol by using this.

    The staff of Mother Earth Labs are wonderful to work with and easy to order from. We are very pleased with these products!

    C Hill
    Phoenix, Arizona

  29. MS says:

    I am so delighted with Mother Earth Labs’ products, and since using them, have stopped using other supplements as the Fulvic offers complete supplementation. My energy levels are better than ever. Thank you Mother Earth Labs!
    MS, Berkeley, Ca

  30. Kevin F says:

    Mother Earth Labs products are really powerful supports for achieving and maintaining
    physical health and wellness, I haven’t found anything else out there that works nearly as
    effectively, they are well worth the investment.


  31. Suzanne M says:

    Thanks so much for bottling up The Gift! I’ve filtered all my supplements down to just this. I feel better. More energy. My clients that have started taking it have found that their blood pressure lowers, cholesterol lowers and they are able to do away with prescriptions. I love The Gift!
    Suzanne M

  32. Rev Bernard G. says:

    Your products are great! I tell everyone about your products. They are magic to me. Keep doing what you are doing. You people are great. Thank you for what you do. With love and light, Rev Bernard

  33. David N says:

    “I understand that getting my pH in balance is a long-term project. Mother Earth Labs allows me to buy high quality products in bulk, which saves me time and money on my journey to better health.”

    -David N

  34. Carol S says:

    I’ve been disabled with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for over 20 years. When I started using “The Gift” (upon the recommendation of my doctor) my overall well being increased, I had more energy, and I slept better than I had in years!!
    Carol S

  35. Janice K says:

    I think the pharoahs of egypt ate the gift.

  36. K Poole NTP says:

    Mother Earth Labs,

    You rock, such nice people!
    Thanks for providing a wonderful product.

    K Poole NTP

  37. Yvonne O says:

    Thank you MELs! Your product “The Gift” has personally improved, enhanced, and complimented the program that I am following by healthcare provider beyond measure. One would have to experience it themselves…I can’t explain the life changing effects…Thank you, a million times over.

    Yvonne O

  38. Susan C says:

    I’ve been taking Mother Earth Labs’ fulvic acid for about a month. After the first three days I smelled chlorine coming out of my nose so I knew I was detoxing. This happened for two mornings. I’ve decided to change my shower filter more frequently! Fulvic acid gives me a sense of well-being. Susan C.

  39. Will C says:

    I found out about The Gift from my parents. I bought a gallon and within a week I begin to notice the difference. I just turned 41 and have been getting inflammation in certain joints. The pain begin to minimize once I added the Gift to my diet. Thank you Mother Earth Labs

  40. Bill P says:

    I think The Gift is an amazing product!!! I noticed a great increase in energy while taking it. It cleaned out my bowels and helped in the overall cleansing of my body. I have recommended it to many people and believe it should be a part of everyones daily cleansing and healing routine.
    Bill P (Australia)

  41. VAW says:

    They do a great job and responsive results. VAW

  42. Marla L. says:

    Since I’ve started adding ‘The Gift’ to the water I drink daily I’ve found that dehydration is no longer an issue. Dehydration is so common in people suffering from health issues such as Lyme disease. I’ve recommended it to others with this problem.

    -Marla L.

  43. Diane H. says:

    My naturopath prescribed Mother Earth Labs ‘The Gift’ to help my cells toxin ratio. I was drinking plenty of water, but it was not being absorbed and therefore my cells were not eliminating toxins properly. I’m not sure how it all really works, but I had leftover nerve irritation from shingles for over a year and now it is gone. I have to think ‘The Gift’ had something to do with that. And I do feel better and healthier than I have in a long time. A little goes a long way with ‘The gift’. I bought the gallon and it has lasted for several months. Thank you Mother Earth Labs.
    Diane H.

  44. Sue B. says:

    I suffered for months with acid reflux. I would not take any prescription or over the counter acid reducers because of their side effects. My doctor recommended Mother Earth Labs ‘pH Balancer – Red Formula’ and it not only eliminated the reflux, but put my body in a more healthy alkaline state. I won’t be without it!
    Sue B.

  45. Inga J. says:

    In June of 2011, I was diagnosed with lung cancer during a nasty bout with pneumonia that my doctor had treated with antibiotics. After the diagnosis I chose to pursue alternative medicine and have been taking The Gift and Comprehensive Wellness Formula everyday along with ozone treatments and some herbs. I truly believe the fulvic and humic products have helped maintain my wellness. Inga J.

  46. Dr. Fred says:

    Mother Earth Labs fulvic and humic products are great. The one comment I consistently get from my patients that use them is that they sleep much better.

    Dr. Fred

  47. SNG says:

    A friend recommended I take fulvic acid for thyroid issues and in past few weeks I have already since an increase in my energy level.
    From barely being able to make it to the gym once a week I am now going 5 times a week.
    Blood tests are scheduled in 3 months but I know my results already!


  48. D.M. says:

    Our doctor has recommended The Gift for a chronic illness caused by a toxic injury. I love how easy it is to dispense and that we can increase or decrease the dose so easily to fit treatment needs.


  49. Teri K. says:


    My name is Teri, and I’ve been using Mother Earth’s Gift for about a year now. I have serious mineral deficiency and my doctor has prescribed it for me to drink with my other medicines to help correct the depletion.
    It is also helping to eliminate some of the toxic metals in my body, gently. I have never had any problems with this product,in fact I can tell a difference when I run out. In a few days I will get the results of my micro and macro mineral tests to see how much they’ve improved since increasing my dosage.

    I think it is a great product.

    Anyway, I think it is a one of a kind product and I will continue to use it.

    Teri. K

  50. Sharon says:

    I have been taking the Gift from Mother Earth Labs for about six months. I definitely have more energy. My skin looks great and so do my nails.

    The really amazing thing is that my blood pressure has gone from 140/85 to 126/70.


  51. J.B. from United Kingdom says:

    Your products are fantastic ! We love them and can’t be without them ! Your fulvic has helped a great deal in recovering from illness and stress and our whole family drink it for maintaining good health ! J.B. from UK

  52. JG says:

    The products I have ordered from Mother Earth Labs have been great. Also timely delivery on products.


  53. G Sigler says:

    Mother Earth Labs has provided a great health product. My wife and I have been taking it for about six months and we are delighted with the results. It is a wonderful product that provides the vitamins and minerals we all need to sustain good health.

    G Sigler

  54. Stacey says:

    My doctor introduced me to your products as soon as he found them. Using Best Fulvic and The Gift has allowed my body to gently and easily detox. It’s the best product I’ve ever used for detoxing my body. Thank you!

    Stacey, Scottsdale, AZ

  55. C. Nelson says:

    My husband and I have used hundreds of vitamins & supplements over the years. As we have improved our diets, we have drastically reduced our consumption of supplements. Mother Earth Labs products are one of the few that meet our standards. We especially like The Gift and your Fulvic Acid. Thanks very much for your excellent products!
    C. Nelson

  56. MC says:

    I can’t say enough about the quality of Mother Earth Lab products. We use the PH Balancer Formula and have seen great results. Also, Doug in customer service has been so helpful.


  57. Voni says:

    My body loves your products…this effects my mind which in turn effects my emotions.
    I look forward to experiencing Osteowellness soon and am certain my bones will be very appreciative…which will effect my balance which effects my playfulness. Oh joy!


  58. Carla W says:

    My name is Carla and I have been using “the gift” and “fulvic acid” from Mother Earth Labs for 5 months. I started these products to help with detoxifying heavy metals with a special emphasis on removing heavy metals from the brain. I have been very pleased with the results. Since I work in dentistry and am exposed to mercury on a regular basis I plan to continue using it as a preventive measure. I also used the fulvic acid mixed with an acerola Vitamin C powder last week on a serious sprider bite and the healing was impressive. Thank you so much for developing this amazing product.
    Carla W

  59. Renae says:

    Mother Earth Labs,

    Your products have been recommended by my doctor and I know they are top quality (because she researches everything) and good for us to live long and healthy lives.

    They give their personal touch regarding our orders and go above and beyond in standing by Mother Earth’s products.

    Thank you so much,

    Renae 🙂

  60. JR says:

    I have been using “The Gift” and “Best Fulvic” for about one and a half years. I feel the difference.
    Thank you
    JR from Mesa

  61. Kathy H says:

    I had been working on correcting my PH level for years, with many challenges. Your “PH” product was exactly what my body needs, I was/am amazed at how well the product has balanced by body and increase my energy. In less than 2 weeks, my PH stayed in the green. I had not been able to achieve this before. Thank you!!
    Kathy H

  62. Karen P. says:

    The products from Mother Earth Labs are top quality. The customer service is awesome too!
    Karen P.

  63. Alicia says:

    We are a New Zealand supplier of “The Gift” from Mother Earth and have helped many clients gain optimum health and vitality using this product. Mother Earth has given us prompt friendly service and always kept us informed with our order’s progress. It is a pleasure doing business with Mother Earth. Belmont Park New Zealand.

    Best Wishes

  64. Ginger says:

    I lost alot of weight in a short time. Some of it was muscle loss. Before I started losing I weighed 128 pounds & was 5’3″.
    I got down to 86 pounds & was very scared. I had read that Humic & Fulvic acid may stop muscle wasting.
    Then a Natrupathic doctor in Texas sold me “The Gift” saying it would help.
    That’s when I was introduced to Mother Earth Labs products.
    That was about 2 years ago & I have been taking Mother Earth Products ever since.
    I ran out @ the end of my stay with my son & his family in Austin Tx. & didn’t reorder.
    I could tell the difference in my energy level.
    I really like that all there products are liquid & absorbable.
    I have recommended them to others as well & will continue to do so.

    Thanks Mother Earth Labs for liquid organic supplements…

    Many Blessings to you…

    • Carol S says:

      Wow! My story is almost exactly the same as yours! I have been using the Comprehensive Wellness formula for 3 months and can already feel and see a big difference! I have stopped losing weight and muscle mass. My energy level and mental clarity are up. I sleep better. I am so encouraged by your testimony! Thank you for sharing!

  65. Peggy M. says:

    I am so grateful for Mother Earth Labs. Besides offering superior nutritional products, they have gone the extra mile and beyond in their customer service to me. They care about making people’s lives better! Peggy M.

  66. Anne S says:

    “Mother Earth Lab products are full of wonderful nutrients. We use the Comprehensive and we give The Gift to our dogs, we feel the difference almost immediately. Carey-Lynn is so patient and so very knowledgeable …Thank You for a great product and for exceptional customer service.”

    Anne S.
    New Jersey

  67. Larry C says:

    I have used the Gift for the last two years off and on. I first started using it due to being tired and low energy. After a couple of days, I noticed I had more energy and alertness. I had stopped taking it a couple of months later, once I felt better for a while I just forgot about it. I got sick after eating some sushi. Over about three months, I lost about 35 pounds (20 pounds too much). I went to several doctors and had a few tests for parasites and infections, all of which came back negative, and did a couple of herbal anti-parasitic cleanses. Nothing worked. I remembered the Gift and within a couple of days after I started taking it, the weight gain began. The Gift is an amazing product. Larry C.

  68. Charles T. says:

    Over the past 20 years I have used almost every imaginable herbal approach to healing multiple physical injuries. Even in combination with extensive exercise, nothing really worked. About two years ago I started using fulvic acid from Mother Earth Labs and everything began to improve. Today my body is still healing and gathering strength in ways that it never could before. Along with this I experience now a psychological depth that I can’t describe except as a kind of rebirth. Interestingly, my body itself tells me there is nothing “amazing” about this. Simply put, like a plant in good soil, I am now extracting more life force from the good things of “Mother Earth” and consequently I have more life.

  69. Sharon B. says:

    I have been taking The Gift for about nine months. It has made such a difference in my energy. Where I was struggling in low energy and strength, I am now more energized. The PH Balancer has also enhanced my life. It has brought my PH up to 7.0, where before taking the product I could not get it past 6.6.
    I am very grateful for these products and for the doctor who put me on them. My life has been changed dramatically.
    Thank you so much!
    Sharon B

  70. Tony R says:

    I had purchased the Gift for my kids at the recommendation of our local vitamin shop and decided I should also take it. I’ve been taking it for a few months now and ever since reading some of the testimonies, I noticed one that mentions how it has worked on their Vitiligo. Well, I’ve had Vitiligo for several years now and have had to use a topical cream in order to regain my skin color. But I’ve only used it on the facial spots. I had developed other spots elsewhere on my body including some under my arms. I have now begun regaining my normal skin color in those areas to which I’ve never applied the topical cream. I have also stopped using the cream on my facial spots and have not seen any recurrence of them since I’ve started using the Gift. I am amazed at how well this product has worked without ever expecting it. Thank God and thank you MEL.

  71. Gail says:

    Hi- We ordered the Best Fulvic gallon – will that also ph balance the body?
    thanks – so glad i found you thru radio interview of Dr. T!

  72. Shivani says:

    I came across The Gift when my mother in law was not getting better after hip surgery. We started giving her The Gift. My husband and I were visiting her and tried the product and we both started feeling better so we ordered it for our home. We take The gift and Lugol’s Iodine Plus together. We have seen big difference in energy level on daily basis. I very highly recommend this products to everyone.
    Mother Earth is great company with wonderful product. Thank you so much for all your products and great customer service.

  73. Erin S. says:

    Your product is, literally, a Gift. From god, or the Universe, or Source, or Gaia, or whatever you want to call it…the stuff is extraordinary! I began taking it for thyroid disease, as well as in an attempt to heal myself from terrible mercury toxicity among other issues. It immediately increased my energy overall, and I believe it has greatly helped my digestion and leaky gut issues. However, what I was MOST impressed by was something totally UNEXPECTED…for about 5 years I had been plagued by a horrible nail fungus, which started in one fingernail and spread across them all, as well as to my toenails. NOTHING got rid of it. Not chemicals, not essential oils, nothing. Additionally, I suffered for 14 years from chronic yeast infections, which again, NOTHING got rid of–from medications to homeopathy. Well, after about 2 months of using The Gift daily, i noticed…my nail fungus had cleared up 90%; it’s all but disappeared!! Same with the yeast issues. ALL GONE! YEARS of suffering finally relieved! I cannot thank you enough for this. Truly, truly a blessed gift.
    Also, I must say that in addition to the incredible quality of the products, your customer service is excellent! I have had such good experiences thus far.

  74. EB says:

    I started using the PH Balance and am amazed that I can now sleep where before I just couldn’t sleep, 2ndly it helped my FATIGUE go away too, and last but not least I am amazed I now can dream as for the past 8 years I seldom have had a dream or maybe I did and just couldn’t remember them but now I dream every night. My sister told me it affected her the same way and another shared it took away the feeling of feeling a horrible sensation when she ate anything with sugar. We also noticed it makes our bowels move quite regularly too. Thanks for such a great products. Also used the Iodine Plus and BINGO it took away my BURSITIS pain in my shoulders and aches all over my body. Thank you Jesus for your products which are helping so many people.

  75. juan z says:

    I started taking the gift from Mother earth, I believe the product is giving me energy, better sleep and excellent digestion.

  76. joanne says:

    We have been buying the Gift for a about a year now, and we wouldn\’t want to go without it now.

  77. Mellonie M says:

    I have battled chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia for 25 years. I have been taking 2 oz. of the gift for 3 months and notice a market decrease in joint/muscle pain stiffness. I still have a consistantly low pH and am considering switching to the pHBalancer Red Formula to see if I can improve my PH.

  78. Donna says:

    I am very excited o tell my friends and family about your products and the benefits that are in it for them. Thank you for providing quality and being there when I needed it the most. Hello happy cells!

  79. Teresa J says:

    Product arrived promptly. I order Comprehensive Wellness Formula, Fulvic Isolate and Iodine Plus for myself, son and two grandchildren. Very happy with the health results.
    Thank you for these products.

  80. sal c says:

    i would like to say that i have had bad digestive problems for years and tried everything . The doctors could not find any thing wrong but yet i suffered everyday. i figured i will just live with it! i heard about the gift on a t.v. show and thought why not ? Well sure enough i can’t tell you what a difference i feel new again. I LOVE THE \”GIFT\” i am recommending it to family and friends! thanks again ! sal

  81. tony c. says:

    I have been talking PH Balancer for a number of months and I have seen a difference. I have Vitiligo and a lot of the spots on my hands have gone away-this is the hardest place for spots to be removed. I do not use the topical cream Doctors recommend because this supresses the immune system and I don\’t want this to happen. I cannot tell you how shocked I am that this is helping my spots because this is not why I bought this product.

    I also notice a huge burst of energy when I take this-it has a lot of b-vitamins in it. I just know this is doing wonders for me.

    Thanks a lot for this great product.

  82. Kimberly M says:

    I just wanted to share how excited I am that I have been healing with The Gift. I started taking it, and within a month I was able to reduce my hydrocortisone dose that I have been taking for 5 years for adrenal fatigue. I am am now taking half my hydrocortisone dose and feeling so much better I am soon going to reduce my dose again. Thank you so much for a wonderful product. I had my aging parents start taking it too, and they are feeling better also with increased energy. What a great product. I will be purchasing again soon. Thanks so much!

  83. Suzie D says:

    I am so thankful to find a product like this that covers all the bases when it comes to my nutritional needs! I was so tired of by many different supplements with little results. This is a real time and money saver!!

  84. Patti says:

    I have many health issues so I ordered The Gift. I haven’t been taking it too long so I haven’t notice a lot of changes yet but I’m hopeful. The one thing I have seen happen is my fingernails. They had deep ridges in them and as they grow out now, the deep indents are gone. I’ll continue taking The Gift praying it helps other problems.

  85. Cheryl L says:

    I began taking Comprehensive Wellness about 9 months ago. I did not have any specific expectations for results, however I have been ecstatic over the actual results I have received. Here are some effects I experienced:
    1. Bathroom elimination 2 to 3 times per day
    2. Consistently great energy levels even when sleep deprived
    3. For the past 20 years I have suffered from springtime hay fever. The allergy attacks begin in early March and last through the end of June. It\’s always bad enough that I have to go to the doctor for prescription treatment of symptoms. This year for the first time my symptoms have been barely noticeable. No itchy, red, swollen eyes, no constantly runny nose, no unbearably itchy nose, just a few random sneezes occasionally. I am truly shocked and amazed over this.
    4. My entire adult life there was a spot on my hipbone, on the left and right side, that hurt when pressed on. After 4 months on Comprehensive Wellness that sore spot that has been there for 25 years has vanished. I can lay on the hard floor on my hips in ANY position and there is no pain anywhere. Unbelieveable!
    5. My hair, which has shed excessively for the past 7 years after going through chemotherapy, has completely stopped shedding and has grown so long that my beautician can\’t stop talking about it everytime she sees me.

    I have shared Comprehensive Wellness with friends and family who have all come to me with their testimonies of health improvements that have been just as powerful as the improvements in my life.

  86. Mooi Yong K says:


    Thank you so much for your products. Last year this time, I suddenly became very ill. It all started from my teeth, and then I became anxious and depressed. I was put on medications for anxiety and depression and was also diagnosed with MS and other health issues; such as heavy metals poisoning and infections

    Last month, my friend introduced me to your products. With just a little over a month taking your products , I could feel the difference. I am felling better and sleep better. I started to walk in the morning and I even stopped taking my antidepressant medications.

    Thank you
    Mooi Yong K.

  87. Linda B says:


    I have been taking comprehensive wellness formula and Fulvic mineral super concentrate 400x for 2 months. I have more energy now – I couldn’t get out of bed easily ever since menopause; 20 years ago. I want thank you so much from the bottom of my heart and praise god for that. Your staff are excellent and kind on the phone regarding products. What a blessing to know your super quality products and super detailed information which i fell in love with. Finally your Gorgeous, informative websites you have !!!

    May God richly bless you always.Linda B

  88. Thomas J says:

    Hi, just want share how I feel after taking The Gift for about a month. I notice I had more energy ,I wanted to get going right away and also my blood pressure has dropped down some. I’m going to order the gal. bottle next so I can take it for a longer time .great product thank you ..TJ

  89. ELISABETA N says:

    I love the taste of the Comprehensive Wellness Formula.
    Thank you.

  90. Ann H says:

    My husband and I have used many products from Mother Earth Labs and we love them all. We learned about them at a seminar about something else and many others there shared their success stories we decided to try them. We have not been disappointed!

  91. Melissa D says:

    I have been taking OsteoWellness formula for 1-1/2 months now. I feel so much better and have so much more energy now~ I am really excited to have found this product and so grateful for Mother Earth Labs! Every time I have called Customer Service I have gotten wonderful information and excellent help. I highly recommend Mother Earth Labs products to everyone and enjoy spreading the word about their products~

    Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!

  92. Vivien P says:

    I have contacted you on a few occasions with different questions, and you’ve been very prompt in answering them, for that I want to thank you. I neglected however ( how unthoughtful of me) to tell you that, and I’m going to make this story short, my youngest son was diagnosed with autism and over time he was developing these tics and seemed to be getting worst, so the pediatrician referred me to a neurologist who told me that she could help with the attention deficit, with pills, but that his tics were going to worsen. I was devastated I felt so alone because the doctors didn’t know anything. So I turned to a much higher source, my Father in heaven to guide me and lead me to what I must do or where to get help. Searching online and trying to find out as much as I could about autism, one thing led to another. I found a holistic Dr. (ABC), I don’t know if I’m spelling it correctly, her husband answered the phone and I poured out my situation to him and of course my voice was so shaky I was also crying . He was the sweetest man. He told me, look honey go on this web site, Mother Earth and find out all you can about this product. It’s the most wonderful thing, keep in mind this whole time I was praying for guidance with every step I was taking. After quite a bit of researching I thought, it must be mercury, that’s what’s causing his tics. Anyway I said I was going to make this short. I bought your product, I gave it to him with faith and the tics were gone completely within a real short period of time. Now I still continue to work with him with other issues like his lack of focus in school.

  93. mike l. says:

    dear gift,

    i started using your “The Gift” 2 months ago. i do a lot of detox, fasting, and
    restricted diet and do not get enuff minerals or vitamins. immediately a day or 2 later I felt like i turned the clock back 30 years, I am 70 prone to tired body and pain
    in body. After the gift, i started with a half teaspoon and did get some detox effect,
    smelled cigar smoke, must have been from my uncle 30 years ago. that stuff does stay in the body, then with one teaspoon i did have some phlem come out but after that my head
    cleared, my body felt 25, i slept good, no digestion problems, my toe discoloration cleared up, my cadida itching stopped. i had more energy, in other words i felt normal. i stopped taking it for a while and went back to the old symptoms. I’m back to taking it again and will keep on keeping on.
    thanks for the Product, Dr. Tennant said we need both water and minerals and i’m
    sure i’ve never been fully mineralized in my whole life. Life is too short
    to live in pain and i thank you for this product. Mike B.

  94. mike l. says:

    your product helped my digestion immediately. no longer hungry between meals.
    felt 20 years younger , normal again, mentally smooth all day, no ups and downs, not worried, like i was healed completely. ate food again and no indigestion.
    toe fungus disappeared, itching from candida gone. sleep better, dream better
    and more energy. that should be enuff for anyone to try it. thanks for this product,
    i found it by accident, the health store guy recommended it. a miracle indeed. ML

  95. Tamis D. says:

    “This has helped me so much!!! Even my hair is growing and getting thick!!! I tell all my friends, “its Mother Earth baby!!! One has already bought some!”

  96. Ron H. says:

    I want to thank you for providing the high quality humic/fulvic products that
    you do, as well as the information on importance of pH balance.

    I have much love and appreciation in my heart for such rare and talented people
    such as yourself and Dr. Jerry Tennant and others who use you powerful minds
    and technical expertise to seek out truth. Then you generously share your
    knowledge with others.

    It is downright refreshing. May God bless you and your noble works!

  97. Voni M. says:

    Dear CareyLynn….

    May you be well
    May you be happy
    May you know peace

    I want to order another gallon of Osteowellness. This product is truly

    Thank you so much.


  98. Dan T. says:

    I started adding the Gift each morning to my nutrition shake and noticed a big difference in how I felt afterward. More balanced, calm and mentally alert than
    with the other ingredients alone. I will continue to use it, great product!

  99. Brianna L says:

    In the past few years I’ve done extensive research on natural health products and finding your products was like finding the holy grail! I’ve been taking the Best Fulvic as well as the Comprehensive Wellness Formula for two months. With both of them together I instantly noticed healthier thought patterns and sharp mental clarity. I’ve been able to make healthier food choices… due to lack of cravings and have also lost 20 pounds in the process. I’m currently now on a 30 day juice fast. So much energy it’s crazy! I also never used to be a fan of working out but my body has become a machine doing hot yoga regularity and I am able to really push myself with quick recovery. I’ve truly changed on a holistic level. Customer for life.

  100. Tone says:

    I discovered the gift while researching the benefits of humic and fulvic acids in the human body. There are so many products on the market and I was totally unsure of which would be the best and I have to say I am totally thrilled with the ph balancer formula, it contains the gift as so much more. I had a never ending rash which is now clearing up, my skin also is much more clear and after only three weeks my ph has gone from 5.8 to 6.5, I will definitely continue use as recommend to everyone I know.

  101. Kris T. says:

    After being diagnosed with invasive carcinoma breast cancer on October 7th 2014 my PH was 4.0 it’s now a healthy 7.5 after taking the RED formula 2 months!

  102. Sue N. says:

    I purchased the Gift from Mother Earth Labs about a year ago after researching the benefits of fulvic and humic acids. I don’t have any serious health issues but just want to optimize my health and quality of life. I am not always regular in remembering to take it daily – usually in the morning first thing with a big glass of filtered water – but here are the effects that I notice when I do take it regularly:
    1. I feel a heightened sense of well-being throughout the day. Less prone to getting annoyed and irritated.
    2. I don’t feel hungry between meals and don’t crave food on the days I take fulvic and humic.
    3. My immune system is much stronger. I hardly ever get colds or flu now even though I am around people who are sick.
    4. I have stopped taking several of the various supplements that I used to take. Only thing I still continue is tumeric supplement. Have stopped taking B-complex and other vitamins, calcium, astaxanthin (antioxidant) and omega.
    5. My energy levels are better and more sustained. I don’t feel the need to come back and rest after my workouts. I can just keep going.
    6. I also seem to sleep better and need less sleep.

    I would not hesitate to recommend the Gift to anyone looking for an effective overall supplement.

  103. Carol says:

    Good morning…through all the warnings of how calcium supplements can build up in your arteries etc. stopped taking it a long time ago…take vitamin D and K2 and Magnesium. Just had a hair DNA analysis and it showed that my body is low in calcium. I do have your Calcium liquid 2500+/-parts per million.

    My question is: are the minerals in this the type that will build up in my body and what are they.

    Would like to start taking again but am a bit nervous about the above.

    Thanks for any information you might be able to provide on this supplement.


  104. mary j. says:

    my calcium levels went from being low to now normal- only thing I did different was to take the Gift

  105. Ron T. says:

    I have been using your PH Balance Red Formula and Iodine for about 2 weeks. Hoping to see improvement in my thyroid function and overall health. I\’ll let you know in a couple of months when I have my thyroid tested again and consultant with my Dr.

  106. Frank says:

    I heard about The Gift on a wellness show on television. Within the first week of taking a daily dose I could feel my energy level changing. I haven’t been without it since. Thanks.

  107. betty says:

    i bought the gift and fuvic 400x. just love how it made me feel. will give phbalancer a try once done taking the gift!

  108. Tami says:

    My daughter has been taking pH balancer liquid alkalizing red formula for 3 months. She is a high school student and high level athlete. She takes it before school instead of adderall and before soccer. She has better focus for her school work and an amazing amount of energy for soccer.

  109. Tami says:

    My teenage daughter has been using pH balancer liquid alkalizing red formula for3 months. She has adhd and this product allows her to have a lot more focus and attention. Her use of Adderall has decreased and her energy level is way up.

  110. John F says:

    Just recently started taking this product, two weeks. Being new to it I\’m not sure what to expect physically. Initially I believe the detoxifying effects where intense, I was sick for two days, upset stomach along with diarrhea. But since all is normal again. My mood and energy levels have had a bit of an increase. I\’ve been reading a lot and am convinced of the positive effects. Having made a commitment to at least one year of use, time will tell just what an effect it has had. Hope for the best.

  111. Stacye says:

    Looking for reviews on Comprehensive Wellness Formula

  112. Diane says:

    My friend told me about Mother Earth Labs and how good the products are…the fact that they do not contain sugar and the other \”junk\” of other products on the market but are natural I feel that it makes all the difference with what I\’m putting into my body…thank you again!

  113. Robert C. says:

    The i have seen my PH levels drop to normal as a result of this great product. I take PH bAlancer every morning..i am fighting chronic inflammation.. i look forward to continued improvement.

  114. Christine P says:

    We love the Ph Balancer ! We cannot be without this product ! We ran out and while I was off my memory kept getting worse . My husband really noticed it and told me we cannot ever run out again ! Thank you for such a powerful product so easy to take and tastes so good ! So many healthy things in one delicious drink !

  115. robert m says:

    Products are wonderful and do amazing things

  116. E. Chang says:

    I first use Humic acid on my orchids. I notice the growth difference and how healthy my orchids became. I did some research on Humic acid. I found a link to Mother earth lab. I was wondering if this would improve my health. I ordered the pHBalancer Alkaizing Formula. I took it for a month and notice my body just stop hurting? No more joint pain, hip pain and found my body can move more easily and I notice my brain was more alert. Then, I stop for month to see if the product really made a difference or it was just my mind telling me it made a difference. Well I just place an order today and believe me I not going to stop this time. Its going to be my regular regiment on a daily bases

  117. Pamela D. says:

    I love this product. I am scheduled to have a hip replacement in less than a month. I was taking an 800 mg. Ibuprophen in the morning, to get out of bed, followed by a Percocet 3-4 times a day, ending the day with another Ibuprophen and a final Percocet if I felt I needed one. Since taking PH Balancer, I\’ve been taking it for 10 days now, I am now taking 2-200 mg. over the counter Ibuprophen per day. I\’ve weaned myself off all prescribed medications. I no longer want to take a nap in the middle of the afternoon because I have more energy and I\’m sleeping better at night. Another perk, is that I\’ve lost about 3 pounds, too!! I don\’t feel hungry very often. I have noticed that I am craving more water, which isn\’t a bad thing, as I was probably on the dehydrated side anyway. This is going to become a staple in my daily routine. I\’m not going to say that my pain is completely gone, because it\’s not, but there has been a CONSIDERABLE reduction in my pain since taking PH Balancer. I cannot thank you enough for making this affordable and bringing it to the public eye. It truly is a GIFT!!

  118. Tony says:

    I haven\’t used it yet but look forward to using it and helping my body get stronger.

  119. Justin says:

    I speak as a male in my late 20s. Two years ago, after years of mounting fatigue, depression, and brain fog, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto\’s thyroiditis. I subsequently bounced around between several conventional doctors and endocrinologists, attempting to resolve these problems. But ultimately, in my case, following their recommendations did not result in substantial improvements in energy, mood, or clarity of mind. So I turned to more integrative approaches. Beginning to take The Gift over a year ago has been an important step in my health regeneration plan. Combined with Dr. David Brownstein\’s iodine supplementation protocol; changing my diet to one that is whole-foods centered, in line with the dietary principles set forth by the Weston Price Foundation; and exercising regularly, I feel Humic/Fulvic has provided me with the nutrients/minerals I\’ve needed to regain a sense of agency in directing the course of my life. Compared with who I was two years ago, I am a completely different person — more energetic, no longer depressed, able to think more clearly. (I am now transitioning to Comprehensive Wellness Formula, as it is an elegant combination of The Gift and broad-spectrum multivitamin at a reasonable price.) I still feel like I am on a journey toward greater wellbeing, and am now focusing on learning a yoga and meditation practice, but I can say MEL has been an important tool to facilitate my growth and healing.

  120. Elisabeth G says:

    I\’ve been using the mother Earth products for about a month and have noticed energy that I haven\’t had in years. I have an autoimmune disease and adrenal insufficiency and I believe that the pH balancer has already started to get my body back into alignment and more healthy. I\’ve just been buying it off a friend but I\’m about to buy my first purchase and plan to continue to purchase your products.

  121. Paula G says:

    Not a customer yet, but my friend raves about the liquid ph balancer and has her whole family on it

  122. Lori N. says:

    Here is a short testimony of our experience:

    Our 5 year old daughter started getting warts when she was 3. They covered her toes, were around her toe nails, were on the bottom of her feet, on her hands and fingers, under her finger nails and around her finger nails. We tried freezing them at the doctor (some were scraped and froze 3 times), Compound W, duct tape, banana peels, thuja (oral), oregano oil, WR (topical herbal treatment), melaleuca oil, black sea salve, apple cider vinegar, witch hazel and a prescription cream. Nothing worked. The apple cider vinegar took 3 away, but chapped her skin after 5 days. At the time it took them away, more came (12 on one toe). We had been treating the warts for a year and a half. She had over 70 warts. Nothing took them away.

    We started the “The Gift” as you recommended and we saw that some disappeared after a week. A month and a half later she has one wart left and it is shrinking.

    We are so thankful that we found Dr. Hoover and this product. Our only regret is that we didn’t take a before picture!

  123. Lynn T says:

    My whole family has been using The Gift for a few months now. The most remarkable results I have seen is my son who suffers from asthma no longer complains of symptoms that he would normally encounter at school during PE! He said he used to finish last in his class and would be out of breath now he can complete the whole lap and finishes first. Thanks You!

  124. Mary V. says:

    I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia. I have been taking “The Gift” for 2 months mow. It truly is a gift! My fibromyalgia pain in nonexistent almost 100% of the time. No need for anti-inflammatories or pain meds. Thus is huge! Also, I made it through the holidays, including 2 long drives & could keep up with my family! Thank you for giving me ” the gift” of no pain & more quality time with my family!

  125. Robert says:

    All my life I haven’t had hair on my Arms and always wondered what it was from… After taking the gift for about three months I noticed it was growing. Any type of injury from running on my ankle would heal incredibly fast…. I think I will always purchase the gift from here on out and grateful to have found the product.

  126. Mark S. says:

    I am a Senior endurance athlete .
    I had grown tired of trying to get what I thought were the essential vitamins I needed for optimal performance .
    Was always running out of something & frankly was tired of choking down multiples of pills .
    Thru a friend I’m glad I discovered PH balancer . My energy level seems higher & the pill hassle is no longer a problem .

    thanks for making a great product , Mark

  127. John N says:

    Seems to have every known element to keep one healthy…..Will be using in place of “handfuls” of supplements……John

  128. francis f. says:

    We have noticed an immediate increase in energy, stamina and well being since starting the Comprehensive wellness product. My 87 year old father is also noticing an increase in energy and has an extra pep in his step since starting this supplement. The quality and purity of the ingredients are obvious and as I tend to have reactions to many substances I have had no reaction in any negative way to this product, we are simply amazed and pleased!

  129. Paula B. says:

    I just finished Ph Balancer Red formula and am preparing to reorder. My energy level and alertness has dramatically improved, and the issues I’ve battled with digestive issues are GONE! Will never be without this product!

  130. Josh says:

    We are excited to use your products!

  131. Marisela f says:

    Your products are amazing! In my practice as an Iridologisy I’ve been using your products with wonderful results! People have a significant decrease in all kinds of pains, better digestion, more energy, ph regulator etc etc I use them for my family. Personally experienced a big difference a year ago in severe pain in my neck, in a week after using The Gift, the pain was gone. Thanks for helping that many people.

  132. Jessyle N. says:

    I can’t wait to start using your product. It came highly recommended!

  133. Sue says:

    I have been taking The Gift, only one ounce, once a day. The first thing I notice is that it doesn’t make me bloat or give me a stomach ache like every other supplement. It also taste good. This past week we traveled 10 hours to see our kids and grand kids. The drive there wasn’t bad, but as the week went on I became stiff, tired and in a lot of pain. When we got home, and in a lot of pain from the car drive, it hit me that The Gift was the one thing I didn’t take with me. I won’t take a trip without it again. I had all my other supplements with me and they didn’t help at all.

  134. admin says:

    Dear Ms. Carter,

    About 6 months ago, you “picked up by mistake” as I called your facility – and you said “FULVIC”. I am 81 years old – Fulvic has made me feel better. Every person I meet is subjected to my enthusiasm for FULVIC!

    Becky M
    Anza, Califorina

  135. Joe says:

    We enjoy taking the gift. The concept is terrific and we simply feel better knowing we take it.

  136. mikey sklar says:

    I appreciate how many necessary ingredients are in the PH product. I feel it has made my symptoms reduce and has me feeling better all around. I’m going to stay with it. Thank you.

  137. wendy says:

    I have been grateful to you since finding ph balance. I get all the minerals I needed that would have been bottles and bottles, but in one product. And, I feel that the alkalinizing is working on my acid reflux. many thanks friends!!!

  138. Teresa H says:

    A test showed that my body was very deficient in minerals and I was not assimilating them, and my urine and saliva ph was very acidic. I was having severe and incapacitating legs cramps during and after bicycling. I was told that I needed to have some intraveneous infusions of minerals to get my levels up. I searched for an alternative and I learned about this holistic MD. I ordered this product because he recommended it and explained the value of humic and fulvic acids to me. I really liked that this uses natural sources and not synthetic isolated substance that the body does not know what to do with. It is very convenient and economical. Since many important nutrients and minerals are already in here, it eliminated quite a few bottles of supplements that I was already taking.
    It drastically reduced my legs cramps and over time my ph went up, and my hair starting growing longer than it ever had.
    My energy and vitality came back as well.

  139. Susan says:

    I have been using the PH Balancer Red Formula for about a month now and am experiencing increased energy, weight loss and a greater sense of well being. Prior to using the Mother Earth Labs product, I’ve taken vitamins and fulvic acid (all in capsule form) on a routine basis. My experience with these past products doesn’t come close to how I feel now taking the PH Balancer Red Formula. All I can say is THANK YOU Mother Earth Labs for a superior product! I am extremely grateful.

  140. David says:

    i am taking Comprehenive Wellness now for several months. Have been able to quit taking some individual supplements. My neuropathy has improved and I know longer experience the light headedness/occasional dizziness which had been a frustration for so many years. i really like the glass jars and have been saving them. Hubby takes it also so we will order the gallon next and put in individual jars because we dont like plastic.

  141. Matthew K says:

    These products are amazing they really changed my life because I was suffering with so many health problems and these products have made me fell amazing and I am now starting to get to the best health of my life. Thank you so much for creating these products.

  142. Christin Z says:

    Your products provide everything our bodies need. Thank you!

  143. A.Pas says:

    This is an amazing product!! I’m 50 and I’ve used it for about 2 years now and notice a huge difference in my energy levels, etc!! It is easy to take and tastes good.

  144. Lisa says:

    I have been using The Gift by Mother Earth Labs for over 1.5 years now and I am very impressed how much better I feel! Ever since I started drinking it in my water every day I have noticed many improvements to my health and digestive system. I feel so lucky a friend recommended it to me. Great company to deal with also, fast delivery and friendly customer service. I’m a customer for life.

  145. rex r. says:

    For the past 20 years I have been taking what I believed was the best herbal/mineral supplement available. I discovered Mother Earth a couple of weeks ago and ordered Comprehensive Wellness Formula. Wow, my vision is already improving to the point I dont have to use my reading glasses to see the computer and my endurance is greatly enhanced. I am waking up and ready to go before the alarm goes off. I believe this may be the end of nutritional supplementation for the human body. I am letting all of my friends know about it and am referring them to motherearthlabs. com. Fulvic/humic must be the greatest organic discovery of our time. I love the Comp. Wellness blend because it has everything I have been taking in capsule form so I don\’t have to swallow 30 pills a day. What a product!!!!

  146. Miguel D. says:

    Used the PH balancer for my son and we can see the diference.
    great products, fair price.
    we love them.

  147. JC C. says:

    I’d tried pHbalancer and it relieved me of my stomach problems. Thank you for a wonderful product.

  148. Janet W says:

    I am a new customer getting ready to order my 2nd bottle of PH Balancer. I am ordering again because i believe it has made a difference in my health. Thank you for your great product.

  149. Morgana says:

    I am so excited to have learned about these products! When my friend (who is the best health expert in my life) told me about fulvic acid and Mother Earth Labs, I went on line right then and there to place an order and I could feel a difference the very first time I took the Red formula! It’s been a week now and not only do I feel better but I could swear I looked younger when I looked in the mirror yesterday even after working all night! I am excited to share your products with others and to see how I feel in Month, 6 months or a year!

  150. Soonja says:

    It has been about one month that I have been taking PH Balancer.
    On 5th day, my body felt energy which I have not been feeling for years.

    Not only tastes good, my body really appreciates the Balancer, wishing time flies fast
    enough to take next dose!

    Satisfied so much with it, I ordered a gallon for my friend yesterday.

    Thanks for the help you are giving and please keep up the good work.


  151. Alan says:

    My family has been using both the Gift and the PH Balancer for almost 2 years now – taking a tbsp of each per day in water. The most noticeable result is the neither our twin 8 year old girls nor the adults in the family have been sick since! A little more energy perhaps but nothing amazing… but not getting sick for nearly two years plus the fact that I know we are all getting the vitamins, minerals, etc we need every day to help support our immune system is good enough for me! And not having to swallow a bunch of multivitamins, etc is a huge plus!

  152. Edgar says:

    I have been doing the ph challenge for not quite 2 weeks now with my wife. We started out on the acidic side and are already showing alkaline results on the test strip. Very pleased with results so far.

  153. Dana Marston says:

    I am amazed at the wealth of information on this website as well as the superiority of these products. I highly recommend these supplements and have myself experienced their phenomenal benefits.

  154. Melanie says:

    Our family has been using Mother Earth Labs products for over 5 years now. We can always count on receiving pure, high quality products that can be easily absorbed by our bodies. The Gift and Fulvic have helped bring our bodies back to working as they are intended. We are thankful for your products and standard of quality!

  155. Neal W says:

    I have been taking this for several years as prescribed by my clinic and my energy level and ph levels have never been better.

  156. Kyle W says:

    pHBALANCER Alkalizing Red Formula is an amazing supplement with very beneficial nutrients and actually tastes good as well! I use it every morning to start my day off right and you should too!

  157. Jan H says:

    My husband and I have been using The Gift for several years and the red ph balancer product for about 6 months. Several years ago I went to a chiropractor who also does muscle testing and she suggested that I bring along whatever I\’m currently using. I brought The Gift. She didn\’t ask what it was but muscle tested it and said, \”whatever that is, keep using it.\” I was not low on any vitamin or mineral, which surprised her. My husband and I both really like your products and will keep using them.

  158. Kyle W says:

    Love the products!

  159. John says:

    I am 67 years old. I am into about half of a gallon of ph balancer red. for exercise I lift weights and do cardio. a few weeks ago I added an ounce of the red to my pre workout supplement. I saw an immediate increase in energy. now I am seeing a noticeable increase in muscle size and strength. I thought this information might be useful. not sure about ph levels yet, but this really works well in how I am using it. My name is John, if you know of a way to increase the effectiveness even more, please let me know. Thanks.

  160. Sheryl C says:

    I have finished my first quart of Comprehensive Wellness Nutrition Formula and I will purchase more. It’s expensive but it has given me much needed energy and rid me of a lot of joint pain. I feel the longer I stay with this the benefits will increase.

  161. Sara F says:

    We loved the Gift product!! It is very refreshing and hydrating. This product really helps with my skin, it clears everything up so there is less acne and dry patches. It also helps prevent dry eyes, so less eye drops! My family and I have been using the Gift and we love it so much, we feel like we have more energy while we are on it too from being able to properly absorb water. 5 stars!!

  162. Kaitlyn M. says:

    Your guy’s products are absolutely amazing and I can’t believe I’ve found a protein powder that actually tasted great! I’ve already recommended this product to all my friends and am most certainly will be return customers! I can actually put my faith into such a beautiful company! Thank you so much!

  163. Derek P says:

    Thanks to Mother Earth Labs to provide a better way to get what our bodies desperately need and desire. I found this site a few months ago and have been waiting to use up my current supplies of supplements, today is that day. I hope to get an ample supply and use it like I have always used it and see how my body responds to it. If it works well, I will be sharing this with friends and family…gotta keep those people around for many more moons! I will provide an update when it warrants.

    • Derek P says:

      Thank you Mother Earth Labs! I have been using your pH Balancer Alkalizing Red Formula now for just about 4 months. What an amazing revival to my body! I did not notice any startling affects to the body, but I have noticed over time that inflammation is not an issue, mental clarity has improved, and my blood work numbers are quizzical for my primary care physician. He asked what I have been doing to improve my numbers so drastically? My triglycerides, HDL/LDL ratio and a few other markers have been reduced so markedly that it prompted him to ask. I just mentioned that I changed the supplements that I have been using. His suggestion is to maintain it. I will confirm that with my next visit blood work, if the numbers remain or continue to drop, in my deduction, I can only attribute those reductions to the change in supplements to pH Balancer Alkalizing Red Formula! In my next order I will try the new product GI UltraMAX Pro and try to follow the new 8 week program that Dr. Hoover is promoting. If you are not already using Humic/Fulvic, it is time to make your change, I am certain that the change you make will be what your body is craving.

  164. Donald says:

    I tried 3 other fulvic products before. They were all helpful.

    After a week of taking the ph balancer formula, I felt more energy for my daily walks. It also is having an effect on my normally big appetite.

    It’s also great that a has a nice fruity taste, unlike others that I’ve tried.

    Another great plus is that it contains some of the nutrients that I am taking seperately like turmeric, omega 3 oils, and probiotics. It also contains other nutrients which I know I should be taking.

    A great product.

  165. Dr. Bryon B says:

    This is one of the best products on the market. I brought it to the new clinic in at and patients are responding phenomenally

  166. Sheryl C. says:

    I tried this for a month and really felt better mentally and physically. My joints felt better. My blood pressure went down. I am ordering a gallon now.

  167. MARIA says:

    I started on this product as it was recommended by my Health Practitioner and I love it!! I even started my grandson on it. I have chronic illness including CFS and fibromyalgia. These products have been in my healing protocol and I feel like it has helped….

  168. Amber says:

    My daughter has sensory and behavior issues, and I have never associated her improvement with your Comprenhensive Wellness product, (which we have used for about a year and a half) until this summer when we ran out twice on some trips. Whenever she stopped taking this for a week or so I noticed a reversal of some of the things that she has improved, but whenever we started back on the vitamins she changed again almost immediately. Of everything we have tried this is something that we are definitely keeping around. Thanks

  169. Rachel says:

    I have been very pleased with the ph balancer. I feel that I don’t get colds as much and have more energy. I’m going to try Lugols iodine soon to see if it will help some other symptoms that just won’t go away.

  170. christina m says:

    I’ve been taking the wellness comprehensive for about a year and I’m not exactly the healthiest person….I went and had blood work done….a wellness check so to say…and my blood work couldn’t have come back more perfect! EVERYTHING was within perfect range and I contribute it to this drink….I will definitely be taking this for a very long time

  171. Carolyn A. says:

    I have been using PH Balancer Red Formula for a month now and absolutely love it! My energy is much better and my tendancy to get migrane headaches has been reduced in half! Thank you for all your efforts as a company to produce such great pure and viable products that truly make a difference in the health of peoples lives.

  172. Beverly B says:

    Love my PH balancer -feel so much better- has helped my gut and my headaches are gone

  173. Johnie T says:

    I have been researching and testing various nutritional supplement products for the past year for personal health and wellness. Some were good and others were questionable. Saw the mother earth lab videos on youtube and thought I would give it a try for my parents.
    After a few weeks on the pH Balancer, Fulvic acid 400X and Iodine, I have seen not only an increase in energy within myself – but also my parents. I believe these products will help you towards your journey to wellness.
    As far as the humic acid and fulvic acid – the main reason I came across Mother Earth Labs. I saw the testimonials here and am very satisfied with the products. I placed a 2nd order and will be placing a 3rd soon.

    Not only are the products great, the website, facebook and youtube channel has a lot of valuable information on their products like no other company. Mother Earth Labs seems to stand 100% behind their products and educating the public.

    Thank you Mother Earth Labs!

  174. A. Powers says:

    When I had first ordered your PH Balancer, I felt a cold coming on. Usually a cold goes right to my chest and I suffer terribly with deep congestion and a hacking cough. Although I did succumb to the cold, my symptoms, for the first time in my 62-year-old life, were mild. The only difference in my lifestyle was taking your supplement. I am truly amazed.

  175. Sandy H says:

    I am 53 years old and had to have a hip replacement last year. I suffer from chronic inflammation. My NP recommended I start using your products. I am taking the PH balancer, replenish poweder and Lugos’s iodine. It only took about 2 weeks for me to notice an amazing difference in how I feel. I have tried every product out there, along with pharm meds (yuck) and nothing worked. I want to thank you for your wonderful, healing product.


  176. Melissa says:

    I have been taking Osteo Wellness formula along with Lugol’s Iodine Plus since MAY 2015. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroid a month earlier than that. I have reversed the Hypothyroid diagnosis with out taking RX prescribed medicine and I am in the low range of the TSH test results now. I owe so much of my recovery to taking Osteo Wellness formula AND Lugol’s Iodine Plus supplements! Those two supplements along with changing my diet and going gluten free have been life changing for me! I am so thankful to have been recommended Mother Earth Lab products and will continue to order and take supplements from them! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Melissa

  177. avanders says:

    I have suffered from acidity my entire life and am so thankful for your pHBalanceRed formula as it has significantly improved my health b/c foolish doctors put me on GERD meds which made my situation even worse and was also misdiagnosed with asthma when I really have a hiatal hernia so now I have osteopoenia as well. I am praying that this formula will help me for the rest of my life,

  178. Kathleen says:

    I would like to start by saying my husband and I cannot live without The Gift. What a difference we feel everyday on this supplement. We will continue taking it faithfully. Our skin, digestion, hair, energy is alive again and only after two months.. I could go on and on. It works!

  179. A. Herrick says:

    We have been taking The Gift from Mother Earth Labs for several months now. I can see improvement in my skin while taking it and it has really helped my toddler’s teeth. He has a lot of food allergies so his diet was pretty limited and his teeth were literally disintegrating before my eyes. Since being on The Gift, my son’s teeth have not warn down any further!

    We also take the Lugols Iodine orally and use it topically for bug bites or anything that comes up. My daughter got a tiny hole in her front tooth so I started applying the iodine directly to her tooth and in a few days the hole actually closed up!

  180. Kim Wright says:

    Wow!!!!!!! I can not believe the reviews on this product they’re awesome! My friend ordered and has found a difference in just two days… Amazing! I put in for your free test kit and plan to start on this right away, so happy my friend share this with me!!


  181. NANCY says:


  182. C Cook says:

    I’m so grateful for The Gift, it truly is. I was prescribed a bottle of the concentrate from an NP. It’s greatly helped the adrenal fatigue I’ve suffered with for years. I almost cried when I accidentally dropped my second bottle that was half full on the floor.
    I’m excited to share with friends and family who are struggling with greater issues, expecting them to experience great results.
    Keep it brewing.

  183. Marian says:

    What fantastic products you have! I’ve tried the PhBalancer, Lugols, Humic and Fulvic so far. Don’t wait – just order some now! I will be staying on the PhBalancer as I believe it is supplying many of the nutrients lacking in today’s food. Great work Mother Earth Labs – keep it up! 🙂

  184. Wendy says:

    Greetings – You have my deepest gratitude for formulating the GIFT!
    I have been prescribing your products for my clients for the past 2 years and I have been impressively amazed at the rapid improvement in theses cases.

  185. James says:

    I’ve been using PHBalancer for about 4 months. It’s the only comprehensive supplement that I’ve ever taken that 100% agrees with my body. No vitamin after-taste, no burping, and no discomfort. My body seems to love the bioavailability of this formula. It is very economical especially when purchased in the gallon size.

  186. Micah says:

    I tried the 32 oz Ph Balancer and it worked amazingly. I started to lose weight, felt more mentally acute and my GERD symptoms were dramatically decreased.
    I felt like real nutrition was hitting me.

  187. Dr Airth says:

    My husband and I started our new bottle of GI Ultramax formula one week before Christmas. At first we thought maybe we should wait to avoid “wasting” its effects during the official cheat season of the year. But then we decided to go ahead so we could start the benefits in our lives. Much to our amazement, soon after we started, we felt trimmer and more toned. While we did not weigh ourselves at the start time, after two weeks of taking the product, both of us notice our pants are looser, and I have more energy, enough so that being outside and shoveling the constant amount of snow we are receiving feels invigorating.

    I wish I could say that we altered our diets when we started, but we didn’t, and still received benefits. It has given me a sense of well being and made it easier to be more motivated now in the new year to make better choices. We both find we don’t have the same cravings at night for snacks as we did before and getting things done around the house and planning our daily routine is easier. We had been taking the Fulvic 400x for months now but having added this new GI product seems to have pulled things together.

    They say the second brain is in the gut and with the improved morale and motivation combined with the visible improvement in weight loss I can only give this product the biggest thumbs up and am recommending it to everyone I can talk to. Thank you Mother Earth Labs and Dr. Hoover for creating such a great and healing product!

    Dr. A

  188. Rose M says:

    I love these products how they have improved my health. I‘m 84 yrs and they keep me out of taking prescription medicines. I love that they are liquid with so many nutrients so they can be delivered to my cells to supply my body. With following a good organic diet and Mother Earth Labs products I don’t take any prescription medicine.

    Thanks and God bless you all for these amazing products.

  189. Kristine R says:

    I am extremely impressed with this company. They answer your questions proficiently as well as promptly. My husband and I are both on the pH Balancer Formula. And all I can say is my brain is back! I have suffered with brain fog for too long to even mention. I started the Formula and within a few days my brain fog completely lifted. With my husband, he noticed he is calmer and has less outbursts of anger. Thank you Mother Earth Labs and I look forward to being a customer for years to come.

  190. Trevor says:

    After countless experiences with other supplement companies, I must say that I am most pleasantly surprised by Mother Earth’s products. The pH balancer has worked wonders for me, and I can confidently say it’s given me more energy, and has made me feel more vibrant than ever before.

  191. Grace S. says:

    I felt an extreme difference in my energy and clarity within an hour of taking my first dose. I went to work the next day raving about it. I felt incredible. I am now getting all of my coworkers on the train. I can’t wait to see the long term results.

  192. LB McMullen says:

    I am starting the PH formula because I am desperate and it contains all the components in one product. Fingers crossed, I am so tired of being sick and tired. Multiple autoimmune issues and hyperthyroid. Juggling supplements is exhausting. This comes highly recommended.

  193. Phil says:

    So excited to have found your amazing pH Balancer formula, I love the amazing nutrition I receive from your products! Thank you…

  194. Sarah says:

    In the course of treating my malnourished son, we were steered towards your Comprehensive Wellness Formula. I’m so encouraged by the difference we’ve seen in the last month!

  195. Christiina D. says:

    I started the Gift in October of 2016. I had been healing from adrenal fatigue and still had pretty low energy.
    It is now March 2017. I take 1 ounce daily in water in the morning. I did not experience any overstimulating effects, but only increased energy ( that sometimes happens with depleted adrenals, so make sure you are not stage 4. If so start out very slow with small amounts!!) Though I would not recommend taking it at night, as it does have a slight stimulating effect. I was wide awake at midnight. Morning and noon is best for dosage.

    My energy is back to normal!!!! I am running again 3 times a week without any fatigue. This stuff is amazing and it is truly a gift from God. It is how He intended us to heal and nourish our bodies. I also give it to my 9 year old son. He had several warts on his feet and they disapeared within 2 weeks without any other treatment.
    Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!

  196. Martha says:

    I found your website via an internet search after reading Healing is Voltage a few years ago. The information on your website made a lot of sense and totally resonated with me. I soon started taking “The Gift” then later added pH Balancer.

    I definitely felt better on “The Gift” but when I added pH Balancer I was truly amazed. Your pH Balancer is the first supplement I’ve ever taken where I could actually feel the difference it made in my body – literally just a few minutes after taking it. Initially, I experienced a sense of well-being. It was like all my little cells were singing and dancing for joy – so happy that finally I was giving them what they needed. They had reason to celebrate. Then, I noticed renewed energy, could think more clearly and felt less achy.

    I tried Replenish a few months ago. Again, similar to my experience with pH Balancer I could actually feel its effect on my body shortly after taking it. Your products have been the only products that I can literally feel tangible effects from often within minutes of taking them.

    Last summer I had bronchitis for weeks on end. This was after I had slacked off on taking pH Balancer – I was running low and trying to make it last longer – not a wise plan. The bronchitis hung on and hung on. I was also experiencing considerable stress at that time too. Not a good time to slack off on what my body needed. Finally, I had the thought to take three doses of pH Balancer a day. After three days the bronchitis was gone. I wasn’t surprised. Your products are truly fantastic. Thank you from the bottom of heart for making them available through such a fine company with wonderful, caring people!

  197. Erin says:

    Love this formula! Every time I look into another supplement to take in addition, I check the back of the pH balancer and find out that it already contains the vitamin I’m interested in adding to my regimen!! Great product!

  198. joan says:

    I appreciate the quality provided by Mother Earth Labs products.
    Thank you.

  199. Lorena says:

    Hi, I was given the Gift as a gift from my brother. I took it twice a day and felt very energized and my knee that is bone on bone hurts a lot less. I loved the Gift.

  200. Massi says:

    I have been looking for years for a really complete vitamins&minerals formula without fillers, sugars and synthetic cheap components

    PHBALANCER is my favourite product, it has all which is required on daily basis plus the advantage of using fulvic/Humic to enhance absorbability and availability
    Truly a super product

  201. Dawn says:

    What do you get someone who has everything? Health in a glass quart! I sent my sister-in-law The Gift humic and fulvic blend for her birthday. We didn’t get a chance to catch up for a couple months. When we did she informed me that she loved it so much she order more for herself and her family. No chance of a useless gift when you give any product from Mother Earth Labs. Thank you for a product we need and that we can trust!

  202. Diane says:

    I always had a hard time taking vitamin tablets – often would get a heartburn feeling or slight stomach upset, after taking them. Then I read about the cheap ingredients most of them use, that are not readily bio-available. I found THE GIFT after reading about the benefits of humic and fulvic. It is super easy to take, has no taste, so you can mix it in a glass of water, and does not leave ANY kind of stomach upset or heartburn. Now that I am getting older, I am going to try the OSTEOWELLNESS blend (it has K2 & D3, which is essential for good bones!).

  203. Sheri says:

    I actually tried to use a different vitamin. I was ravenous ALL of the time. It seems as though no matter how much I ate, I could never get enough. I IMMEDIATELY ran back to Mother Earth Labs before I got as big as a house. Kudos to them. When I have their vitamins I feel satisfied. I am never going back.

  204. Melissa says:

    I have been using Mother Earth Labs for 2-1/2 years now. The OsteoWellness and Ph Balancer formulas are both great products. I also use Lugols Iodine which has kept my Thyroid in great condition. Mother Earth Labs has added many new products since I first ordered from them. I highly recommend ALL Mother Earth Labs products for anyone who wants or needs a great multi vitamin Or Iodine for good health!!

  205. Michelle says:

    I am so glad I found Mother Earth Labs. Your products are superior to others I have tried. I love your pHBalancer, Lugol’s Iodine, Fulvic concentrate and use the Gift capsules when travelling. Thanks so much!

  206. Judy says:

    I work a high stress job which requires mental focus. Since I started taking the phBALANCER Alkalizing Red Formula I’ve experienced greater focus and clarity along with more sustained energy levels. It also seemed to help when I was recovering from surgery.

  207. Alicia says:

    Mother Earth Labs customer service is great! Received my products in just 2 days.

  208. Tonya says:

    I have been using the GI UltraMax Pro Formula for a couple of months now. I wasn’t sure if I had ‘leaky gut’ or the beginning of ‘leaky gut’ but I knew something was ‘off’ in my system. I’ve been a client of Dr. Hoover’s for several years, and when he recommends a product I firmly believe there is a reason. He was right on with this one. After taking for just a few weeks I began to notice my bathroom visits were ‘more productive’ without being to graphic, I also wasn’t having to RUN to the bathroom and hope to get there in time! It seems crazy to me to think particles could live in pockets in your gut for years, but I’m a believer now. After using this for 2 months I started noticing I would cough after consuming dairy products, mostly cheese, as that was the only dairy product I still ate. I now believe that after the process of beginning to heal my gut I was able to discover where some of my inflammation was coming from. I would highly recommend the GI UltraMax! And thank you Dr. Hoover!

  209. Buck says:

    I wanted you to know I started taking your liquid vitamin about nine months ago and it has made a big difference.
    I will turn seventy in October.
    I am playing with my grandkids again and I can once again jump up out of a chair without having to slowly get up holding on to something. I work a lot of hours and feel like my body is strong again.
    Thanks I finally found something that works.

  210. Lori says:

    I first heard of Mother Earth Labs and the comprehensive wellness formula through a very bright, homeopathic physician. It was at that time that I was experiencing hormonal issues, joint arthraligias, headaches and the inability to lose weight. I started using the formula as recommended and found I had an immediate increase in energy. I’m not exactly sure of the time frame of how this occurred, but my headaches and other maladies began to lessen.i now have my entire family drinking the stuff! I believe there is nothing of better quality anywhere on the market!!

  211. Marcia says:

    Twice daily I take an ounce of Best Fulvic and an ounce of PH Balancer. The best way I can speak about its beneficial impact is when I take a few days or week off, because of traveling for example, I feel sub-par but restored when I’m back on my routine! Good job!

  212. Khadijah says:

    The PH Balancer is one of the best products I have taken for inflammation. I had two back surgeries resulting in a leg length discrepancy and arthritis in my hips. The product along with massage, physical therapy and my chiropractor has helped me feel better than I have felt in years. I have increased mobility and a drastic reduction in my daily aches and pains. I don’t take prescription pain killers at all. Thank you Mother Earth Labs, Inc

  213. Génesis says:

    First day taking the Alkalizing Red Formula and I am in awe! I haven’t felt this energized in months! I’m excited to finish the quart and see how it’s helped me in the end. The taste isn’t the best but I wasn’t expecting strawberries and cream haha plus I take it in a shot glass so it only bothers me for like a second. Can’t wait to finish the quart and see more results apart from the amazing energy burst!

  214. Cindi says:

    Love the Lugol’s Iodine, it works great, helps with thyroid and helps balance things out for me. I can really tell when I don’t take it.

  215. Nancy says:

    I am very happy to report that my iodine levels are perfect on my last Hakala test– in great part due to the wonderful Lugol’s from Mother Earth Labs. I live on the west coast (more impacted by Fukashima radiation) and it has been a long haul this past 5 years to get them to come up. My T3 is great with added supplementation.
    I am very happy with this product and the excellent customer service and it will always be a part of my day. I also use it in my glass water storage bottles and it has been great– never a problem with the spring water growing algae.
    Thanks so much!

  216. Victoria says:

    LOVED!! The Best Isolate fulvic!! Immediately felt a difference the same day I first took it. I felt energized and notice I was going to the bathroom a lot more then usual because of the detoxification and toxins. Its really doing its job. I will continue to use this and get the The PH Red Formula!!

  217. KSchaefer says:

    Thank you for this wonderful product! I have been taking The Gift for 6 months and have seen improvement in my general health and well being, and know it has resolved some gut issues and skin issues that were certainly of a toxic origin. The formula is well tolerated and I would highly recommend it!

  218. Edmund says:

    I bought the pH balancer for my family everyone has has some sort of illness from heart failure to high blood pressure to joint pain to skin problems. After taking this for a few months everyone only has positive views of this product. Mother Earth Labs products works thank you mother earth labs

  219. Larry says:

    I just started on pHBalancer two days ago. Every morning when I would awaken I would experience extreme muscle soreness. This has been occurring for quite some time. I have severe arthritis pain and several other health issues. This morning I awoke to very little muscle soreness, I cannot believe the difference and have to attribute this to the pHBalancer. After reading about several other products I will be ordering the pHBalance in gallon size, the GI UltraMax Pro, and the Lugols Iodine. All I can say is these products are unbelievable.

  220. Rianne says:

    I have been taking the osteo-wellness for about 6 months and I feel like my motion sickness as disappeared. I love the energy and aliveness a feel and can desperately tell a difference when I forget my vitamins for a couple days.

  221. Kelsey says:

    The PH Balancer has been a great addition to my daily routine and I can definitely tell a difference if I miss my dose!

  222. Cate says:

    Your products come very highly recommended! Thank you for the work you do.

  223. Douglas says:

    I was introduced to Humic Fulvic and Mother Earth Labs by my doctor who is a very well respected and world renowned physician. I have seen a dramatic improvement in health, energy and most importantly, the ability to sleep soundly through the night since I began taking Humic Fulvic a few years ago. My skin looks better, hair and nails are always strong and healthy looking, and I am constantly told it appears I am growing younger not older. It truly is The Gift from Mother Earth. Mother Earth Labs is the only source I will buy from. Their source and quality is second to none. Thank you!

  224. Gary says:

    I think that the Mother Earth products are the cutting edge of products anywhere in the world

  225. Debbie says:

    I am beyond excited and impressed with Mother Earth Lab’s products because for the first time I can feel the supplements actually working and watching them work in my family too. I believe it is because of the delivery system of the humic and fulvic actually delivering nutrients. These days because we are so toxic nutrients have a hard time getting to where they need to! This is exceptional and invaluable. Thank you

  226. Kay G says:

    I have osteoporosis and several autoimmune diseases. I have been on a prescriptions for the bone loss with not much improvement. I was researching sites for a good fulvic and iodine supplement for my thyroid issues when I found this one.
    I am going to order the osteowellness product first. This product sounds awesome, everything for strong bones in one product. Won’t have the hassle of taking so many supplements everyday. I am so excited that i found this site,
    thanks kaygrc

  227. Renee says:

    The products have been helping get a more alkaline system and less acidic.

  228. Dawn says:

    I cannot say how this works for me yet but it saved and revived one of my plants!

  229. Amanda H. says:

    I have pcos and hypothyroidism and I haven’t had a period in years. If I was lucky I had 1 a year. Ever since I’ve been taking Lugol’s iodine capsules I have had one every month like normal. Found out I had a iodine deficiency that didn’t show up on blood work. It’s cheap and easy to take just one capsule a day. The 90 day supply for around $30.00 is defiantly worth it to me. It’s one of the best brands I’ve ever used. Great reliable products!

  230. George says:

    Thank you for the opportunity of bettering my health.

  231. Jan says:

    The pH Balancer is amazing! Everything I need in one product that gives me the nutrients I need to not only balance out the pH, but to give me the energy I need for my active lifestyle! I am on this for life!

  232. J Johnson says:

    My husband and I have been taking the pH Balancer, Fulvic minerals and the Lugol’s Iodine for about 8 or 9 months now. It was suggested to us by our Functional Medicine doctor. I have since learned more about the humic and fulvic advantages to our needs to be healthier people. The doctor also had use your product that detoxes the metals from your body. We are relatively healthy for our age but are doing all we can to stay off all the medications so many of our family members and friends take and are being successful at that by using your products and eating organic, whole foods. Thank you for developing a products to fill the gaps in our nutrition. We have fewer aches and pains, do not get sore after a hard days work and I think I have more mental clarity and tend to forget things less than I used to.

  233. Laura says:

    I love Mother Earth Labs products…I have done a lot of research and I believe I have found the products that are pure and beneficial. I only wish I would have known about these products a year ago when my grandson was battling brain cancer.

  234. Ann says:

    I just finished my first quart of the ph balancer. I wanted to see if I felt better and try the smaller size, before buying the gallon size. I felt great! And, boy did I feel the difference when I forgot to take it with me on vacation. Buying more for sure.

  235. Terry says:

    We love the pH Balancer Red Formula. I used to take so many vitamins but now I just take the Red solution. I order the gallon size and use the quart bottles to keep refilling.

  236. Pat says:

    Hi, I’m running out and I’m scared not to renew. I love the way I feel with taking pH Balancer every morning. That’s my first boost and it lasts all day. Can’t do without it. Thank you.

  237. Deborah says:

    I have been taking Humic and Fulvic Acids for quite some time. My natural health care provider suggested I could get even more benefit from pH Balancer. She was right, what a difference. Our body is the only house that really matters. Thank you for helping me maintain mine.

  238. Dean says:

    Mother Earth Labs not only makes awesome products, but their customers service is one of the best too.
    They are very easy to deal with and will do whatever it takes to make sure the customer is satisfied with their order.

  239. Amelia says:

    I love this product so much yall. I’ve had constipation literally my whole life until I started taking this. It also helps me have more energy and run longer at the gym!

  240. Sara says:

    I am a 62 year old cancer survivor. Your pH Balancer is an awesome product and has helped me in so many ways. My husband has been using it too. He has psoriadic arthritis and had to do a complete detox. He is so much better and is not taking any prescription drugs! Your fulvic products were recommended to us several years ago by a naturopath and we have been using them ever since!

    Thank you Mother Earth for keeping my family healthy!

  241. Paul says:

    The pH Balancer Red Formula is an amazing product. It has replaced all of my vitamins and less expensive per serving. I am 39 years old and in the best shape of my life in part due to this multi vitamin. Thank you!

  242. Maria says:

    This product is wonderful. It combines so many things we were taking separately and is tasty enough for my 5 year old to take without any fuss when mixed with a little juice. So- it’s making us feel better and saving is money. Win- Win!

  243. Jan H says:

    My husband uses the ph Balancer each day and I use The Gift. I stopped using it for a few months and one realized I didn’t have the mental clarity I had while using it. Back on it I go! Reorder time:)

  244. Andrea M says:

    Your pH balancer is working well for our family. Thanks

  245. Jesus G says:

    This product is amazing. I was a bit nervous to purchase at first. I have tried all other products from other vendors and I was not satisfied.
    This product not only works but is a life changer. I am type 2 diabetic and eating alone doesn’t work. With the help of this product I was able to get the energy and vitamins I need to work out eat better and feel better.

  246. Jim says:

    My wife and I started taking PH Balancer and noticed we both have less pain in our joints and more energy, we are sold forget all those old supplements in the Pantry all we need is our Go Juice as we now call it!

    Thanks a million
    Jim and Sherri

  247. Angela says:

    I have used mother Earth labs ph balancer in the past and loved it. I can tell a difference when not using it so I’m ordering more!

  248. Stacey says:

    I’ve been using your products for over 6 yrs. and I can’t imagine being without them! You have quality products that have made a difference in my health. Best Fulvic is so easy to take…in my water daily. I rely on it as part of my daily detox. Love the Lugol’s capsules, it assures me I’m taking the correct daily dose. Thank you for your superior products!

  249. Ali says:

    The products from Mother Earth Labs are amazing! The Ph balancer liquid alkalizing red formula has been life changing.
    I have more energy to do the things i love. It helps with joint pain and muscle recovery.

  250. D. Ching says:

    My naturopath recommended the Best Fulvic during my detox for Heavy metals great stuff! Now I will be using pH Balancer during my detox and healing with PEMF. During cell cleansing, they’re looking for nutrients like those found in the pH Balancer. Good to know I won’t be taking other supplements as they will not be needed.

  251. Julie says:

    I am a 45-year-old female that has been suffering from thyroid and pancreatic issues. I was not digesting fats for some reason. I added Mother Earth labs pH Balancer. I have been using the product for 3 months. I just had my labs taken and my pancreatic numbers are back to normal! This was the only change I made. I will continue to use this product! Thank you.

  252. Maya says:

    I love the way you describe your products and the manufacturing process which is so important!
    Currently taking Fulvic Minerals my daughter gave me! Just fabulous to realize all this energy had been missing from my life!

  253. Kurt says:

    Thank You for your products, I really feel them making a difference.

  254. Irene says:

    The Gift from Mother Earth Labs has been a game changer for me and my family. After watching the segment on the show Healing Quest, I decided to give humic and fulvic acids a try. I have been using this product for 8 months and my health is completely transformed. My mental clarity is improved, I have been able to come off of a prescription anti-depressant, and my blood pressure is now solidly in the average range. Thank you, Mother Earth Labs!

  255. Debbie says:

    I have been using the Gift, GI Ultra Max Pro, Replenish and Good Night for several months now. I have had heavy metals for a long time and now they are actually starting to come out. I’ve never used a product that was so organic and so effective. Thank you!

  256. Sherri says:

    We have been taking PH Balancer now for 4 months and love this product. We can see a huge difference and the joint pain and inflammation my husband has is gone as long as he takes his PH balancer.

  257. Sandra says:

    I started taking Fulvic, iodine, and the gift!
    I can tell its detoxing my body, and I’m feeling so much better, more energy!
    I haven’t been taking this very long so I will report back later!

  258. Joseph says:

    Bought the Gift from Mother Earth Labs and never looked back since. It has helped me so much with my thyroid and joint pain. This is exactly what God intended for us to have in our systems. I thank you guys so much for this!

  259. Nick says:

    I would just like to say Thank You for such a wonderful product. My wife and I have been taking the gift for a little over 2 weeks. We can already feel a difference in how we feel. Although slight, we are confident that we will continue to feel even better as time goes on. We just ordered the PH Balance and can’t wait to see the results of it.
    Thanks Again

  260. Linda says:

    Four years ago our son felt like we would benefit from “The Gift” and ordered it for us. We were so thrilled with the it and decided we needed to check out their other products. My husband and I are both 65 and have switched to the OsteoWellness Formula not only for the bone density support but for the multi vitamin and multi mineral benefits as well.
    We are on a fixed income but feel the benefits from it daily and think our health and well-being is worth it.
    Thank you Mother Earth Labs!!

  261. Geralyn says:

    Over the past 3 years I have been diagnosed with three auto-immune conditions, each of which was presented to me as “treatable but incurable.” When my hair started falling out (also auto-immune related), I all but gave up hope. It seemed my body had become pitted against me. I did not know where to turn western medicine had nothing to offer other than a band-aid. Then I spoke with Dr. Stuart Hoover at Mother Earth Labs. His perspective on gut health, nutrient absorption, the underlying cause of auto-immune conditions and how to reverse the trend, empowered me to take charge of my health.
    I\’m on a solid road to full recovery with the help of your products. They are truly in a class all their own.

  262. Linda says:

    I started taking pH Balancer about 3 months ago at the suggestion of my nutritionist. Honestly, I didn’t expect to notice a change in the way I feel because I have been on a good vitamin regime for several years. Well, I must admit that I have more energy even through our horribly hot summer. My nails and skin have improved as well. I’m sold!!

  263. Ron says:

    Great Product. I was given this by my wife’s brother who is a doctor in Kansas City, MO. Wish I had started and listened

  264. Margarett Martinez says:

    I have tried many different products to help with inflammation and osteo arthritis. I have changed my diet to no sugars and very few carbs. All though this diet helped some, it wasn’t until my functional doctor recommended P H Balancer along with Fulvic. I have truly seen a great improvement and have been on them both for about 6 months! I will continue these products and recommend them to others who struggle with arthritis pain.

  265. Christina W says:

    I have tried many products and the osteo wellness product is the best on the market that I have found. I kid you not in my first month my bones seem different stronger. What attracted me to this product was the fact that it has everything in it and so I don’t have to buy everything separately and spend a fortune.My whole body seemed stronger from the core out I think it was all the minerals and stuff.

  266. Gigi says:

    I have had a number of digestive health issues and I have had thinning hair for a number of years. My health practitioner suggested the Gift- fulvic/ humic acid by Mother Earth Labs and it has been working surprisingly well after just 6 weeks…I think I will stay on it indefinitely and will get my family on it soon.

    Thank you!! Gigi

  267. Juli says:

    My husband and I have been taking PH Balancer for a month. My Chiropractor told me about PH Balancer and I was just getting ready to order my regimen of vitamins of which I was only taking what I needed per tests from my Bio Identical Hormone Dr. PH Balancer was less than all of those vitamins so I purchased a bottle – looked on the back and was able to eliminate all of my vitamins and iodine as I also purchased the Lugol’s Iodine and the Ultra Omega 1800. Just in a month my PH has risen from when I started. I just ordered a gallon of PH Balancer – it’s a great product! I can’t wait to take it every morning vs choking on a bunch of vitamins every morning!

  268. JW says:

    The positive changes in my health since starting on the PH Balancing Red Formula has been over whelming. It’s amazing how much better I feel. How much more energy I have and how improved my gut health has been since starting. Truly a remarkable product.

  269. Albert says:

    PH Balancer Red. Wow what a boost of energy. I have been taking this for a little over a week and I have to admit it has boosted my energy level immensely. I started with a qt and I am going to buy 1 gallon now. It has also helped me with my appetite. Just an amazing product. I gave 1oz to my nephew who is always tired and drained after taking the oz he reported back to me that his energy level had increased and he too is buying some. Thank you for such a great product.

  270. Sally says:

    I take the OsteoWellness and feel much stronger and have more energy when I take it. I know for sure it’s the OsteoWellness because when I miss taking it in the morning I can feel the difference.

  271. Michael says:

    My wife started taking the Ph balancer, then started giving it to our grandson and they both love it. She was on me for the multi vitamin I had been taking all my life so I finally switched. I am sure glad I did. This is good stuff!!!

  272. Ion says:

    I am 34 years old. About 4 years ago a was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis that also caused a severe iron deficient anemia. Poor digestion and low energy levels became something usual. I was on anti inflammatory meds all the time and corticosteroids several months a year when encountered symptoms flair up, had to receive blood transfusion occasionally. That was doctor’s strategy. I was interested in trying some alternatives and decided to try GI Ultra Max. After second week I felt way more energy and better digestion. I also switched to a gluten free diet and grass fed meats and dairy.
    I got the blood work done recently after being on GI Ultra Max for about three months and my blood counts are finally normal!!!
    Thank You Mother Earth Labs for great products!!!!!

  273. Sabrina says:

    In June I was severely burned on my right leg, a friend sent be a quart of the Best Fulvic Isolate and it is amazing! It really helps restore the pigmentation in my leg!

  274. Barbara says:

    Since taking this product I have more energy and feel a lot better.

  275. Elaine says:

    I have a mentally challenged lady living with me and give her the COMPREHENSIVE WELLNESS NUTRITION FORMULA (1 oz.) everyday. I believe this keeps her immune system in top shape that she does not get sick. I would hate to think of going without this product. I’m thinking I need to start taking it also. I was sick this summer and she never got it.

    Elaine L.

  276. Fit, Fly & Chic says:

    It was my first time trying your products. I had heard so much about the PH Balancer & Gift. It is really amazing to have a company sell quality products to enhance health, wellness and performance!

  277. Lorraine says:

    Lugols liquid iodine is the best iodine supplement I have taken. Great quality and price. Looking forward to trying other Mother Earth Labs products!

  278. Carol S says:

    I started using Mother Earth Lab products four years ago. I cannot say enough about how these vitamins and supplements have enriched my life! My energy levels and vitality of 30 years ago have been restored!

  279. Joseph B says:

    Absolutely love the ph balancer and GI Ultramax!

  280. Marisela says:

    My results on GI Ultramax: It has given me more energy, no bloating, good digestion. I was diagnosed with Hashimotto last year. I was a lot better at the beginning of the year (with enzymes but still not quite right, had some days that felt without energy and like a feverish feeling). GI Ultramax made the difference. Now, I started to do exercise because I feel I have some energy to spend! The feverish feelings have gone away. I can’t say enough about this product and pH Balancer.

    Thanks for your help!

  281. Jordan H. says:

    Mother Earth Labs PH Balancer has been such a great asset to my morning supplement routine. I love it!

  282. Tony R says:

    Not only is it difficult to find so great an amount of ingredients in one product but just as difficult is it to find proper, non-synthetic ingredients. You sometimes feel as if you have to take the bad with the good just to get what you need in many other products. Not so with the pH BALANCER Alkalizing Red Formula. I am well pleased with this product and am about to order another bottle because I’m about out. Keep up the good work. This is a great help to my health. Probably more than I know.

  283. Tami says:

    The pH Balancer helps my daughter stay focused and have good energy to do her school work while away at college. It is a daily must for her. Student discounts would be great!!!

  284. india b says:

    The PH balancer is the best thing I could of ever bought.

  285. Marjorie says:

    I am a senior and have been using Mother Earth Labs products for 3 years and have noticed a significant difference in my energy levels. I highly recommend the Comprehensive Wellness Formula Over 310. After I take just one capful my energy level rises and I can complete my morning chores in record time. My other favorite product is the Fulvic & Humic Concentrate, The Gift. These Mother Earth products have improved the quality of my life enabling me to really enjoy each day because they help me to feel better.

  286. Katrina C says:

    My husband and I use Replenish daily for our morning protein shakes. I’ve never had a protein powder that gives me energy so quickly without any bloat. It isn’t grainy at all like others veggie based protein powders and mixes well alone with almond milk. I’m so happy we found this protein powder, it’s the only one we’ll ever need!

  287. Tracy says:

    My elderly mother in law tried the red formula and finally started to feel better! Her appetite increased she started putting on some weight and her energy level was also much better. At 86 she’s very thankful and so am I.
    Our 15 year old American Eskimo loves the Pet Wellness formula, too!
    Thank you Mother Earth Labs!!!

  288. Tyler A says:

    Your product OsteoWellness changed my life. I’m a 32 yr old vegetarian and I am always on the lookout for ways to get everything I lack. The energy and feeling I get when taking your product is just incredible.

    Thanks for being such an amazing company and sticking true to your natural beliefs.

  289. Meredith says:

    I am so grateful for Mother Earth Labs. I have chronic lyme disease. I have come a long way in treatment and quality of life with the help of your amazing Humic & Fulvic acid. ‘The Gift’ is a must in my treatment routine. Thank you so much!

  290. Ben says:

    I love Mother Earth Products and recommend to everyone I know

  291. Victoria says:

    Since taking the Ph balancer Red formula, I have energy in the morning as soon as I get up and majority through out the day. I do not feel groggy when I first wake in the morning ever since taking this product. I was amazed by how much minerals and vitamins it had in it!!!!!! I mean It LITERALLY HAS everything in it in its natural form. I no longer need to stop by the Herb store. Its such blessing to come upon this product. I have persuaded my husband to take this as well with the Best Fulvic acid. This is best way I can keep my body alkaline while providing me the necessary vitamins that I need everyday. I have not gotten sick at all since taking this product, it has help my immunity system alot and I am also hoping that it correct my hormones balances as well. I will continue to purchase this product until me and my husband try again to start a family.

  292. Michael says:

    A single source nutrition. Easy to use and everything you need. Well done.

  293. Walter says:

    This product is inspiring

  294. Laura says:

    I’ve been using Mother Earth Labs products for the past five years after surgery, my recovery was fast and have great energy. The Gift is my favorite everyday supplement.

  295. Lisa S. says:

    I love “The gift” humic & fulvic blend. I take it everyday & honestly would not live without it. It jump starts my metabolism and gives me clarity of thought to make it through out the day. Thanks for all your amazing products.

  296. Jeremy H. says:

    Mother Earth Labs products are absolutely amazing! I was suffering from chronic ulcerative colitis. I now take the pH balancer, gi ultra max and the gift.
    I’ve not had any issues in almost a year! Great products, great service. I highly recommend their products!

  297. Ruth says:

    I am ABSOLUTELY SOLD on these products. I received a sample of the Fulvic from a friend. She gave me 1 glass of water with the drops. Within minutes I could literally feel my myself energizing as if the cells in my body were coming alive! I had a youthful energy ALL DAY that was wonderful. I knew I had found gold!

  298. Patricia says:

    i started using your comprhensive vitamins over a year ago. i tried switching to another well recommended vitamin a couple times because of cost but always return to mother earth labs vitamins the little bit extra cost is well worth it..thank you for such a great quality product

  299. Martha C. says:

    We love The Gift!! We have seen an increase in immunity, energy, and overall health. It\’s also a product I recommend to my clients. I am so grateful to have access to such a product.

  300. Donna says:

    The pH Balancer has been such a huge help for my health and for my family as well. Customer service is great .. my order always arrives in a few days.

  301. Lorine says:

    Mother Earth Labs came highly recommended by one of my healthcare practitioners needless to say the whole family including the pets are enjoying the benefits!

  302. EFox says:

    I have been enjoying the benefits of replenish veggie for some months now… it has given me more energy and an improved mood. I suffered from depression for much of my life and none of the prescribed medications seem to help… but this does! people even tell me I “glow” which i attribute to my improved health with replenish.

  303. Glendy says:

    My son is taking the GI formula and the Gift for a healthy gut…it has improved his allergies every day which is an added bonus.

  304. Nancy says:

    I have been using Lugol’s Iodine with Fulvic for the past 6 months and have noticed a huge difference in my energy and wellbeing. It’s a lifesaver for me!

  305. Alicia says:

    My whole family wakes up everyday with a half ounce of the PHbalancer and The Gift. It has replaced so many supplements we would take. We have more energy, clearer minds, better skin, our hair grows fast and is very healthy now, our joints don’t ache, plus better digestion.
    Thank you an I hope you always make this

  306. Faith says:

    I have been taking The Gift for over a year and I will be a costumer for life! I have tried hundreds of supplements but never received the benefits like I do with The Gift! It has helped me with adrenal fatigue, bacterial infections, severe fatigue, and even my skin! I am constantly getting compliments on my skin and how soft and vibrant it is! I love this product because I know I am getting exactly what my body needs! Now I am also adding 400x to my regime! I trust all of Mother Earth Labs products completely!

  307. Julie W says:

    Thank you for making such a quality product!

  308. Olympia says:

    I have used several Mother Earth lab products and they are very clean and pure. My Naturopath dr recommended them to me

  309. Michelle says:

    We take the Comprehensive in our family. Me and my daughter have mthfr gene mutation. This formula has so many key ingredients to help us detox and support our pathways.

  310. Rose says:

    Purchased phBALANCER many times and have to say that it is a great product. It has settled my stomach from reflux and I have given up talking over the counter products. GREAT PRODUCT!!!

  311. Lisa H says:

    I love the Alkalizing formula. It is a great combination of vitamin and minerals and it is easy to take.

  312. trish says:

    I love these vitamin mineral supplements. They came highly recommended from my dr. I have tried other vitamins that are less expensive but come back to these. I feel so much better when I take them.

  313. Terry D says:

    Prior to finding, I was taking 6 vitamins twice a day. I really struggle with taking pills, so it was a process I absolutely dreaded, not to mention the nausea and cramping that came when I didn’t eat the right amount of food at the right time before taking them. I started taking the pH Balancer about 6 months ago, and I feel amazing AND I get all the vitamins I need…in liquid form! I don’t have to worry about eating with the pH Balancer as long as I drink a healthy amount of water with it. I am thrilled at how I feel and not having to swallow so many pills!!!

  314. John says:

    Very good products, recommended for all family members

  315. LiLi says:

    I first learned of Mother Earth Labs, from my Friend, Len. That was in 2011. While having lunch with him, earlier this year, I noted that he looks younger and younger, each time I see him! For realsies!

    He and his partner do such beautiful, important work.

    Thank You, Mother Earth Labs!

  316. Hannah says:

    I am excited to say, these products actually do what they say they do! I was introduced to Fulvic by a friend a couple weeks ago. It worked so well and energized me throughout the day so I had to get a bottle for myself!

  317. Elisabeth says:

    Lugol’s Iodine Plus is a wonderful product that has made a difference in my life! So happy I found it on this site!

  318. James says:

    The products I’ve tried have all been wonderful and the taste of some are even better (alkalizing Ph blends) than the baseline products, highly recommend it if that’s what you’re looking for! Definitely the most comprehensive blend of nutritional daily supplementation I have ever seen, with quality ingredients to boot!

  319. Lindsay says:

    The pH balancer has been a huge part of the Health-overhaul I’ve experienced in the last year. It has helped to balance my gut health, and through that my skin has cleared, my hair has thickened and I feel better than I’ve ever felt before.

  320. R Faro says:

    Have been using pHBALANCER Alkalizing Red for quite a while now and love it. Have reduced the cold/flu to a minimum. The Lugol Plus is also a must!

  321. Yvette says:

    These products are brilliant!

  322. Vicki D. says:

    Fast shipping!! The money and hassle savings of not having to fill up pill trays with a dresser drawer full of supplements is awesome. I have been using ph Balancer for less than a month and am already feeling more energized.

  323. Joe H. says:

    No other products website gives you the amount of information of their products as Mother Earth Labs. They were happily recommended to me and have unsurpassed quality.

  324. Gary says:

    I am using phBalancer Red and find I don’t feel as acidic as before.

  325. Joyce says:

    My homeopathic doctor put me on The Gift and it has made such an improvement in my health. I thank you for making this wonderful product.

  326. Stacey says:

    I’ve had a lot of problems with my hair falling out. Which I believe is from lack of nutrition. I believe this product has if not corrected at the very least eased my hair issues plus I just feel better overall!! I’m a customer for life!
    Thank you

  327. Erik says:

    My wife and I have been taking Ph Balancer for 6 months as we engage in a serious detox. It has been such a help to be strengthening our bodies as we ask it to work hard to get rid of years of heavy metal accumulation. As a start we noticed how much we like the taste — as if our bodies are crying out for it. It’s great to begin each day putting something that feeds me this much in.

  328. D. Ching says:

    Finishing first gallon of pH Balancer red. Feeling up. Slowly eliminating all the other bottles of supplements. So easy to use. Add to morning ACV drink or smoothie.

  329. Mirabella says:

    Thank you for all the initial guidance. I so appreciated the time you took to explain which products would help me the most. I love them all and I’ve been totally devoted and consistent with them for about 6 months. Replenish, GI Pro, Lugol’s, pH Balancer. I can just say I’ve been feeling better and better. I have more energy, strength and increased positive outlook then I have had in over a year since that thing they call a diagnosis… blessings, MbLove

  330. Sondra says:

    I have been using PH Balancer for 2 years and I am so thankful my D.PSc. recommended it to me. It has helped me so much with my health. God bless, S. Ellyson

  331. Nancy says:

    Ive been using the Ph
    Balancer with great results . Ive been able to get off the acid reflex pills .
    This is a healthy way to take control of your acid .
    I went from 5.5 Ph
    To 8 ph with the acid blancer and food .
    Thank you

  332. Rhonda says:

    My brother, who is 71, started taking The Gift and Fulvic Isolate 3 weeks ago and his health has improved tremendously! He is like a different person health-wise! Which is why I am placing an order today, to better my health!

  333. Dennis says:

    I have been using the Comprehensive Wellness Formula for a couple of years now. I have enjoyed a very high state of wellness in those years and I can say that I have not had ANY illnesses in that time.

  334. James says:

    I’ve been taking the Gift and my gut health has improved so much! I’ve just ordered more!

  335. Emily says:

    LOVE Replenish! I don’t know how I ever made it through the day without it!

  336. Tonya says:

    The difference was so subtle and powerful in my health but I didn’t notice it really until I quit taking the gift.

  337. Marcia says:

    Hello Mother Earth Earth Labs,

    your pH Balancer really seems to lift my energy levels. Thank you. M

  338. Katie says:

    I noticed a difference in my energy levels after taking the Gift for a month and how I did not need to take as many of the other supplements that I was taking because of how effective the product was. I would definitely recommend the product to anyone that is on the fence about it.

  339. Matthew says:

    I have been taking the pH Balancer Liquid Alkalizing Red Formula for about 3 months now and I have noticed a huge change in my energy levels! My whole family was sick for around 3 weeks with a cough/cold, but I didn’t even catch a sniffle. This stuff will give you more energy and make you feel physically feel better as you’re packing your body with the essential nutrients it needs. I highly recommend you try this for a month, you won’t believe the difference!

  340. wings4him says:

    Feel wonderful just after one month. Oh balancer has everything l need for my whole body health!
    Not wasting money on pills that aren’t easily absorbed!

  341. Delfin says:

    Hi amazing that I found you. Thank you.

  342. R.G. says:

    I have only taken pHBalancer for a short time but have noticed a great improvement in my skin and overall health. I don’t seem to assimilate vitamins very well so this has been a great replacement!

  343. Roxanne says:

    I was turned onto Mother Earth Labs a year and a half ago. After taking the Comprehensive Wellness Formula and the Gift for 6 months, my acne began to clear and my energy levels increased. In my past I was dedicated to practicing hot yoga, which constantly left me depleted of minerals no matter what I did. Though I eat a pretty clean diet and have been quite health conscious for the past decade of my life while trying to heal some health issues, I have never found the support from supplements the way i have with your products. I encourage anyone that asks me to look into your products. I cannot wait to try them all! Thank you

  344. Glendy says:

    My doctor recommended PH balance and GI Ultra Max Pro…it helps heal the gut and gives all the vitamins and prebiotics we need.

  345. Lauren says:

    My Nutritionist Recommended the Gift to help me rebalance my minerals and aid in my detox process. I have had terrible headaches and skin for over 20 years. The Gift has helped me achieve health I never thought possible.

  346. kris says:

    My son uses the PHbalancer. It has really helped control his acne!

  347. TJ says:

    Just started the Gift last week, boy this stuff works!
    I did not think I was this toxic.
    The detoxing that is happening is crazy.
    I’m excited to move to the PH Formula
    with the Iodine also.
    Thanks for the great products!

  348. Gihee says:

    I’m a stage 4 cancer survivor in my late fifties. Since I have taken your pH Balancer and Iodine for last 4 months, I notice the difference in my energy levels throughout the day, especially when I wake up in the morning. Thank you for your product & great customer service!

  349. David says:

    I Have been taking the comprehensive wellness for over a year and have zero complaints and have felt tons of benefits right from the start, a most constant energy level through out the day would be the easiest one to identify. I have had blood work done during this time and i am in the optimal range of all the major categories. I plan to keep this as part of my daily routine for life

    thanks mother earth!!

  350. David says:

    great products and will keep implementing them when needed as well as some as my daily health routine for life!

    Thanks mother earth!

  351. David says:

    I have been on phBALANCER and Best Folic for a year now. The Folic has been on and off.

    My resent test showed I no longer have Lead, Mercury, 2,4,5-T or 2,4-D in my system along with other toxic chemicals. I was exposed to large amounts of Agent Orange in Vietnam and have suffered for years from autoimmune issues.

    I’m feeling great, physically and mentally. Have been loosing weight with out really trying. Seems to be balancing out on its own. Have been loosing about 2 lbs. a week for almost a year.

    Don’t understand how your products work, but I’m so thankful my Health Care Provider put me on them. My prognosis a year ago was not good! I had been to MD’s for years all they ever did was give me more medications, I was up to 19 of them. Now off all but a few and working on those.

    It’s so nice feeling good and having productive work and relationships again. After almost 20 years of pain and being in bed for most of the time. I’m free!

    Thank you and my family thanks you!

  352. suecarelli says:

    I use the Comprehensive Nutrition Formula and I absolutely love this product!!

  353. Leslie Pelletier says:

    The GI Max has cured my upper GI bleed. Great product!

  354. Marcia G says:

    Dealing with Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism there are supplements to avoid but not this one. It has most of all the ingredients needed and none of the fillers that can trigger problems like gluten, soy, etc. Very satisfied!

  355. David says:

    My wife has been using your osteowellness nutrition for years. When I started to have hip problems , I joined her in a daily dose . Just had my total hip replacement three months ago and the first thing the surgeon told my wife was … your husband has incredible bone structure . Thank you Mother Earth and of course I will continue my daily dose!!!

  356. Maria says:

    Hello I just wanted to share this with everyone me and my family have been using the PH balancer and the Replenish whey protein and we must say these products are amazing I highly recommend them me and my family take the ph balancer early in the morning and it gives us lots of energy and we are ready to get our day started weather its going to the gym or going on a hike my mother is going to order the GIFT due to her health problems and her diabetes as well I highly recommend these wonderful products

  357. Carrye says:

    It is such a relief to finally find a single dose vitamin that has EVERYTHING in it! An added bonus is that it does not upset my stomach. Thank you, Mother Earth Labs!

  358. Sam says:

    Couldn’t live without these products! Have literally changed my life. can’t wait to try the new greens!

  359. Julie says:

    My wife and I bought the PH Alkalizing formula. I do crossfit 3-4 times a week and thought that this was helping my performance and recover. Once we ran out I definitely noticed a difference! My muscle soreness increased significantly, so I’m confident that it’s due to not taking the formula. Will definitely not run out again.

  360. Katie says:

    I wanted to share that I was at first skeptical about the impact that the pH Balancer could have on my health. After having taken the product for a few months consecutively, I notice a dramatic difference when I take it and I am so grateful I tried it. I have way more energy when I take it, I have no headaches, no digestive issues, and more clarity in my thoughts. It also helps me kick the coffee habit! I didn’t realize how good it was making me feel until I ran out and noticed old health issues creeping their way back. Thank you Mother Earth Labs for the high quality products you create!

  361. Miller says:

    I am SO thankful that I found the pH balancer by Mother Earth Labs. I needed something that would help detox as well as provide the proper nutrients I needed in one package. (and one that is MTHFR gene friendly) I was soooo tired of buying multiple vitamins and trying to take all of them every day and even though this has lots of B vitamins in it, it doesn’t upset my stomach and I have been testing my urine pH and its only alkaline when I take this formula. If I stop for a few days it goes acidic again.Its exhausting! One warning is start slow if you know you need to detox. Take 1/4 oz or less at first and work your way up to avoid feeling crummy at first. I’m up to 1-2 oz a day and feeling great!! Highly recommend to just about anyone.

  362. Cathy says:

    I have been taking PH Red Balancer for two weeks now. I was on vacation and saw it in a Raw Food Bistro for sale. I had a traumatic accident two years ago and have been working on my stamina and endurance. In two weeks time I totally feel the difference and will not be without PH Red Balancer. I do not have to have a suitcase of vitamins which makes life easier. It feels so awesome to have my stamina and endurance start to return. I have taken numerous vitamins and adaptogens but this formula makes a real difference. Thank you Mother Earth!!

  363. James says:

    I’ve been using PH Balancer for a couple of years now, and I still think it’s the best complete supplement I’ve tried!

  364. James says:

    I had abdominal pain for over two years until one month ago when I started pH Balancer. I have been feeling better each day and thank you!

  365. Sue says:

    I have used several of your products and like that they cause no stomach upset, and provide energy. You can tell the difference when you run out.

  366. Janet says:

    I have a long history of chronic fatigue, spasms and pain issues. I have tried more than my fair share of products to no avail. I decided to give Mother Earth Labs a try. I ordered Fulvic Minerals and Ionic Magnesium to test the products before I jumped in with both feet. I have taken Fulvic Minerals and Ionic Magnesium for a month and can tell a difference in all areas. I plan to reorder both along with additional products. Very happy with the products!

  367. William says:

    The pHBALANCER has been highly recommended to me and know I know why, with the diverse groups of supplements in this product that you wont find anywhere else and thats what I’ve been looking for!! Now I share it with family and friends!!

  368. Ana says:

    I love these amazing products, this is my 2nd time purchasing the pH Balancer, it makes taking vitamins easy, and it doesn’t taste bad at all. Very happy customer! 🙂

  369. D Little says:

    Thank you for sharing this gift! Can’t wait to feel the benefits and help others. What an awesome company and products

  370. Kerri says:

    Everyone should try the products from Mother Earth Labs! Just the education the site gives you on what your body needs is essential and I feel confident using the products. It’s worth a try. Great results.

  371. Scott says:

    I recently became a customer when learning more about Fulvic Acid and how important it is to us. I ordered the Gift in a Gallon size of the Fulvic + Humic Acid and have not been disappointed at all. I am getting ready to order the full strength Fulvic Acid 400 along with the Ph Balancer to really help my Gf and myself. I am continually looking for top notch products and superior products for us and this company is absolutely outstanding and will have a lifelong customer over here. Thanks again and all the best


  372. Tim says:

    I work shift work and routinely do not rest properly or eat properly. Since taking pH Balancer, I have noticed that I feel much better and also that several skin blemishes (especially on my face) have disappeared. Thanks for such a great product.

  373. Kristy Macklin says:

    I have been using the ph balancer and highly recommend it. My parents have currently started using it. I feel that it is a high quality. Thank you mother earth labs!

  374. Kate P. says:

    I feel very lucky to have found this company. Their Lugol’s Iodine formula with Fulvic minerals has shown to be a far superior product to any other Lugol’s I have tried. I have had problems with my skin that this product has helped with immensely. Iodine helps to block the obscene excess of fluoride we are exposed to, which does terrible things for your health; and in my case, my skin.

    Thanks again for not only providing a very high quality product, but having friendly and supportive customer service.

  375. dana says:

    Love The Gift and Lugols Iodine Solutions. Healing from Lyme Disease and mold illness. Will continue to order!!!

  376. John G says:

    We’re dealing with Hashimoto’s/Hypothyroidism and Leaky Gut in our home and we’re very satisfied to have discovered PH Balancer and GI Ultra Max. Mother Earth Labs is great!

  377. Mirabella Love says:

    I’ve been a huge fan of MELs for about a year now and I’m so excited to try the new All-in-One Organic Greens powder. Exactly as Dr. Hoover describes in the video I’ve exhausted myself with juicing for the past 18 mos while on a healing journey for breast cancer. I love juices though I’ve basically stopped making them because even the idea of the effort it would take exhausts me. For me personally right now, there’s a lot of living I’d rather be doing then fearfully following a strict or complicated juice regimen. I’ve also been off some of my MEL products because of concern of conflicting with another complicated protocol but now I’m so ready to rebuild and replenish my body with what I feel is ‘good medicine’ and energy enhancing products. Thank you for continually being an amazing company and bringing ease of mind on the nutritional side of healing. So much admiration and appreciation,
    Mirabella Love

  378. Paul Holmes says:

    I have recommended your products to many family members, friends, and associates. As a trained health professional, I have been intimately involved and fascinated with the nutritional aspects of human health and human potential. I have watched so many fads come and go, so many things come around as “new”, so many claims of a product being “the silver bullet”, etc. The Mother Earth line of products just make sense: They are wonderfully bioavailable, simple to take vs handfuls of pills and capsules, and each product offers so many comprehensive benefits These products can correct nutritional deficiencies. Isn’t that what you want in a nutritional product? Is it the transport properties of fulvic and humic, is it the effect of these nutrients at the cellular level, is it synergy? Does it even matter? If you have a deficiency, I suspect these products will make a difference that you can see and feel. Excellent quality and worth every penny.

  379. Vince says:

    I’ve been using this product for the last two months I feel more energized and sleep better.

  380. Elsa says:

    I can definitely feel a difference when I take the Comprehensive Nutrition Formula. I have more energy and able to focus better.

  381. Bill says:

    I just finished my first gallon of the Comprehensive Formula and can feel a difference. I had been taking pill type supplements and I can feel this is actually helping me. I have more energy and sleep better. Great formula, do your homework and you’ll find this is an outstanding supplement for your health.

  382. Mike K says:

    It’s truly undeniable just how much of a difference the products do make. I have used ph balancer and it is the difference in my life with a 80 hour work week and 3 kids I need all the help I can get! I’m ready to try the all in one greens next!!! Thanks!!!

  383. Bridgette Caballero says:

    HI my name is Bridgette and my Mother introduced me to this amazing products I have been taking the PH Balancer ,REPLENISH advance whey protein and so far I have amazing results ,THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS WONDERFUL NUTRITION PRODUCTS

  384. Sylvia Ybarra says:

    Mother’s Lab offers great health products. I have tried The Gift, pH Balancer, and Osteo Wellness to help me with my RA. The pH Balancer product has given me a sense of well-being and energy that I did not have before. It’s been 3 weeks since I ran out of the product and noticed a decrease in energy and well being. I am getting back on my pH Balancer!!!

  385. Karen says:

    I’ve been taking Mother Earth OsteoWellness and/or PH Balancer for several years and wouldn’t take anything else! Great products and great customer service.

  386. Marie G says:

    After talking with a product specialist, I decided to try the Best Fulvic Isolate as a topical facial “toner”. I’m always looking for the best & most affordable natural skin care products and this was the perfect addition. I put it in a refillable glass spray bottle and spritz my face after washing and massage in some natural organic skin oil while my skin is still damp. I’ve done this for a week and have noticed an incredible difference! My acne is clearing up faster than I’ve ever seen, moisture is more balanced, and skin tone is evening out. I honestly can’t thank Mother Earth Labs more for such a great product. I’ve also tried in on mosquito bites and it’s helped take the painful itch away!

  387. Guss says:

    Hello everyone!

    I would like to take the time to extend a debt of gratitude to mother earth labs for doing things right. The comprehensive wellness formula is what I take everyday and is spot on. Helps to make me feel better, and we could all use that.


  388. richard says:

    Very informative website; seems to be trust-able information, in this age of “fake everything”, “we lie about everything we sell” on the internet. I’m going to order based on trust of the information provided, and will return with more testamonials after i receive my product(s); hopefully.

  389. Paris Z says:

    These products are amazing, and taking them has helped my family in an amazing way. I would recommend it to anybody and everybody.

  390. J. Spencer says:

    I have been on PH red for one month now and I am feeling better. I use to have a burning gut every night when I went to bed the pain would even wake me up every night around 4:00 AM. That has improved greatly. I am looking forward to having no gut pain at night in the near future. I still have acidic PH level, gradually the levels are rising. I did not get a acidic body overnight so I know it will take a while to have a alkaline Ph levels. What I like about PH Red is that I can get all my supplements in one bottle. It is so good to clear out all other supplement bottles from my medicine cabinet.. I also have ordered the Gift and I am anxious to get started on it. Customer service has been very helpful in answering my many questions. Thank You! Will be ordering again soon.

  391. Jan H says:

    My husband had prostate cancer 10 years ago. About 5 years ago, he had a scare where we thought he may have it back. All was well BUT that’s when he started using the PH Red Formula to help him stay properly PH balanced all the time. So now, I’ve decided to start using it, too! Looks like I should start using your new GI UltraMax product, too!

  392. Massimiliano Cassano says:

    I have been taking ALKALISING RED FORMULA for 12 months; this is by far the best multiminerals/multivitamins formula in the market…and believe me i have researched tons of products
    Before i was used to mix different supplements and mineral hoping to get a full spectrum of nutrients, it was expensive and time consuming to search the ingredients one by one and calculate the correct dosage; ALKALISING RED FORMULA made my life much easier by providing a complete supplement which i can just add to my smoothies.

    Thanks for bringing this amazing formula to us


  393. firegaldesigns says:

    Love their products! Easy to order, fast delivery and it taste good. Nice to have a company you can depend on and trust…

  394. Lyle says:

    I have enjoyed using the good night solution. It has helped with many sleepless night. Thanks again!

  395. damon says:

    Mother Earth’s Fulvic Liquid Minerals has helped ease some of my wife’s Lyme symptoms.

  396. Shelly B says:

    I have battled with insomnia and the Good Nite sleep formula was recommended to me. It has been the best sleep aid that I have tried.

  397. YP says:

    Love the products!

  398. Angie W says:

    I love your vitamins. What a difference it has made. Thank you !

  399. Amanda B says:

    I cannot say enough about Mother Earth Labs products! I have been taking The Gift (Fulvic & Humic Acid) for over a year now and noticed results almost immediately! I feel absolutely fantastic while taking the Fulvic & Humic Acid. I feel as though it provides with me increased energy and hydration. I rarely get sick and always have the energy needed to tackle my day to day schedule. I have been giving The Gift to my dogs as well.. just a little bit on their dog food and they LOVE IT! My beagle is 9 years old.. and I noticed a dramatic increase in his energy and stamina. Most foods and dog foods are deficient in the minerals needed to keep us and our pets healthy! This is must for me and I am a customer for life! 🙂


  400. John B. says:

    I have been using Mother Earth Labs’ Comprehensive Wellness Formula for over a year. It has helped me get my chronic auto immune issues back on track. I now enjoy a feeling of well being that I have not known for the past 30 years. My orders have been attended to quickly and accurately. I appreciate your company.

  401. jaye says:

    after many years of diligent study I have tried every method to address my thyroid issues. The road has led me to fulvic and humic factors. This approach makes so much sense and is the perfect complement to my other strategies. I heard about Mother earth on TV and am finally I believe on the right track

  402. James N says:

    Just wanted to say that the Vegetable Protein and GI Ultramax have been great. Both taste very good and I can feel a big difference. I will be re-ordering shortly.

    Thanks for the GREAT products!

    James N

  403. Judy T says:

    I have felt like I was “running on empty” – no spark and tired almost all the time. I wanted my energy back! I bought “The Gift” and at this time have used a dropperful per day for only 4 days – and – WOW! I am getting back to my usual energy and loving it! I have heard so much about Humic and Fulvic and decided upon Mother Earth Labs because of the Founder’s background in bio-chemistry – and now I know that was the right decision. I know it is important to have the correct quality in one’s supplements – and that is what I know is in Mother Earth Labs products – because I can feel it!! Thank you for such a wonderful product!

  404. Joseph F says:

    Replenish is one of the best products of it’s kind out there. This company specializes in a few well made products.

  405. mvlfitness says:

    I learned about Mother Earth Labs from Dr. Jerry Tennant (YouTube). Since then my family and I have been daily dosing with The Gift humic-fulvic acid. This product, coupled with high quality alkaline water and structured water, has proved beneficial to our health. Now I am stepping up to the PH Balancer “Amazing Red” to see if additional health benefits are gained. After approximately 6 months I hope to report back on this product.

  406. Jennie H. says:

    I started taking Comprehensive a month ago and I cannot believe how great I feel. My skin is glowing, I’m sleeping through the night and I finally feel like I’m on my way to optimal health. I ran out mid month and within a few days could feel the difference. I will continue to make this part of my daily routine and not run out again.

  407. Mat Davis says:

    The ingredients in their products are second to none. I’ve tried many multivitamins, but the pH balancer is the only one where I feel a difference. It keeps my energy up, and helps me recover faster after a grueling travel schedule.

  408. Mark says:

    I am pleased to have stumbled on your Comprehensive Wellness formula. It covers most everything in one shot.

  409. Debora Coelho says:

    Have been using your products for a long time now and love it.
    Lugol Iodine is amazing and a must. Phbalancer is the only multivitamin you need to stay healthy.
    If you have digestion issues, I recommend use the Gi UltraMax Pro.
    My stomach feels so much better after using it for some days.

  410. June F. says:

    Just wanted to thank you for the replacement order i rec’ed today. I
    do appreciate your great customer service & awesome products.

  411. Steve N. says:

    I haven’ been to a MD in over 20 years and seem to be healthy at age 64. I finally went to see a naturopath and he turned me on to your ph balancer. I can’t tell a difference yet but I have high hopes.

  412. nipnme says:

    Ph balancer has been one of the best things I have ever used to improve my gut health.

  413. Bryan says:

    Thank you for coming up with such great products. They really help my digestive problems.

  414. Meiko says:


    I just wanted to say that your pH Balancer Alkalizing Red Formula is the MOST bioavailable supplement out there from what I’ve seen. It’s like an infusion of life. I’m really impressed and know that I’m not only filling in the nutritional gaps when I take it but feel like I’m taking my health to the next level. Thank-you Mother Earth Labs and well done!!

    Ever since being introduced to this product by a naturopath, I recommend it to absolutely everyone! Please don’t ever change the formula…it’s absolutely amazing!!

    Best Regards,

  415. Antony M. says:

    I have been using PHbalancer and it has transformed my health.Am glad i found your product.I am so glad about all the support and education that you offer about various healthy problems and root causes. I will definitely continue telling other people about this gem.

  416. Frances says:

    Frances M.
    I have to thank Mother Earth Labs not only for their wonderful products, but also for their customer service that is outstanding! My husband and I can’t be without their PH Balancer, we feel amazing !! Love this company!!!

  417. deb olsen says:

    Love the good nite by mother earth labs!
    I’ve tried everything for sleep, and this actually works.
    And the liquid minerals are the best. Glad to find you guys

  418. Cholena D. says:

    My son and I have been taking The Gift From Mother Earth and it is a wonderful product. Our pediatrician prescribed use for added nutrients due to the loss of healthy minerals in his system. I would highly recommend to others!

  419. Andrea says:

    I had been feeling sluggish and run down and a friend suggested Comprehensive through Mother Earth Labs. The lift I felt within days of starting the product was incredible. I will definitely reorder. So thankful I came across this wonderful company.

  420. Bill says:

    A wonder they can pack so much nutrition in a single liquid oz. So easy to take and it tastes great. Will order again whenever I run out. Thanks for such a great product.

  421. Mayur says:

    Having been taking pH Balancer for 2 years now and have enjoyed better health as a result. My lab results have verified the use of pH Balancer into my daily health regime.

  422. Kaylee says:

    I take the gift daily and it has changed my life ! Energy levels are constant through out the day

    Thanks Mother Earth!

  423. Khannah J. says:

    I was introduce to the Fulvic Minerals by one of my students, immediately it started working. my ankle was swollen the pain stop and swelling went down… also i LOVE the energy i received and it seems like my awareness got sharpen if that make sense.. I love this product i recommend it to all my students as I teach my health class

    thank you

  424. Carey K. says:

    Replenish Veggie Protein is helping me lose weight steadily without feeling hungry! I highly recommend it!

  425. j whitney says:

    Great products , I especially like THE GIFT and LUGOLS iodine. Thanks!

  426. Maryann says:

    I have Rheumatoid arthritis. I think I found some of the missing links to my healing venture on this website. I’m sure I will find benefit with your products. Thanks to Tessa Gurley for recommending this website to me!

  427. Queenie says:

    I love the products and will recommend to my friends.

  428. Melinda says:

    Thank you for providing high quality nutritional products and supplements!!happy to share with others

  429. Deborah O. says:

    My husband and I take the Comprehensive Nutrition Formula and have stopped taking a multivitamin (we do take other supplements). Since we have switched, neither of us has gotten sick for over two years, and as a teacher, he is exposed to sick children almost daily. I used to get a run of the mill cold every winter and would get terribly run down, usually requiring bed rest. It’s nice not to lose all that time every year. I am almost interested in seeing how well my body would handle a cold now.

  430. Lisa H. says:

    Been using it now for 3 months and I can fill the difference of energy improving month after month. I just started on GI Pro so excited about this product as well.
    Thanks for all you do.

  431. jeremy g. says:

    I have been using the Comprehensive formula for a little over a year now and I can’t see myself not using this product. Thank you.

  432. Brittney B. says:

    Replenish Veggie Vanilla is the best tasting and beneficial protein powder I’ve found on the market.
    Also, their fulvic and pH products are by far some of the most superior alkalizing supplements you can do for your body, with a powerhouse full of all the minerals your body needs.
    There’s no doubt in my mind, I love Mother Earth Labs products.

  433. Bianca says:

    Simply the best nutriceutical on the market. Using PH Balance Alkalizing Red Formula, I have been able to come off insulin !!!

  434. Barbara H. says:

    I have been searching for months for the right iodine supplement. So far Mother Earth Labs is the only one that explained in detail the body’s need for both iodine and iodide as well as the fulvic and other minerals. It make sense. I have listened to the videos and can hear the sincerity in your wanting to truly help people. I will be placing my order for The Plus and am looking forward to eliminating the symptoms of iodine deficiency by eliminating the cause.

  435. Lorie N says:

    Our daughter had over 70 warts on her hands. We tried at least 10 remedies and nothing worked. We started using “The Gift” and they disappeared in 2 weeks. I’m so thankful we found this product!

  436. Robert S. says:

    This is a great product. Highly recommended!

  437. linda says:

    the OsteoWellness has been great for my health and would recommend to everyone!

  438. Kristen says:

    My new biofield tunning doctor recommended the liquid iodine, I know if they said to get it here, it’s a superior product. Looking forward to trying several of your products!

  439. Maria F. says:

    Hello just like to share this. I highly recommend these wonderful products ,I got introduced to these amazing products from my best friend ,thank you for this gift! sincerely Marie

  440. Tory S. says:

    I’ve tried The Gift and feel it’s helped me feel more grounded but also maintain hydration better. I think I’ll try the capsules for travel.

  441. Jean P. says:

    I am looking to experience GI Ultra Max Pro. I have been diagnosed with Leaky Gut and have been using another product but would like to try this product. My sister has had good results using it. Thank you! I’ll let you know how I do with it!

  442. Elizabeth S. says:

    I love this stuff I started taking this over a year ago and it is wonderful. I recommend this product to my family and friends!!

  443. amy c. says:

    My family has been taking the liquid ph vitamins for over 4 years now. It’s easy to take and doesn’t taste bad. I recommend this!

  444. Rick U. says:

    Thank you Mother Earth Labs! Well, my father is 94 years old, and had two strokes (he had a 7 cm necrosis, anteroposterior to the Pons) within two weeks in January 2018. I took care of him for three months, and in April he went to the emergency hospital at the VA for complications. And, that’s when my brother thought my father should go to an assisted living home. He came home after about 3 months, and I started juicing and giving him the pH Balancer. I have been taking the pH Balancer for about 3 years now, and my father would take the pH Balancer now and then. But, this time since I cook his meals, I give him his juice drink with the pH Balancer in the morning, and he eats a small dinner. If he wasn’t taking the pH Balancer, and the green juice, his quality of life would be worse. He can walk with a cane now, and his cognitive and behavioral functioning is better! Again, thank you Mother Earth Labs!

  445. d.ewing says:

    Have heard wonderful things about The Gift. Recommended by a friend. Can’t wait to try it.

  446. David A. says:

    Love your products!

  447. John & Katharina N. says:

    We have used Mother Earth Labs products for many years and are very pleased with the high quality and also health results we are getting. In particular we use the 400x Fulvic Liquid Minerals super concentrate by adding it to our reverse osmosis purified water. We also use the pH products. We highly recommend getting fulvic and other pH balance products directly from this lab.

  448. Jennifer S. says:

    Good nite helps our daughter who has a behavioral disorder to calm down at night.

  449. AL says:

    Ph Balancer has simplified my supplement regimen.

  450. Cynthia says:

    The Good Nite sleep formula is the first product that has worked great for my husband! Great product!

  451. Kendra T. says:

    I started taking pHBALANCER Alkalizing Red Formula last year. I was suffering from chronic inflammation and was looking to alkalize my system and nourish my body with multi-vitamins. I am so happy I found this product. I could tell a difference immediately. More energy, detoxing effects and weight loss ! Thank you Mother Earth Labs for this wonderful product!

  452. Elissa says:

    Not only does mother Earths Lab deliver quality products, but customer care is top notch. They address you questions and concerns with care and time until you are satisfied. I’m a forever customer!

  453. June M. says:

    My husband and I are both over 70, and find that we feel better and function better when daily taking the PH Balancer supplement. We’ve been taking for more than a year and, personally, recommend to younger folks also! But, it is never too late to take good care of oneself. We heartily recommend the Mother Earth Labs products.

  454. I. Reaves says:

    After using Mother Earth’s iodine capsules, my thyroid meds have been reduced and continue to go down. Great product!

  455. Nanette says:

    I purchased Best Fulvic Isolate. It tasted like water so it was easy to take and it was no problem getting my son to drink it. I felt a significant amount of energy after taking it for a couple weeks. My son suffered less colds through the winter months so far. I am going to continue purchasing this product and will recommend it to friends and family.

  456. Elizabeth Taveras says:

    Ph balancer the best product

  457. valiente.natalie says:

    We love the Fulvic Liquid Minerals. Our Doctor suggested it to help heal from Lyme Disease.

  458. Satya L.G. says:

    What a profound and noticeable shift in both energy, feeling grounded and more focused after being introduced to Ph Balancer. I will write more after I have been taking it longer. If this is any indication, Ph Balancer will remain a foundational product in support of my optimal health and well-being. Thank you for your deligence, love and care in making this much-needed nutrition available with such quality and integrity.

  459. Loreen P. says:

    I have used “The Gift” for years, and I find the taste to be pleasant. I take it to add much-needed minerals to my diet. Thank “Mother Earth Labs” and God for “The Gift”. – L.P. Gilbert, AZ

  460. Joan P says:

    I have been taking your red ph balancer for more than six months, and have noticed a positive change, along with diet, of my gastro issues and fatigue. I was also able to stop taking a handful of supplements! Thank you.

  461. rose says:

    So nice to take one supplement instead of a handful of hard to swallow pills!

  462. Cynthia M. says:

    I LOVE the Ionic Magnesium! My back was in knots before I started on it. I know that most people are very low in magnesium, but capsules were not working well for me. This liquid form is easy to take, and it works great!

  463. Victoria says:

    The Gift is how I start my mornings! An amazing product!

  464. Tim E. says:

    A more comprehensive group of products you will not find elsewhere. Well done…

  465. jhelling says:

    I have been using Mother Earth Organic Greens for several months now and am about to place another order as this is the most complete formula that I feel is available for my needs. My doctor, advised me to take the Mother Earth greens because it had such a complete balance of vitamins and minerals.

  466. coppolasandro says:

    I have to be honest, I was skeptical in the beginning, but after watching their videos on YouTube and did my research, I felt confident that this company was legit, especially after learning that Doctor Tennant is a big supporter of their products. I have used for a month The Gift and Best Fulvic, I took the dosages suggested in one of their videos. My energy is back, I don’t feel the need to sleep anymore 10 hours a day, I now sleep 6 to 8 hours a day. My memory has improved big time, I look better because my skin feels better and less dry. I will definitely recommend this products to anyone that is trying to improve their health. I also have to thank Bill, he is customer service advisor and he is amazing, he will take the time to explain the product and how it works, daily dosages and so on, he took the time to answer all the questions I had (and I had a lot of questions). I want to make sure that if you are reading this review, I would like to inform you that I don’t work for the company nor was I paid, I am a simple customer that is been fortunate to find these products.

  467. stephsellsnewhomes says:

    My husband and I have been using the Replenish, OrganiEarth and Lugol’s Iodine for about 2 months now. We’ve noticed an overall difference in how we feel. We have a lot more energy and our mental clarity has increased. I’ve also experienced faster recovery between workouts. Customer service was wonderful and speaking with Bill was such a pleasure! These products are truly amazing!
    S McCalla

  468. mayur4uf says:

    Having been on the pH Balancer for 3 months, I can say that I have more energy, clarity, and overall a feeling of enhanced vitality. I can honestly say that the product has made a positive impact in the past few months.

  469. robert4joy says:

    This is by far the best liquid multi-mineral/vitamin supplement I have experienced. I have been using it for 4 months now and couldn’t be happier. My wife and I feel more energized and vital.
    I practiced over 30 years as a Chiropractor and have recommended and sold many different vitamins, minerals, and herbs. If I had know about this when I was in practice, this would have been my best recommend nutritional support.

  470. Peter H. says:

    My name is Peter Hunt, and I am a chiropractor in Stroudsburg Pa. I strongly believe in the Mother Earth products, both for myself and my 92 year old mother. Bill was very helpful on the phone, and I am going to become a distributor in the near future. My patients also deserve the best supplementation possible.

  471. Charles B. says:

    I had a major problem with my stomach after eating certain foods, but after taking GI Ultra Max I can now eat almost anything with no problem.

  472. Tanisha B. says:

    I really like Mother Earth Labs and their products. I feel healthier when I am taking them.

  473. Massimiliano C. says:

    Ph Balancer is hands down the best supplement i have taken in over 20 years…and i have tried most of advanced supplements available on the market
    What it makes it stand out is the unique formulation with fulvic/humic which enhances the availability of vitamins and nutrients which are effectively absorbed rather than been excreted
    It’s a complete supplement with most of the compounds you need to nourish your body on daily basis, and can be taken in a single shot rather than ingesting dozens of pills how i was used to do it before.
    Thanks for your wonderful product

  474. Doris A. says:

    The packaging and taste are great. I’m new to this but have heard wonderful things about it, so excited!

  475. Amy T. says:

    First I want to say how wonderful customer service is! Whenever I call with questions they are answered with such patience and kindness. I started with the PH balancer a few weeks ago. I was hoping for the increase in energy that other people wrote about but at age 60 it has taken a long time to reach this level of adrenal fatigue to I am going to continue with ordering the products and add a couple more this time. I have noticed that my allergies have really decreased which I was really surprised with. Particularly since it was a particularly rainy year my hay fever is usually really bad. Since my allergies are improved I’ve got to believe that my body is healing in other areas too.

  476. David S says:

    The PH Balancer is the ultimate daily vitamin, I have been taking for over a year with zero complaints

  477. Alan says:

    Originally started the Gift several years ago for our twins because we thought they were not getting enough vitamins and minerals in their diet…their tendency to get colds, fevers, etc just went away in about a month and so far they have not been sick since. So that decided the wife and I to start taking the Gift as well and added the PH Balancer product. We have not been sick since either and feel like we have more energy as well as a strong immune system – HUGE pluses!!!

  478. A.D. says:

    I’ve only taken the gift for a short period of time and the very first thing that I noticed was how much deeper I was sleeping. Being very analytical, I even used my Fitbit to record that both my deep and REM sleep had increased over my averages from the last year and a half.

  479. Kelly C. says:

    I was introduced to the Gift from Mother Earth by a colleague. I was chronically ill for many years…. GI problems and a host of other! I was mis-diagnosed many times and was on way too many pharmaceutical drugs and supplements that made me feel worse. I ‘m so grateful for finding the gift and using it. I use a Bemer medical device to increase my blood flow especially for the capillaries and micro-vessels. later added on the gift and it really optimized my detoxing and health. Today I feel so much better, with more energy, healthier and have my life back! I would highly recommend the Gift from Mother Earth!

    I later added on the gift and it really optimized my detoxing and health. Today I feel so much better, with more energy, healthier and have my life back! I would highly recommend the Gift from Mother Earth! A shout out to Bill @ Mother Earth Labs for answering my questions and educating me on the products! He was very professional and knowledgeable! Mother Earth Labs are passionate about their products and have excellent customer service! Thanks Mother Earth labs – what an amazing product!!

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